Saturday, February 27, 2010

I:Heart:Faces favorite! -

Oh my WORD!!!! This weekend keeps getting crazier and more amazing! :) Tonight I got back from the Stone's house, to find an e-mail from Lauren, giving me THIS link, and saying - "Check the LAAAST picture!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOT!", and I was like - "SHE MUST HAVE WON!"

(it was late: "last" and "won" ... sort of fit together in my brain right then) ... oh, and here is the link to when I blogged the photo for the challenge.

So, I'm scrolling down, and I'm like..."Where's her picture? THIS IS SOO GREAT! I KNEW that pic was awesome! ... lalal lalala ... lala laaaah....I wonder where her picture is ... surely she didn't mean .... MINE....haHAHAaha....hah. OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUS SHE DID!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" ... and then I was shrieking. Aloud. And told Dad why, since he kind of swiveled in his chair. hahaha.

I was SO excited, I might as well have just won first place. SO happy that "Angie and Amy" delighted in the sweet pic that I love of my dear friend and her fiddle that Anna hearts!!! :D So, thank you, Angie and Amy!!! :D Truly so happy and excited about that. They picked 10 places - 1st to 10th, and then they picked 14 favorites ... this is out of 880 photos that were entered in the contest, so really ... huge honor. :)

... and yes, I DID call Anna, and we were so excited that someone (cough, cough....blond, cute, about 5'2", wearing purple glasses and an orange shirt) thought that I was engaged. It was her guess. Niiiiiiiiiiice one. :D You know I love you...hahaha. It's almost like a gift for Anna, her beautiful self is posted up for all to see her loveliness and gift. :) I love her to PIECES, in case you can't read .... or see that.

..... it has been an amazing, exciting, crazy, hard, emotional roller-coaster, joyous, freezing, drop-off-chair-exhausting weekend, and I've spent it with some of my favorite people in the world .... hope yours was great too!! I have 80 pics, and will have some up next week!!! HUGE thanks to the Stone family!!! ......

With love, laughter, and a little shriek of joy -
In Christ, Who loveth me best,
~ Jean Marie
Psalm 103

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our God is in control -

Tonight I was outside, in the freezing persistent cold of our crazy
Florida winter, and as I was alone for a while (with a few cats),
I seized the opportunity to sing my heart out, since I was in the country.

"Home on the Range" quickly faded out into nothing, and I
started to sing one of the songs that has upheld my heart these
past months and become so dear to my heart.

It is dear, because it is truth.

It is dear because it reminds me of the holiness of God,
and although many times have I cried out in pain -
"It shouldn't BE like this!!! WHAT happened? WHY!?",
God ... is in control, and He is holy.

I'm going to print the lyrics through the pictures,
but I also will have the song playing, you can just click on the
YouTube video, and listen as you scroll through.
(make it a slow scroll. :) )

(pictures taken Feb. 2010)
It is: "Our God is in control" by Steven Curtis Chapman ~

"This is not how it should be, this is not how it could be,
but this is how it is, and our God is in control.

This is not how it will be, when we finally will see,
we'll see with our own eyes, He was always in control.

And we'll sing Holy Holy Holy is our God,
and we will finally really understand what it means,
so we'll sing Holy Holy Holy is our God,
while we're waiting for that day.

This is not where we planned to be, when we started this journey,
but this is where we are, and our God is in control.

Though this first taste is bitter, there will be sweetness forever,
when we finally taste and see that our God is in control.

And we'll sing Holy Holy Holy is our God,
and we will finally really understand what it means,
so we'll sing Holy Holy Holy is our God,
while we're waiting for that day,
we're waiting for that day ....
we'll keep on waiting for that day -

... and we will know - our God is in control.
Our God is in control."

And a few pictures I edited tonight with this post in mind.

"More love to Thee, dear God, while here we wait,
and here we kneel, more love to Thee, O Lord Jesus,
as Heaven becomes brighter
and our HOME more than ever before."

"To write the love of God above, would drain the ocean dry.
Nor could the scroll, contain the whole, though stretched
from sky to sky." - Frederick Lehman (1917)

It IS how it should be, in the eyes of God,
though we cannot understand .... He knows.

He is in control, He is holy, He is faithful,
and those that are with Him see that it is more beautiful
than we EVER would have dreamed of or believed.

