Happy Birthday to Mama! -

Today is my dear Mama's birthday!! :) Yes, we are at Ligonier, but I pre-posted this.
Here is the link to last year's birthday post, with cute pics that I can't...find. again. haha. :D

Dearest Momma ....
Happy Birthday today!! I hope that you are so blessed by us as we spend time with you today, knowing us ... we won't be incredibly exciting or full of surprises, but we will love being with you! Just like every other day of the year, of all the years. :)

You are such a special special woman. I am so thankful that you are K & I's Momma, that you are my Daddy's sweet and strong wifey, and that you love the Lord Jesus so deeply. I want to be like you, Momma. Wife, Mother, Daughter of the King that cherishes life as a gift.

You are an incredible friend to your "girls", I've seen you drop things at a moments notice to go help your friends, drive them places, stay around at their house or just talk for HOURS. :)

You also drove Kimberly and I around for years and years, with all my friends and all our loud laughing, singing and giggling and even when you were really tired you just said "I'm alright, you can sleep.", and I guess that's all just part of being a Mommy, but you did it with such love.

Thank you for giving so much of YOU into our family. You hold us all together like sticky glue, you soothe our wounds as best you can, and give the rest to Jesus. You've loved us when we've been unlovable or disobedient, hurtful and angry ... you've told us you didn't care how we looked or acted, or what we dream of doing with our lives, you just LOVE us anyways.

How special ... so very special are you, Miss. Mary Ellen.
I love you so very very much, Mommy. I always will. :)
Happy Birthday!!!!
Your "little" redheaded one,
~ Jean Marie ~


P.S. Leave her a Happy Birthday comment, if you'd like to!!! :)


  1. Happy birthday Momma Fambrough!

    Everything Jean said is so true, you really are a special mom, even to those not "your own" :)

    Have a blessed day!!

    P.S. Jean, picture... Strawberry festival? Love it ♥

  2. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Fambrough! May the Lord bless you on your special day!

    Many Blessings,

  3. Happy birthday, dear Mrs Fambrough! I love you and miss you!

    Sadie xx

  4. Happy HAPPY Birthday Momma Fambrough!
    Yes,all the loud country singing(even through the rain on that trip to Orlando)...and constant laughing! You do have to put up a lot with all of us silly girls!:D
    Thank You so much for it all!
    God Bless
    Much Love

  5. What a gift to spend your birthday
    with Ed, R.C., John, & Albert! :)
    Ahem...make that,
    Messr's Fambrough, Sproul, MacArthur & Mohler.

    I pray the Lord has met you in this refreshing time away, and that you'll meet the new year with
    faith deepened,
    knowledge heightened,
    understanding clearer,
    and wisdom that is pure.

    It is a blessing to know you Mary Ellen...
    in the kitchen & out of the kitchen!

    {{* *}}

    14 years ago on your birthday,
    I was giving birth to Alexander.

    Love, the Jarvis clan


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