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Today ... as you might have noticed ... was sung about in the post below ... is my 22nd birthday. And I am a wee bit excited, because God blessed me with some of my favorite birthday things today. Friends left sweet messages all over my FB wall, and e-mail and blogs, I even got to talk to one on the phone, and ... it rained. I love rain, so I was pretty much dancing in ... oh wait. I WAS dancing in the house and singing. haha. :D It has been a sweet relaxing day.

I'm going to give you two suspenseful collages, and then head out with my sweet parents for a special dinner, just the 3 of us, (Sissie doesn't come home until tomorra'). :D

Collage 1: Momma bought me roses and balloons! "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Babyyy!" she sang. :) Red, White 'N Blue ... she knows me so well. It rained. Glory, glory. As I put up my hair, I listened to my favorite CD - "Beauty will Rise" by Stephen C. Chapman. It was a time of sweet worship and rest with my Savior .... how precious are His promises.

Collage 2: The gel that holds all this curly craziness together. I love how it smells too! I took about 30 pics by a very strained arm holding my camera way out, to try to show you ... here's the best of it. Right side; as if you were in back of me; and then the view from the top. :) *It only works this half-perfectly if my hair is half-wet* :D

Don't worry ... I'll be taking pictures tonight, so you can see all the dressed-up fun we had! :D Much much love to you all ... turning 22 is a mere grain more of sand, as we tread this dusty earth, ever looking towards the shining glories of Heaven, and the beauty of our Savior's face, knowing that this time here is a snapshot of the panorama of the Place where HE IS.

A mere 22. How much He has carried and born for me. How deep is His love.
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Happy Birthday to my Sweet Little Lady. Love you,

  2. Oh, what a sweet post written by sweet miss Jean Marie! May the Lord bless you on your special day, dear friend!
    Happy, happy 22nd birthday!!! :)

    Your Sister In Christ,

  3. Happy 22nd Birthday, Jan Marie! May the Lord bless you on your special day!!!

  4. Happy Birthday and have a LOVELY evening!!! And a blessed and beautiful year ahead--trusting Him!!!
    Love you, mcd

    PS - And YES!!!! Beauty will rise!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to a wonderful, cherry Gal of the South! We wish you a wonderful day and pray for a new year of many blessings. Miss you! ~Ivis :-)

  6. Your hair is gorgeous, love! It looks aaaamazing.
    Happy birthday for the 5th or 6th time!! :P

  7. To help us celebrate your 22nd...

    might you post a tutorial
    on the hair,
    the hair,
    the gorgeous hair ?

    So that we too
    might have a doo like you?

    In Hawai'i we say:
    E Hau'oli la Hanau!

    {{* *}}

  8. Happy Birthday Jean Marie!
    I agree with Momma Lynn! *starts chanting "tutorial, tutorial!"*
    Your hair is gorgeous, your roses are gorgeous, the rain is gorgeous... oh wait... YOU'RE gorgeous! I knew I was forgetting the important one...

    Love you Oot ♥
    T. Sweets

  9. Happy birthday Jean Marie!
    I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you, and hope to see you soon. May the Lord bless this cherished day, and remind you of His deep love for you.....


  10. Happy birthday, my dear!



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