Not just HEAVEN and the glories that make it so,
but the brightness and love upon His face, the joy of walking
by His side, and knowing nothing can ever separate you from Him,
and you will never be anywhere but with Jesus. What joy!!!

Though this first taste is bitter, there will be sweetness forever,
forever in the company with Christ, our Savior and all our family,
~ Jean Marie ~
Isaiah 61: 1-3
5 months
I LOVE you, D. and J. families!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Hands on Fun" -

This week at I:heart:faces - "Hands on fun" !!

Whenever Anna picks up her violin and bow, and starts to
play, you can guarantee that you will either start dancing,
clapping, yee-haw-in, (or all three) or ... you will cry.
She has brought so much FUN and joy
to her family and friends through her fiddlin'!!
She amazes me. :)

Definitely a "Hands On" FUN picture!! :D What do you think?

Wanna' see more "hands fun"? Click the button!

In Christ, and with thankfulness for Anna and her playin'!
~ Jean Marie ~

I :heart: you, Anna!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Burning, burning -

This is the post that has absolutely nothing to do with anything except for the fact that my mouth is burning. Intrigued? Read on ....

I was hungry (the end. oh, wouldn't you all love it if the post stopped there) haha. I had just spent 2 grueling hours researching 50mm lenses for Nikon (don't even get me started) and 30 mins. looking at cowboy boots that would fit me if they made the boot the exact mold of my foot, and never otherwise, and howtheheck do they expect me to be able to dance Cotton Eyed Joe in a 3" heel? It's like they never even considered it!!

*Caution: this post may be long/rambly/ranting and due to rabbit trails*

My lips are burning. Back to that reason ....

My darling mother who tries so hard has made a mistake. Because Chili & Lime Tortilla Chips are NOT Jalapeno & Lime Chips that I so clearly adore. I opened up the bag, ate a chip, and thought - "Gee. That was really hot.". *insert music that might insinuate it would have been smart to stop there with one chip*

But I went ahead and munched on another chip, because I wanted to finish the salsa that rocks my world into joyous pieces, and there were only 2 teaspoons left in the jar. And we all know it is SO wrong to just leave 2 teaspoons of a good thing uneaten, for pete's sake! Third one - a slow chomp. Fourth chip down, scooping up salsa. Fifth down, eyeing the chip bag, and wondering what is so different. Sixth down, more salsa ... less chip. Seventh down, slathered with the last of the salsa. Eighth alone. BAD IDEA.

I grab the beloved salsa jar and a spoon, and scoop out all the juice, and swallow that down. Then I lick my lips ... and all that little powdery chip spice wreaks havoc on my mouth and my sore tongue (that had me spitting blood last night) .... (something tells me, my mom won't like that I just blogged that). Ahem.

Without thinking, I shove three more chips in ... one after the other ... maybe just corn chip will kill the ...... the ..... BURN! No more salsa. What now. Thank goodness I have water, we are so blessed with having water on hand .... and .... I forgot that water makes it worse .... ohhh, burning burning ... unlove! ... SUGAR! I need sugar!! So I grab another teaspoon and smear raw honey on my lips and shove a tsp. into my mouth, ahhh ... sweet, sweet, sweet relief. Thank you God, for honey in desperate measures.

Now, you may all be thinking that I am a wimp. Go ahead. I don't care. The main problem is that they are not the Jalapeno Lime Chips that are sort of Sweet/burn your mouth-hot. These Chili Lime Chips are - There is no sweet in it, so you will cry and I want you to suffer-hot. The difference is the SWEET.

* My lips are chapped now.

I think by the fifth or sixth chip, I was wishing that I had more closely perused the difference of how hot Chili was from Jalapeno. Clearly, Jalapeno should be more hot. I blame the chip people. Because those chips had me Stompin' at the Savoy. That has nothing to do with anything other than I've been wanting to say that all day since earlier when I watched THIS video, that had me tappin my feet and laughing the entire way through it, and thinking of ... my mother. She probably can't read that.

I am in love with this song as of now.

It just gives me such fond remembrances of my Mother's side of the family. Moments that make me wonder in the thick of the ride either: "This is the best night of my life! I love feeling the wind whip through my hair! We're flying!!" OR "I can't believe we are doing this, I'm not even going to remember this, because we are going to diiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!".

