Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I:heart:faces & Annie -

This is Annie. I like to sing out "Annie Moses!!!" or "Aaaaannnnnie GIRL!" and hear her come loping around the corner from wherever she was, either a toy or my sock or some piece of somethin' hanging out of her mouth, and cuddle her up a little.

'Cause see ... Annie is not my doggie. She's my friend Becca's doggie. That's why my sock is somehow so enticing and fascinating to hide. :D Hee hee...That's why she lets me pick up her growing-puppy-self and hold her like a baby, and why I laugh and giggle so much when she gives me a face wash. I HEART ANNIE!!! Seriously. As if you could be mad at this face. Haha. :D

Becca's family adopted Annie, and are lovin' all of her sweet and precocious self, I do believe. :) Thank you, F. family for letting me just enjoy her too!! :)

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday things -

Today ... as you might have noticed ... was sung about in the post below ... is my 22nd birthday. And I am a wee bit excited, because God blessed me with some of my favorite birthday things today. Friends left sweet messages all over my FB wall, and e-mail and blogs, I even got to talk to one on the phone, and ... it rained. I love rain, so I was pretty much dancing in ... oh wait. I WAS dancing in the house and singing. haha. :D It has been a sweet relaxing day.

I'm going to give you two suspenseful collages, and then head out with my sweet parents for a special dinner, just the 3 of us, (Sissie doesn't come home until tomorra'). :D

Collage 1: Momma bought me roses and balloons! "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Babyyy!" she sang. :) Red, White 'N Blue ... she knows me so well. It rained. Glory, glory. As I put up my hair, I listened to my favorite CD - "Beauty will Rise" by Stephen C. Chapman. It was a time of sweet worship and rest with my Savior .... how precious are His promises.

Collage 2: The gel that holds all this curly craziness together. I love how it smells too! I took about 30 pics by a very strained arm holding my camera way out, to try to show you ... here's the best of it. Right side; as if you were in back of me; and then the view from the top. :) *It only works this half-perfectly if my hair is half-wet* :D

Don't worry ... I'll be taking pictures tonight, so you can see all the dressed-up fun we had! :D Much much love to you all ... turning 22 is a mere grain more of sand, as we tread this dusty earth, ever looking towards the shining glories of Heaven, and the beauty of our Savior's face, knowing that this time here is a snapshot of the panorama of the Place where HE IS.

A mere 22. How much He has carried and born for me. How deep is His love.
~ Jean Marie ~

Gleeful -

Please hold until I can breathe .... gasp gasp ... okay. I'm back. All I can say is that ... I have awesome friends that love me. And I don't even get to hang out with them really at ALL, but I get to joke and tease with Mariah on FB and I get to go photography-crazy with Kaylee on blogs *just trust me on both accounts ... you can ask them ... ohmyword, I've laughed SO HARD*

Soooo.....a really long time ago (not), I commented on a video that these two adorable friends made, for a Bro in Christ' birthday. (was that confusing to read? yeah) AND it made me laugh so hysterically hard that I choked on the water I was drinking and seriously. I choked.

And I told Mariah.

And Mariah said she would see what she could do about making one for MY birthday (aka: today) and so a couple weeks ago, they MADE it...but I didn't get to see it till like....this morning. Which was torture. Hahahaha....it was SO worth the wait. I really don't have soo much more to say except that they are AWESOME and SO sweet and I almost cried, except I couldn't because I was laughing too hard. Hysterical. I love you, Kaylee and Mariah!! :D

Someday soon I'm going to chase you both down and give you tackle hugs!!
With love ... and GLEE!! hahahaha!
~ Jean Marie ~

Oh! And Kaylee is the one on the left, and Mariah is the one on the right. :D Whiiich, apparently ... is not as helpful as I originally thought. Okay. Kaylee is the gorgeous blond with the geetar, and Mariah is the gorgeous brunette with the glasses and no geetar. Good? Good. :D

Saturday, June 26, 2010

True Blue Daddy -

Okay, so I don't really call him that. But I could. It would be cute. :D What's really called "true blue" is the blueberry pie that I made for Daddy for Father's Day ... we didn't celebrate on Sunday, so on Tuesday night, I made a blueberry pie, and some cards, and Mom and I surprised him. :D It was SO fun, mostly because I love secrets and conspiracies and pie.

