Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Project 52 {Week 24} -

{Week 24} Flowers at Playalinda Beach, FL ~ June 12, 2017 ~ iPhone

"I think maybe one of the bravest things we could do these days is fight to keep a tender heart." 
- Beth Moore. 

- JM -

Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Project 52 {Week 20-23} -

{Week 20} Bougainvillea in Morocco at Epcot with Mama ~ May 15, 2017 ~ Orlando, FL ~ iPhone

{Week 21} My hair is short again and I'm SO HAPPY it is! ~ May 25, 2017 ~ iPhone

{Week 22} Summer is filled with shooting weddings! So glad to shoot by Shannon's side ~ June 3, 2017 ~ Maitland, FL 

{Week 23} The best coffee in Central Florida at Duo58. Lattes & honest conversations with Mariah ~ June 7, 2017 ~ iPhone

- JM -

Friday, June 2, 2017

Five Years -

Five years ago, after a sleepless night of agonizingly desperate prayers for God to breathe life
into Avery and wake up his brain in the morning, a bird began to sing in the dark to herald the dawn.

Every year for the last 5 years, after a sleepless night (always), 
a bird sings outside my window to herald the dawn, and tears slip down my cheeks. 

Five years ago the unthinkable happened, Avery was safe in the arms of Jesus at just 16 mo old.
The little boy who I was Auntie Jemmie to was gone and I was inconsolable.

The sad memories break my heart. Yet the memory of his happy self continues and with it, 
my love of doing happy things on his Homegoing day. So far today? 

I've gone to get donuts with Mama, a huge rainstorm deluged our town, making us drive home making literal waves
(we took Avery to the beach and then us adults got stung by jellies (it was fantastic)), 
we made giddy dashes through the rain getting COMPLETELY soaked, only to collapse in the car,
laughing for the first time this week, and I played happy songs that I think Avery would have loved:
"Woody's Roundup" from Toy Story and "Behind the Clouds" from Cars, and then I splashed for 
10 minutes in a ginormous puddle on our driveway. 

Every year I say that he's changed my world and every year it's true. 

In his name, hundreds of dollars for an unknown orphan's life saving surgery. 
In my auntie name, I propelled my photography business into what I dreamed 
would be a blessing for families, and from what I hear, it has been and continues to be. 

And most of all, in his name, he made me love harder and deeper and every-moment-counts-love,
like the bottom right pic, blurry and laughing because Auntie Jemmie just stuffed
his two little brothers full of sugary donuts and it was the best idea ever. 

You're so missed, Avery, and always will be, but I thank God we will see you again,
and we've already said our last goodbye. See you soon, Avery man. Love you forever.

Love always to Audra, John, Henry & Toby. 

- Jean Marie -

Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Project 52 {Week 19} -

{Week 19} Monday, May 8, 2017 ~ Swine & Sons, Winter Park, FL ~ iPhone
{I know I didn't take this, but I set it up, haha. Favorite memory of the week!}

Celebrating Daddy's retirement at Swine & Sons!

He retired one week ago Monday (May 1), after working for Boeing for 34 years. 
He's worked SO hard on so many amazing projects for Boeing, NASA, and the 
International Space Station. I fell in love with space and planes and shuttles and NASA 
and WONDER and science because of him. 

At his retirement luncheon, his coworkers spoke of his will-do attitude on the projects
they didn't want to do, and their thankfulness for his encouragement and team work. So true. 

He's one of the hardest working yet humble men I've ever known and if you ask me how proud I am
of him or how much he's generously provided for us all our lives, I'd probably cry. 

Here's to the next season of our lives: together. 

So much love. 
- JM -

Saturday, May 6, 2017

My Project 52 {Week 12-18} -

{Week 12} March 23, 2017 ~ GrammyME with her grandson: Clark Viret Allison, 3 days old ~ 
Deep in the Heart of Texas ~ We met Clark when he was 2 days old!! He's so precious and we love 
him SO much. We spent 2 weeks in Texas, and it was so wonderful to be with Ben, Kimberly & Clark!

{Week 13} March 30, 2017 ~ The Ben Allison Family ~ Deep in the Heart of Texas

{Week 14} April 7, 2017 ~ New Smyrna Beach, FL ~ Solo Portrait Session with Shannon

{Week 15} April 10, 2017 ~ Bartaco with Mama ~ Orlando, Florida ~ iPhone

{Week 16} April 22, 2017 ~ Magic Kingdom Day! ~ Disney, Orlando, FL ~ iPhone

 {Week 17} April 27, 2017 ~ Blueberry Picking with Mama ~ Mims, FL ~ iPhone

{Week 18} May 4, 2017 ~ Pop Parlor ~ Orlando, FL ~ It's Summertime! ~ iPhone

And there's your 7 week catchup!! Haha. ;) Happy May, everyone. 

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- JM -