Ahem. I will say no more. Other than ... they really are great drivers. As long as you don't put two together, and say - "Beat this!!".

And that was 30 minutes out of my afternoon today, folks! Later to be listed ... or perhaps not ... a list of today's things I am thankful for!! Top on the list - wonderful family, and one of my best friends ... perhaps NOT making it on the list - the burn experience in my mouth.

With love, and laughter,
~ Jean Marie

P.S. Oh ... and after I finished the honey, I chowed down 2 sticks of celery and ranch dressing (still trying to kill the leftover burn), and then a whole whopping tablespoon of thick peanut butter, which made me halfway choke, because I can't eat and swallow peanut butter and breathe at the same time, because I can't inhale through my nose, and my throat was full of the peanut butter. HAhahaha HAHAHAHA. It's exactly what I would do. *slaps self on head*

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday night editing -

It's Saturday night.

And I do this thing on Saturday nights ... I take whatever picture catches my eye out of the many, many ... ahem. MANY folders, and I edit it however I please. It doesn't matter if I have 3,000 other pictures to edit (okay, I exaggerate ... it's more like 2,000), none of those matter on Saturday nights. Saturday nights are my creative-do-whatever-looks-amazing-to-me nights on editing pictures. I'll edit and edit, and then erase it, and do it all over again, and sometimes I'll do the same picture about 6 complete times, then I'll pitch it, and start on a different picture.

I hadn't even realized that I did it every Sat. night until tonight, and I looked back at all the "Saturday edits" in my folders, and thought - "oh. heh. look.". Moment of brilliancy, folks. These pictures sometimes get "out", with no explanation at all, other than I had edited it, and what my thoughts were on it. They show up on Facebook, and they sneak around on g-mail, and I see them when I open up my folders.

I will put on my headphones, and listen to some war soundtrack from a movie, and I'll spend an hour just tweaking and pouring whatever I feel out into that editing. Then the picture looks awful, and I'll step back, and look at it, and erase it, and edit like how HOPE looks like. What my heart looks like.

This is what my heart looked like tonight .... it's what my heart clung to.

God, all nature sings Thy glory ...
and so will I ... even when I can't understand.

"To bear the cross is to wear the crown."

"Spring is coming, Spring is coming ...
Out of these ashes, BEAUTY will rise."

Spring is coming ... and we find it in the sunshine of His face ... when we realize that all our joy lies in knowing that He hath paid it all, the term is over in the light of salvation, that the beauty we will see in Heaven will be everything He said it would be, and even better than we would believe.

Spring is here ... it's always here. Even in the winters of sorrow and pain and bitter tears, spring is in knowing: He is faithful, and His mercies and grace will always be HOPE, living there, amidst the ashes in our hearts and in our lives. HE is that sprig (in the last photo), HE is that, in us, when our flesh fails and our hearts are weak and broken.

He is our Spring in the seasons of sorrow. I cling to that truth.

Though this first taste is bitter, there will be sweetness forever .... forever with the joy of being with Jesus!

~ Jean Marie
Isaiah 61

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Goats!!! -

Soooo....Sunday evening at about 4pm I get a rushed call from Emily saying that Precious had already had a baby earlier and that Nellie was in labor and that I needed to get there STAT! And so I threw on a jacket and grabbed my wellies and I was gone. I may or may not have gone over the speed limit. If you did not see me, you cannot ticket me. Hahah. :D

In case some of you are already lost ... two of the Stone's goats were preggo, and delivered on a cold Sunday. :)

*Note: I was on extreme-best-friend-Baby-Goat-Midwife call.*
(this year, we added Paulina VERY enthusiastically to that list)

Okay! Now that you are all caught up ... you can see the very excited and prepared and somewhat distracted midwifery and media crew in the birthing area. (Olivia really isn't vain...she was joking) Haha. :D Emily caught Bebe A, and Anna caught Baby B.

A very pregnant momma - Nellie. She is my FAVORITE goat. And very preggo, as you can see. Haha.

Here Emily is offering some molasses to add some iron to Nellie's tummy. Nellie was having none of it. As you can see by her turned head. Oh, and for the record, almost one of the first things I heard about when I got there (winded after running to the goat shed), was how Emily's favorite shirt was not in the best shape and that she was disappointed about that fact. :D I love that girl.