This is not an endorsement for "True Blue Custard Crunch Pie" .... wait. It SO should be. Someone? Please ... endorse me. For giving you this amazing recipe. HAha. Ok, back to reality.

Because THIS ... my friends is what it looks like. *Jean laughs in glee*


Do I even NEED to show you another picture? Were you not craving it just by seeing that picture above? Are you fidgeting in your seats because you just WANT some? Here. 2nd picture for you. Because I love you. YES, you ... and look at that blueberry juice that drizzled over the side, and down the pan and into the oven ... do you see it bubbling out? NOM.


Now that I have sufficiently made you all crave this wonderful pie ... I am going to be so so so sweet and give you ... the recipe. :D It already has 2: 5 star raving reviews. One by me, and one by Paulina, because she was the one that tipped me off to the pure goodness that this pie is. It doesn't use another pie crust on top, it is streusel with pecans. Heh heh hehh...

You can chase her down and hug her later ... for now ... on to the recipe. If you want more specific instructions that are .... *better/cough* but not nearly as Jean-ish, then click HERE. The Jean-ish instructions are SO much more fun, at least for me, Mom is going to think I lost my marbles ... finally ... oh well, and I did give you the option of ... not having them. HAHA. Don't look at ME in that tone of voice!!! *laughs at self*


~ Oh yeah, note: this called for fresh blueberries, however, I used frozen that once were fresh (well, DUH, Jean) *cough*, and it worked just fine, BUT you need to add an extra 10 minutes in the oven before you put the topping on, and then an extra 5 minutes onto to the post-topping oven time. Okay? If you freak out over my directions, g-mail me. *laughing* ok. ~

*No persons were harmed in the making of this pie, or this blog post*

"True Blue Custard Crunch Pie" 5 stars

* 8 oz. Sour cream (winning already dude! kk sorry)
* 3/4 cup white sugar (sugaaaaa', ahh, honey honey) (no honey it's a song)
* 1 egg (Jean is breaking out into song from previous comment)
* 2 Tbs. flour (lalal lalalaaa "still singing")
* 2 tsp. vanilla extract (or more, I put more like: 2 1/2, mwauhaa)
* 1/4 tsp. salt (do NOT put more in. promise me, Suga')
* 2 1/2 cups blueberries (tries to look repentant for previous comment, gives up)
* 1 (9 inch) unbaked pie crust (non-baked, un-baked, NOT baked)

* 3 Tbs. all purpose flour (flouuuur, ahhh, honey honey)
* 2 Tbs. white sugar (SUGA', you are my candy giiiiirrrrll)
* 3 Tbs. chilled butter (BUTTER!!! how I love butter, I'm Southern, haha)
* 4 Tbs. chopped pecans (Pecans, sweet nut of the South, I love you)

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. (Line bottom of oven with aluminum foil,
unless you want blueberry juice all over the bottom, trust me, ahah)
2. Beat together: sour cream, 3/4 c. sugar, egg, 2 Tbs. flour, vanilla, and salt until smooth.
Fold in blueberries, spoon into pie crust. (I put in about 3 cups blueberries, mwuahha)
3. Bake for 25 mins, with extra 10 mins, so = 35 mins, uncovered (in the oven. *laugh*)
4. While that is baking, you can make: the topping!! (dun dun dun dunnnnn)
Streusel topping: Mix flour and sugar, *SUGAAA*, cut butter into flour mix until crumbly. Fold in the pecans. After filling has baked 35 mins, (pull the pie out of the oven and set on stove, so you don't burn your hand and get crumbles all over creation), sprinkle streusel topping over top of pie.
5. Bake pie until topping is golden brown about an additional 15 minutes. (plus the 5),
so about 20 minutes. Hahaha. Confused yet?
6. If I were smart and if I were you, thus being you and smart *wow Jean* then I would print out mine for laughs, and THIS one for directions. Okay? Okay. HAha.
7. This pie is GREAT warm, with vanilla ice cream, or you can eat it chilled cold the next morning for breakfast, oh my word ... just, whatever you do ... don't do this:

I beg you. Do NOT eat blueberry pie in front of your new iMac and try to take a picture of said pie with your Mac camera, and hold up pie in front of camera, and watch in horror as the whole pie piece slides off the plate and plops RIGHT ON the Mac keyboard as you scream in horror and your dog runs out of the room, and the person you are chatting with online starts laughing, and you scoop the pie up and thank GOD it was not juicy side down, and pick it up and get all the crumblies into the trash and everything wiped off and then take pictures and blog it.

