Ormond Dance Videos -

Here are the two videos from the Ormond Beach Dance! :) Narrated by Yours Truly. ;) This is perfect Country dancing at its finest .... at one point, Becs came up to me all sniffy, and was like "I.can't.cry.right.now.I'm.videotaping.". HAAHha. But really - if I hadn't been smiling so hard, I would have probably been bawling. ;)

God is just so overwhelmingly kind. And when I see that He has been working, and His hand has been hidden, and all of a sudden - His work is revealed! Oh my. It takes my breath away in awe of Him.

Enjoy the videos!

P.S. The Ashlynn video was taped at the end of the night...she was getting soo sleepy. And there at the end, haha, Momma Case and I were talking about whether Emily and Ben would dance the last waltz, and I said matter of factly, "I told them they had to.", and she's like "Oh, okay. Good.". HAHA! ;)

Sorry for the brief part in the waltz video when I was desperately trying to quietly tell my dad to quit bumping my hip. Once Kim chimed in, I think he realized I wasn't taking pictures. ;) Whoops. haha.

Yeah. They were so adorable and sweet and ohmygoodness.
That one smile. They are in love. :)
Are you sniffling yet? :) Sweet, isn't it. :)

Love you, my EmilyCase-soon-to-be-Mrs. Ben, and Mr. Ben. ;)
and Provvy and Luke and Ashlynn, and Becs and ... and ... mmhmm. I love you all. :)
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Thank you SO much for the videos Jean!!!!! I LOVED watching that. And yes, I did cry a little. =) I love my Ben and his Emily SO much! =)

  2. And the kids were SO cute in the other video! =) Wouldn't it be AWESOME if Luke & Provvy grow up and get married???!!!! =D

  3. OH MY WORD!!!! They are so sweet together!!! Totally made for each other!!! I love the way he leaned over near her face when she was whispering in his ear! So precious!

    I don't know y'all personally but I can't help feel like I do! Soo excited for them!!

    Many Blessings!

  4. P.S. I love the part (on the first video) where you told Mrs. Case that you told Emily and Ben they had to dance. Soo sweet!!! I love dancing! What better then to be dancing with the love of your life! God is soo good!

  5. Ah.... so many wonderful memories come to my mind! From the fellowship to the clapping and spinning in the Virgina Reel...

    The videos are so sweet!

    In Christ,

  6. Oh you. That was fun. ;D


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