3 good things ...

3 good things -

1. An amazing and awe-inducing red and gold sunset last night ...
truly spectacular, and only lasted about 5 short minutes.
Glorious sights that my camera struggled to capture. :)

2. The adoring love of a very faithful and soft doggie.
Here, she sits cheerfully next to Daddy on his birthday,
relishing him sitting on the couch with free time ...
for her ... as she thought. :) What a sweet little dog she is.

3. Amazing candy. Chocolate. Coconut. Almonds.
It is Almond Joy in M&M size and shape, except better.
If you have 3 dollars to spend, hightail yourself to the nearest
Publix, or whathaveyou, and buy yourself a bag.
They are beyond 5 star good, and a friend and I ate about ...
half the bag today. (we later went on a walk) heh.
They are SO SO SO GOOD!!!! Ok. So go buy some!

And those are 3 good things for tonight...
jumping back into blogging ... remembering the joys
of little posts and little things ...
that life isn't the big events only,
but it's the tiny things too - and I'm thankful for that!

With love to you all ... and Happy Valentine's Day!!
A special shout-out to Miss. Paulina, who ate candy with me,
and to all my friends and family whom I LOVE SO MUCH!
Hugs and kisses from this little heart ...

Resting in the joy that our Lord ... He loveth BEST,
~ Jean Marie ~
1 Corinthians 13


  1. I just love this post, Jean. Thank you for the simple reminder to notice and cherish the little things.

    Much love,

  2. Love the post, Jean Marie... Simply love it! :)

    Your Sister In Christ,

  3. Happy Valentines Jean!
    *big giant hug*

    I also want to comment on the picture of you and your Daddy in the last post! I LOVE IT! ONE OF MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF YOURS! I love all the blue in it, your expression....love eeeet!
    Love you


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