Yup. True story. But don't do it. It's bad for your nerves and your iMac. Trust me.
Blueberry Custard Pie + iMac keyboard = Really Bad idea.


More shameless endorsing of True Blue Custard Crunch Pie. And the fact that I happen to have one of the sweetest and pretty handsome dads in the whole wide world. Yeah baby.


So. Daddy's Night for Father's Day. I sat down and made cards, one for me to give, and one for mom. Mom's is on the right. See? The pine tree? I know, how cute, right? And mine is on the left, see the DUCK!? Emily Case, do you SEE it? :D I realize it's not a great duck, but at that hour I made it, and considering my talent of drawing dead worms and sleeping sticks, you should be impressed. I can also draw dead sticks and sleeping worms. Talent, yo!


So I got Daddy this amazing present. It was a total surprise, and it was a fishing pole/propane grill lighter!! I snatched it up, when mom and I were shopping, laughed in glee, and promptly bought it without a second thought. I loved it. Seriously. how CUTE, right? That's how my duck on the card matched the duck wrapping paper.


1. No clue. 2. A lighter? HAHA 3. "AHAHAHHAHA HAHAHA!! That's great!!"
The last one is my favorite, he's being his fun self, reeling in the "Big One" and laughing. :D


Would you look at his face. I love him. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!! :D I meant what I said ... in my "one of the best Daddy cards ever written by me" ... I always will. :D I'm so glad you like your lighter ... and only you would figure out it was re-fillable. HAHA.

Deeper than the holler, to the moon and back and all the stars in between,
I love you.
Your daughter,
~ Jean Marie ~

Momma says at dinner: "Oh, yeah!! And if they want ... for the 4th of July, they could put a ribbon in red icing on the top, to make it patriotic! Or a cluster of strawberries on the top!".
I couldn't stop laughing. She cracks me up, and then she sees me laughing and says: "HAHA, that was funny, wasn't it?!" Oh my word. Someone save my heart. I love you, Momma!!

Thanks for reading, ya'll!!! Thinking of you all ... makes my day shine a little brighter. :)

Upon my knees -

Hello, my sweet friends and readers ... those I know and do not know,
I'm sure you haven't noticed, but it is summer here, and that means - it's anywhere from 90 degrees to 110 degrees with humidity factored in, which is basically a cicada sounding Steam Spa. But I love it here and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Ligonier Conference was WONDERFUL, and I have many pictures and surprises and pages and pages and pages of notes. I want to type them all up, and am going to do so, when I have that chance!! Life ... since we returned last Sat. from Orlando, has been crazy busy, and in a way, a bit of relaxation time as well, sooo...we've been out. :) I want to tell you ALL about it, and I will, but right now I want to talk to you all about something that is weighing heavy on my heart.

I'm going to ask for prayer, and I'm going to do it shamelessly, because I think it is our privilege as brothers and sisters in Christ to be praying for those we love, and those we may not even know, but still fill the craving space with prayers to our loving God on the behalf of those that are suffering.

As many of you may already know, Josh Harris mother, Sono Harris, is suffering from Stage IV Cancer. You may read his blog, be friends with him on FB, listen to his sermons on the SG website, know him personally, you may know the whole family....or have met Gregg and Sono at a conference .... the Harris' have been a huge impact upon my life, and upon many people that walk this dusty earth. If you don't know about Josh Harris, and his books, then you might know about Brett and Alex Harris, and the Rebelution, but if you know ME, then you know about them. :) They are amazing, incredible, teaching people. Half of this I know, because I've read articles and heard sermons and heard of their faithfulness through their children.

So I'm going to link you to Josh Harris' blog:

They are such precious people. Josh, his wife Shannon, and their three children, had to leave yesterday and say what may well be their last goodbye to Mom and Grandmother, as they went back to Maryland. What an incredibly hard thing to do ...

I am sorrowing, I am heavy-hearted for them, yet the joy upon Miss. Sono's face, the radiance ... it is overwhelmingly beautiful to see. What a beautiful lady she is, and how much she esteems her Savior. God gave her "unique energy", as Josh puts it, to spend the time with the whole family, getting individual pictures and family pictures taken, just recently. What a GREAT blessing. I have looked through these pictures, with tears in my eyes, and could not tear my gaze from Miss. Sono's face ...