For a quick side-trip, this is Precious' new baby girl - Dori. Short for Adorable. And adorable she IS, ohmyword...if baby goats are not the most sweet and cute things, I don't know what is.

This is tiny little girl - Dori. :) Soft. Leggy. New. Tumbly. Gentle.

Learning where the milk is ... more times than not, she was on the wrong end. :D We just kept laughing ... haha! Most precious little thing, and we are so grateful!

Back to Nellie ... oh, you know... the one who was in labor. Anna says this is Nellie's "Game Face", however, looking back on this ... I think it reads more like: "Your prompting is not helpful at this time". HAhaa!

*Note: I am sparing you all many birthing pictures, due to all the ... birthing ... material, that is SO wondrous and amazing how God created it!, and yet....rather icky when I look back on it later. :) I am giving you viewer's discretion. If you are reeeeaaaaally excited about something like that, you can e-mail me, and I'll send you a picture from last season, where we took pictures of a placenta before one of the mama's ate it. OH! Was that too much information? Sorry. *
(Jean laughs her head off)

Okay. And here - is bebe A!! Little Miss Vally! (short for Valentine)
Oh my word! Welcome, darling little thing!!! Thank you Lord!

Momma licks off her new little one.

Momma Stone helps out with the umbilical cord care. :) You can see how tiny the babies are when they are born! *Quote from Mrs. Stone: "I can't believe that I am wearing my best earrings out here in the goat shed!!"!* Hahaaha!

Wet and quiet until a few moments later, when we heard Bebe's first cry!
Nellie immediately attached herself to her sweet little girl, it was such a tender and wonderful thing to see. :)
AAAAAWWWWWW!!!! Come on, you can't help it!!!
Excitement and adoration. How I love these girls. :) *giggle*

Emily gently holds Bebe Goatie Vally for a bit, while we re-arrange. This is what Vally sounds like: Maleeeehhhhhhhh!!!!! Gosh, it's so adorable sounding! :D

Mama and Baby.

AAAHHH!! Livie and Paulina. Our dearest compatriot in the labor and delivery .... shed. We were SO happy she showed up, and she was able to see the birth of baby B!!!

The truly excited and enthusiastic and giddy crew of ladies that helped bring two little lives into the world. :) We also offered prompting and gentle words of encouragement which really had little meaning because we hadn't really been there, or knew what Nellie was going through. Ahem. But Momma did. And Momma sang. And the baby came. Huzzah!

*Anna is clutching a clean towel. This is important to know*

LOOK!! Baby B! Dear little "Cigi", short for Cigar. You know the saying - "No Cigar!", well, ... there were moments of "no cigar", so Anna had the brilliancy to name the little kid Cigar. But it was a girl. So it is Cigi. HAha. Yes yes....get over it. The girl is stinkin beautiful. The goat. AND my best friend Anna. is LATE, people. Anna did a wonderful job of checking her and doing "post-delivery" things, and it was a beautiful sight to see. There were "aww"'s all around, because she was a dark chocolate baby!
Hmmm. Some birthing material is in this one. Get over it! You should have been there... oh, wee little lassie, ye are welcome to God's green earth!!! *man, is it late, or am I in love with this all this talking about the darlingness of the baby goats?!*
Momma and twinsies!!

One last little shot of the sweet bebe's.
I thank the Lord above for safe deliveries for both, and long and healthy lives for all 3 babies born that day!! What blessings they have already been to me, and what wonderful Valentine's day gifts to the Stone family!!! I cannot wait to see them again, and cuddle their sweet little bodies of soft, maaleeehh-ing-sounding crying, leggy, tiny hearts beating fast, slender and awkward and cuteness of goat babies that they are!!!

