Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Golden 28th Year -

Dreams fulfilled in my 28th Year of Life -

1. Won a spot along with 30 other people at a live podcast taping for Relevant Podcast (my favorite podcast). 
I laughed so much my ribs hurt the rest of the week. {July 2016}

2. Visited my sister & bro-in-law at their house in Texas for the first time! {August 2016}

3. Took maternity pictures in Texas for my sister & bro-in-law (in the RAIN, no less) {August 2016}

4. Traveled internationally for the second time, this time to England! {September 2016}

5. Visited England!!! This is too many dreams to count. {September 2016}

Walked the countryside while singing The Sound of Music.

Explored beautiful towns like Salisbury.

Traveled to England with my best friend Shannon to visit another best friend, Sarah!!

Saw Stonehenge in person! (The aliens totally built that)

Found a telly booth perfect for me.

Saw wild horses in person (very very closely in person). 

Walked along the English Channel! 

Experienced the magic bliss of Durdle Door and the English Channel.

Traveled by train in another country! 

Saw Big Ben in person! 

Saw Bath, and walked on stones laid by the Romans. (mind.blown.)

Visited and walked in real castles.

Saw the Rosetta Stone!  

 Saw real Egyptian tombs, mummies and statues (and hundreds other ancient treasures!).

The Royal Guard! 

6. Shot my first wedding as primary photographer (I'm a certified lover of travel weddings now). {September 2016}

7. Threw a baby shower for my sister and shot a mini mini maternity session for her & Ben. {December 2016}

8. Shot my first birth and fell in love with it forever. Little Lily Brower {January 2017}

9. Shot my second birth (this time in a hospital). {February 2017}

10. My nephew, Clark Viret Allison was born on March 20, 2017!!

11. Mom, Dad & I flew out 2 days later to meet baby Clark!!!

12. Shot my nephew's newborn session! (full session here) {March 2017} 

13. Booked my second travel wedding! Shannon & I are headed to Georgia in late July. {March 2017}

 14. My Daddy retired from Boeing after working for 34 years!
What a strong, generous and loving provider he has been for us! {May 2017}

15. I started my own professional writer website! I say, "professional" because, they're actual articles, 
instead of starting a whole new blog. It's the product of years of dreams and I love it! Check it out! {May 2017}

16. I cut my hair short again!! {May 2017}

You'll notice I didn't just post one picture for each thing...it's impossible.
I've had some of the best times of my life this year. It's SO good to look back upon and see all the joy.
There's been so many hard and sad things this year too, but I know God is working all those sad into
something beautiful that I don't yet see or understand. He is too good not to redeem our pain.

It's been a challenging, deep, hard, yet extremely beautiful Golden Year. I'm so glad I lived it.

I'm just so thankful. Here's to Year 29, doing amazing, adventurous and brave things.
Through it all, Jesus is worth it. I love my family & friends so dearly.

I'm so blessed and I'm so grateful. May I love Jesus more this year than my 28th.
And every year until I see Him face to face.

With love,
- JM -

Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Project 52 {Week 25} -

{Week 25} The Sunset tonight. ~ June 24, 2017 ~ Home at the Rocket Ranch, Florida
I feel humbled and honored to see glory like this. Instant tears. God is so good. 

After years of dreaming, this month I finally did it;
I've started a website just for writing, you can find it here - JM Fambrough.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing! I'll still use this blog for personal life stories,
family updates and lots of photography, and this new blog for more professional articles.

Much love!!
- JM - 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Project 52 {Week 24} -

{Week 24} Flowers at Playalinda Beach, FL ~ June 12, 2017 ~ iPhone

"I think maybe one of the bravest things we could do these days is fight to keep a tender heart." 
- Beth Moore. 

- JM -

Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Project 52 {Week 20-23} -

{Week 20} Bougainvillea in Morocco at Epcot with Mama ~ May 15, 2017 ~ Orlando, FL ~ iPhone

{Week 21} My hair is short again and I'm SO HAPPY it is! ~ May 25, 2017 ~ iPhone

{Week 22} Summer is filled with shooting weddings! So glad to shoot by Shannon's side ~ June 3, 2017 ~ Maitland, FL 

{Week 23} The best coffee in Central Florida at Duo58. Lattes & honest conversations with Mariah ~ June 7, 2017 ~ iPhone

- JM -