We love you, Miss. Sono. I am praying for you ... from the time I heard ... to when you leave this dusty and weary Earth, to meet our Lord in the air, what JOY shall be upon your face, then, even more than now .... Harris family, I love you, and am praying for your comfort and rest.

Please, please join me, in gathering together to pray for the saints,
the beauty of the Lord's will being done, even as we grieve a loss for others,
the depth of the riches of God's mercies be upon them, we pray.

Thank you, sweet friends.
~ Jean Marie ~
Isaiah 61:1-3

The Gregg Harris family: Gregg and Sono, Josh, Joel, Isaac, Alex, Brett, Sarah, and James, who is about 10 years old, I believe. That's not necessarily in order, and please remember their families as well ... Please be in prayer, with me.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mama! -

Today is my dear Mama's birthday!! :) Yes, we are at Ligonier, but I pre-posted this.
Here is the link to last year's birthday post, with cute pics that I can't...find. again. haha. :D

Dearest Momma ....
Happy Birthday today!! I hope that you are so blessed by us as we spend time with you today, knowing us ... we won't be incredibly exciting or full of surprises, but we will love being with you! Just like every other day of the year, of all the years. :)

You are such a special special woman. I am so thankful that you are K & I's Momma, that you are my Daddy's sweet and strong wifey, and that you love the Lord Jesus so deeply. I want to be like you, Momma. Wife, Mother, Daughter of the King that cherishes life as a gift.

You are an incredible friend to your "girls", I've seen you drop things at a moments notice to go help your friends, drive them places, stay around at their house or just talk for HOURS. :)

You also drove Kimberly and I around for years and years, with all my friends and all our loud laughing, singing and giggling and even when you were really tired you just said "I'm alright, you can sleep.", and I guess that's all just part of being a Mommy, but you did it with such love.

Thank you for giving so much of YOU into our family. You hold us all together like sticky glue, you soothe our wounds as best you can, and give the rest to Jesus. You've loved us when we've been unlovable or disobedient, hurtful and angry ... you've told us you didn't care how we looked or acted, or what we dream of doing with our lives, you just LOVE us anyways.

How special ... so very special are you, Miss. Mary Ellen.
I love you so very very much, Mommy. I always will. :)
Happy Birthday!!!!
Your "little" redheaded one,
~ Jean Marie ~


P.S. Leave her a Happy Birthday comment, if you'd like to!!! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A time for teaching -

It's that time of year again. It's usually heralded by me running around and jumping up and down in joy and telling everyone that it's only ___ number of days until we get to go, and how I'm never going to get enough sleep and how amazing it always is, and how much it grounds me year after year after year, and how I wish everyone I knew could go, because I love it so much.

And we're not talking about Barberville, although that invokes much of the same reaction. :) No, I'm talking about the National Ligonier Conference that is held every year in Orlando. And from this next Thursday to Saturday, Ligonier Conference 2010 will go on!!! I'm SO excited.


I've had SO much to think about...to pray about...yes, to hurt about. To cry about. To grieve about. It is beyond time for some renewal of spirit and heart, for some strong teaching and for some gentle grace in the words of Jesus through some of my favorite teachers and pastors. For that, I can't help but pray for it .... that Christ would meet us there, in that place, that He would open hearts and renew souls and touch minds and bring us all deeper into love with Him.

(Only a small part of the thousands that come. Family, together, in His name)
Ligonier 09

And I'm also excited because I get to share it WITH YOU, even if you can't be there, watching me tote around a bag full of notebooks and my Bible, my waterbottle, my purse AND all my camera gear. Up and down and up and down and....all those stairs. HAHA.

This year's subject is: "Tough Questions Christians Face". WOW! It'll be amazing.

Ligonier is live streaming the conference!!! I know you all are all about linkies, so here:

HERE is the site for the National Ligonier Conference 2010. You can read about the speakers and the times (that we have to be up and functional and COFFEE People!), and the schedule and all that stuff ... oh and probably how to best listen and how to listen in Espanol, etc.

Here is the really cool program online, so you can see what I read today, haha, it is full of the topics and times and pictures and everything. I can't help loving this linky. HEART!

I just have to tell you that with every link I give you ... I get more excited and shriek a little in my inside-of-Jean-voice because I mean, hello....it's 2:07am, and I should be in bed. haha!!