Oh, one last thing I must mention ... when they are newborn, ALL their movements physically are over-reacted. So, they are standing there, and they swivel their head one way (SWOOSH!), and then back the other way (ZOOM!), and it just makes you laugh hysterically. In fact, Dori was sneezing, and it was making her all jerky, because she was having a little sneeze fit, it was so funny! Hahahaha! And you will be watching one, and all of a sudden, BAM! they fall down. :)

Truly joy has been brought through these 3 new little lives, and I'm very thankful! Thank you, Stone family, for the phone call and the joyous fun!!! Congratulations! :D

With love and joy,
in our Lord, Whose love never ceases,
Who promises us the day when we will SEE,
it is everything He said that it would be -
~ Jean Marie
Psalm 103

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deeper than the Shenandoah -

To: My Daddy

Life's sorrows pull us one way and then the other,
as a river of torrential and cold water,
leaving me on a smooth rock and you on the shore.

You are wading out, with a stick in your hand,
your eyes locked on mine, and when you reach me,
instead of joining me on the rock, you take my hand,
and pull me into the waters, into a giant hug of safety.

The waters continue to swirl and rage, but you hold me tight.
In God's grace we stand as though cold and fear do not touch us,
in your hugs and arms I find the safety that I know will be there,
as long as I call you - My Daddy.

Thank you.

As long as the Shenandoah flows and God is King ...
I'll love you to the moon and back and
all the stars in between ...

Your girl,
~ Jean Marie ~
Isaiah 61:1-3

Saturday, February 13, 2010

3 good things ...

3 good things -

1. An amazing and awe-inducing red and gold sunset last night ...
truly spectacular, and only lasted about 5 short minutes.
Glorious sights that my camera struggled to capture. :)

2. The adoring love of a very faithful and soft doggie.
Here, she sits cheerfully next to Daddy on his birthday,
relishing him sitting on the couch with free time ...
for her ... as she thought. :) What a sweet little dog she is.

3. Amazing candy. Chocolate. Coconut. Almonds.
It is Almond Joy in M&M size and shape, except better.
If you have 3 dollars to spend, hightail yourself to the nearest
Publix, or whathaveyou, and buy yourself a bag.
They are beyond 5 star good, and a friend and I ate about ...
half the bag today. (we later went on a walk) heh.
They are SO SO SO GOOD!!!! Ok. So go buy some!

And those are 3 good things for tonight...
jumping back into blogging ... remembering the joys
of little posts and little things ...
that life isn't the big events only,
but it's the tiny things too - and I'm thankful for that!

With love to you all ... and Happy Valentine's Day!!
A special shout-out to Miss. Paulina, who ate candy with me,
and to all my friends and family whom I LOVE SO MUCH!
Hugs and kisses from this little heart ...

Resting in the joy that our Lord ... He loveth BEST,
~ Jean Marie ~
1 Corinthians 13

Thursday, February 11, 2010

To my Daddy -

Today .... is my daddy's birthday!!! :D
HUZZAH, huzzah, and cheers all 'round!!!
He took the day off of work, and we went to Orlando,
to the Millennial Mall and the Cheesecake Factory for
a delicious dinner!! And ... cheesecake. of course. :)
It was such a special time together, laughing and snapping pics,
as a family, it's been a while! :) It was so much fun!
Thank you, family of mine!!!

Mama and Daddy. In love, after 24 years of marriage!
My daddy is a wonderful husband, provider, leader,
DADDY, and a sweet man down in his heart ...
I love watching him capture Mama's heart again and again,
and hearing them laugh together in their special way
makes me long for that sort of love ... the true love kind. :)

Ahhh....the Coffee Connoisseur. :D This looks rather -
Norman Rockwell/paper sort. :) My daddy loves his coffee.
In fact, this morning there were some sad faces on his part,
because his coffee had somehow been WAY too weak.
HAHA...the rest of us were laughing, but he just took it in stride.
(and YES, his eyes really are that BLUE!)

My little shredded (garnish of cilantro) heart for Daddy
on one of the napkins .... my fingers still smell faintly of
their greenie wet pungentness.
(I know I'm breaking spelling rules left and right here,
but it's how I say things)

The really kind waiter added a special touch just "neat" enough
for a handsome man. :D "Happy Birthday to You!" ... we didn't sing.
Huh. Maybe it's better we didn't. Haha! Happy Birthday to you, Daddy!!
(that Coconut Cream Cheesecake is the BEST there is! Ohmyword!)

Sweeping me off my feet. AAWWW!
(he's holding me, that's why I'm so tall)
Kimberly-girl took this great shot!

