Two smiles for today -

Today I really really needed some things to smile about. And I found two. Two smiles today.

Here's the first one. :)

1. Baby Belly picture. There's a baby in there! Maybe two. ;) in case you don't know - it's Tricia!
I took this picture on September 10th, at Barberville, while we chased some sunset light. :)

and here's the second one. :)

2. An e-mail.
EmilyCase wrote me this morning, and actually made me laugh out loud. Here's what she said:

"Jean Marie, I am begging you, on my hands and knees, to make tapioca for the bridal shower. PLEASE.

I love you.


Don't worry. I won't make her beg. :)
But golly Moses, that is going to be a lot of Tapioca Pudding.

Thank you Lord .... amid a hard day, for even just two smiles.
Thank you to Tricia and Baby Case and EmilyCase. ;)
I love you three. oh. and Cody too. and Ben too, I guess. ;)
With love,
~ Jean Marie


  1. It is truly the simple things in life that bring us most joy...

    We are so excited for both of the sweet Case ladies as well!!!

    In Christ,

  2. Awww, I love the photo of Tricia's tummy... How special!
    I am so thrilled for both of them! God is SO good!

    Many Blessings,

  3. What a sweet picture of Tricia's baby belly!! Can you send some of that pudding this way! lol! I'm sure its delicious!


  4. Ooooooh the tapioca.

    *bursts into laughter*


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