So that's where I'll be!! :) I pray the Lord's gentle and strong and deepest blessings upon these days ... upon the teachers and upon us all, as we seek to learn more about Him and how to serve!!!

With love and thankfulness for the faithfulness of our Savior Jesus!!
~ Jean Marie ~

Okay. And ... I can't help it. This is a serious highlight of the times too. He's in full Scottish garb, and I can't help wishing I could totally show up in Scottish garb, a full-blown accent and hair that actually looked like I just came off the crags except in model-style. Sigh.
scot man

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I:Heart:Bebes!! -


It's "Baby Week" at I:heart:faces this week, and I couldn't stand NOT sharing one of my very very favorite Bebe' pictures from this year. :) I know some of you have seen it before, but I can't get over how ADORABLE she was in that little pioneer bonnet!!

The sun was shimmering, the humidity high, I know she was tired and hot and she didn't really want to look at me and smile, but she was perfectly content to rest in Lauren's arms. :)

Sweet Bebe' Providence B. May you always be content to look like a little lady like you did that day. May you always love our Savior Jesus like your parents do, and may you always remember we think you are beautiful, little one. :)

Hop on over to I:heart:faces to look at all the incredible pictures!! Wow. haha.
With love,
~ Jean Marie ~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

His whispers are my lullaby -

One of my favorite songs, ever since I heard it ... it has calmed many a sleepless night,
many a teary heart, many a reflection that the whisper of Jesus is my best lullaby.

Jesus, precious Jesus, You are the very best lullaby I could ask for -
With love,
~ Jean Marie ~

Sung and played by the amazing Franz family. Gorgeous playing and singing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

He SEES my lost places -


I'm still here.

I get overwhelmed by all the blogging that seems to be before me, for here,
knowing it should all go in order, in dates, with times and stories and memories,
pictures looking just like I want them to be, stories perfectly told, like I remember them.

There's so much to be told. So much to be remembered. So much to explain.
So much to write about, so much to think about, so much to put into words and paragraphs and articles and diaries and journals and letters and pictures. And all just like it happened.

Just like life. When did it cease to be all orderly in perfect boxes and come to be this?
HAHA, like it ever was. Sometimes I feel like someone shredded everything in life, put it in an airplane and unloaded it all in a confetti dump over my house, millions of shreds ... :) haha.

Maybe it's too much. Which is why blogging is overwhelming ... and discouraging at times.

Because I can tell you that on Memorial Day I walked and walked and walked and
I wasn't a sweet, trusting, faith-filled Christian girl who was praising God that she couldn't find something. Something she wanted desperately to see, something she needed to touch and hold.

It wasn't there.

Sand was there ... in my shoes, and weeds were there, scratching my legs. The sun was there, and it was hot, the wind was there and it was relentless, and everything that should be there
... was. Except what I wanted.

Except what I looked for. Except what I couldn't find. And I didn't stand there, after an hour,
and sing praises of thanksgiving to my Savior because He knew the reason it wasn't there.

I stopped and turned around 360 degrees and I looked at all that WAS there,
and I felt so lost and alone and hurt ... that what I needed to see, I couldn't. And I couldn't understand why. Surely, somewhere ... after walking for so so long, around so many acres, I would have to be somewhere it could be. I stood under the hot sun with the wind trying to fill the silence that ached and I felt Loss stripping away something at my heart that I couldn't define.

The need to SEE something that I couldn't. That I can't. That I won't. But HE sees it.
When I need to find that place ... when He prepares my heart to see it, it will be there.
It will be hard, and Loss will make my heart stop again, and I will cry seeing it.

(Waiting to SEE)
waiting to SEE

I cannot wait for the day .... when there will be peace in the valley, for me.
Not just for those whom I love that are already there, standing by our Savior's side,
His name on their foreheads, His words on their lips, His glory shining upon them.

One day ... my dearest friends ... we shall ALL fully SEE. And oh, what a glorious day that shall be!!! There will be no more searching for what we can't find or what we can't SEE.

We shall see ALL we need to. In the light of His beautiful and holy face.

Knowing my Lord fully sees all my lost places, all that I can't find and see,
I rest fully in that comfort, and rejoice that He makes them beautiful,
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. Can you see how blogging soooo much might be overwhelming now? :)
Thank you for being patient and reading anyways ....