Happy Birthday, dearest Daddy!
You hold my heart until "the one" comes along,
and maybe you will just hold a part of it forever ...
I think you will ...
because I love you to the moon and back,
and ALL the stars in between.

Thank you for being such a wonderful Father!!

Your daughter,
~ Jean Marie ~
Psalm 103

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Heeyyy, YA'LL!!!
It's TIME to announce the WINNER!!!
The winner of the giveaway!!!
The very wonderful time you have ALL been
waiting for ... and demanding for ... and threatening for...
and whom I haven't even known until 1 hr. ago,
because I had to write TWO friends to ask what to use,
AND talk for 23 minutes (or so) with another friend about it.
(okay fine. only 2 minutes was on that, the rest was other ... stuff)

The point being ... we need chocolate. No, wait. That wasn't the point.

But on the very rainy and wet and soaky day of yesterday -
Mama and I and Mrs. P., went in here and bought some, and
ate it while we ran in the rain. It would have been awesome if I
had not been wearing my leather boots
or had had waterproof-mascara on, OR if possibly
I would not have been wearing my floor length jean skirt,
so that every time I went to jump a puddle,
I gathered both sides up, and held onto my purse with one hand as well,
and sort of leapt over 1.5 ft of 3inch deep water. What is this - Seattle?
Sheesh. Anyways. We laughed and sang and
... have any of you exploded with excitement and suspense yet?
I suppose not. I suppose you scrolled down
and looked whilst I was rambling on here.


So, the winner out of all the spectacular, amazing,
darling and ruggedly wonderful...wait.
Now I can't stop thinking of mountains ... it's people.
PEOPLE...that commented -
The winner is:

Katie of "Pearls slipping off a String" !!!!
You won, you won, you won!!!! HOORAY!!!
the proof -

No, I didn't decide by cards, but I thought it was cute ...
using Quiddler cards to announce it. (I used the random counter thingy)
Yes, I had to flip the picture.
No, I did not spend 20 minutes of precious time trying to figure out
if I could take a halfway decent picture of myself WITH the cards while
trying to have them not be backwards. Okay, yes, I did.

be quiet ... stop laughing.

Anyways - thanks to all you wonderful people ... that I'm SO
thankful for!!! ... we raised 6 dollars in comments, and plus the gift
for Katie and purchases...we raised...well, that remains to be known -
but I'm excited about what we have so far,
and thank you SO much for entering!

Ya'll rocked the commenting section ... Thank you thank you!!
Please continue to pray for Haiti, and her people, and for God's grace
to be abundantly shown in the physically and spiritual saving of many
of Haiti's people. It is the love we can send, with our money. :)
As soon as it's all added up, I will tell ya'll how it came out!

Katie ... g-mail me, and let me know what you'd love from

With much, much love .... and a HELLO to all the new faces
that have popped up around on my blog - Thank you!!!
(and yes, I really mean that. :D )

My Shepherd will supply my need, Jehovah is His name ....
~ Jean Marie ~
Psalm 103

Leave a little comment in Congratulations if ya like! :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The giveaway is closed -

Wow, ya'll! I've LOVED reading through all the
comments and seeing new people 'round here!
I will be rounding the money up and "round",
and will let ya'll know how much has been raised,
plus funds through the NaturalSatinskin site...

Ya'll can still leave comments for Haiti relief ...
just for this post ... and then tomorrow it'll be done. :D

I love ya'll, and thank you for participating!!!
Much love to the blog readers ... :D

"You are faithful, you are faithful,
when you give, and when you take away,
even then I still will say - You are faithful".

O bless the Lord, o my soul ... and
all that is within me, bless His most holy Name.
~ Jean Marie ~

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Giveaway for Haiti relief! -

*** Two more mentions - each person can have up to 5 comments. :)
This means - two talkies, one tweet, one blog, one FB. :) Or 5 talkies.
It's up to you. :) And the other thing is - please, if you have left an
Anonymous comment, come back and delete it, and write your name on
the bottom, if ya'll don't leave a name, you won't win. :)
That's it! Thanks, ya'll! We are already at 4 dollars!
(counting my "invisible" comment that I have written in my mind for the end) :D
Who loves HAITI??!! OOH-OOH!! ME ME ME!!!
You don't have to enter, but ... comment!! :D ~ Jean Marie ***

