I:heart:faces & Annie -

This is Annie. I like to sing out "Annie Moses!!!" or "Aaaaannnnnie GIRL!" and hear her come loping around the corner from wherever she was, either a toy or my sock or some piece of somethin' hanging out of her mouth, and cuddle her up a little.

'Cause see ... Annie is not my doggie. She's my friend Becca's doggie. That's why my sock is somehow so enticing and fascinating to hide. :D Hee hee...That's why she lets me pick up her growing-puppy-self and hold her like a baby, and why I laugh and giggle so much when she gives me a face wash. I HEART ANNIE!!! Seriously. As if you could be mad at this face. Haha. :D

Becca's family adopted Annie, and are lovin' all of her sweet and precocious self, I do believe. :) Thank you, F. family for letting me just enjoy her too!! :)

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The Steenblik's said…
So cute! Great shot!!
Aw, she looks so sweet and innocent. I love the beautiful soft lighting.

vlpphotography said…
She is so gorgeous!!!! I love the shot!!!
Sereina said…
Aww! What and adorable doggy!
Sweet Annie is precious ... love this image of her!
Anonymous said…
Where's the puppy? Oh, here she is--right here on Jean Marie's blog. I just have to ask...isn't she so cute? Even though she does take socks!

Jean, we love you and thank God for you!

Mama F.
Victoria said…
She's so sweet!
The Kautts said…
Do you listen to the Annie Moses Band? If so, that's ironic 'cause Camille (the second daughter in that band) is a friend of my sister Abby's. :)

~Johanna Kautt

P.S. Annie (the dog) is cute.
Jean Marie said…
I have listened to the Annie Moses Band ... yes. :) That is so neat!!

and thank you all for the sweet comments, I always appreciate feedback and input!! She's such a precious puppy! :)
The Kautts said…
Jean (is it okay that I call you that?)

We have gone to some of the Annie Moses Band's "concerts" before. You see Mrs. Wolaver's (the Mom in the band) father has a family camp every year in Oklahoma and we go to it sometimes (we live in North Texas).

~Johanna Kautt