Soooo.....heh heh. How many of you want to hear? :D

It's such a detailed surprise, I'm not sure where to start,
or what to tell first! HAhaha! I think I will start by saying -

THIS is my 200th POST!!! :D 200 posts in 15 months. :)

Can you believe it? It was a year back in Nov. 09,
since I started my blog, but over that date, I was
out of town, and didn't feel up to any huge posting,
so I'd thought I'd wait until my 200th post to actually -
do something. Something big of course. :)

And then Haiti happened. And it sounded absolutely ...
ridiculous and irrelevant and rather ... selfish
to put up special pictures when among my friends
... we felt sad just eating food or we sat crying in front of
the computers listening to children cry and people beg for relief
and pastors pleading for prayer. Pleading for prayer. ...
I wanted to do something in honor of the blog that was ...
honoring in the name of the Lord, and to GIVE to Haiti.

And then ... Lauren happened. :)
Yes, Lauren IS my mysterious co-planner. GO LOWIE!
She's amazing, by the way, and she is about ... 75 % of my
great and grand idea (ahem), because ....
she was the one who actually GAVE, and asked us to do as well.

Fast forward a couple days of planning, ideas and about 14 e-mails
later, and you have ... the surprise. :D *shriek*

I'm having a giveaway, and Haiti will be receiving the funds,
and you all will be participating and winning as well! :D
One of you in particular ... all right, I just gotta get it down,
before I burst into pieces ... are you ready? Me too!!! :D

This is a co-production between Lauren and I,
between the Sweet Life under the Savior blog
and A Corner Pillar blog. She's so sweet to do this
with me ... and very generous of her. I love you, Lowie!!!

The lowdown: the money will be going here with the
amazing workers, for the beautiful people of Haiti.
Your comments will provide some of the funds,
and the rest will be from the winning product from
Lauren's Etsy shop, as well as any purchases from ya'll!

~ Haiti Relief Giveaway! ~

* Leave a comment on this post, and be entered into the drawing that I'm holding here, you may blog or tweet or FB it, but you must leave separate comments, so, technically, you could have 4 chances! :D Sweet, huh?

* Each comment is worth 25cents!!! So, this means, other than mentioning you stopped by, and want to be entered for the winning prize, you can ALSO just say hello, and that you think that my blog background is amazing, that you wonder how I'm really doing, or yeah, what you are praying for Haiti the most. :) I'm kidding, except that last part. Oh yeah, and the money part.

* The winner (chosen by the random counter thing) will win their choice of a product from Lauren's Natural Satin Skin Etsy shop!!! Her stuff will knock your socks off, or boots...or whatever. I love it, and you will too. (now I want to enter) WOW!

* Lauren has sweetly offered all profit from sales to go to Haiti, so even if you don't win, I encourage you to please ... buy something. You won't regret it. It's almost like you get a free gift, you get the product AND you know you sent money to Haiti!! :D

* The giveaway is open from now until Tuesday at midnight,
and the winner will be announced on Wednesday morning!!! Woot!

Please ... enter, enter lots, buy from Lauren's shop, run amuck and spread the word, let's bless our brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti, and those who we can bless in His name. Please, above all, pray. If you haven't already, you can follow the VF team by clicking here.

So you see ... it's threefold 1. I'll donate 25 cents every comment, 2. One of you will win something from Lauren's store, and 3. All the proceeds go to HAITI!!!

So that's the surprise ... and the 200th post on my blog!!! :)
Now isn't this exciting, fun and spontaneous!
WEEE DOAGIES! *breaks out into Cotton Eyed Joe*

Have fun, ya'll! Oh, and the body scrubs are my favorite.
Remember GUYS ... your Mommas and Sisters will love
this stuff, and there is some manly smellin' stuff over there, too,
so you can leave comments as well ... it's for Haiti remember! :D

I love you guys sooo much. Now - bless others and amaze me!
Out of these ashes, beauty will rise -
~ Jean Marie ~

Here's the button for it, grab it, and put it up your blog! :D
HUGE thanks to Lauren, my sweet, mischievous co-planner!
She is also paying out of pocket for the shipping for your purchases,
Lowie - you are Christ's sweet grace to many people.
Plus, she's been helping me, while being sick. Poor thing.
oh, oh...AND she made the button. Darling girl.