Gleeful -

Please hold until I can breathe .... gasp gasp ... okay. I'm back. All I can say is that ... I have awesome friends that love me. And I don't even get to hang out with them really at ALL, but I get to joke and tease with Mariah on FB and I get to go photography-crazy with Kaylee on blogs *just trust me on both accounts ... you can ask them ... ohmyword, I've laughed SO HARD*

Soooo.....a really long time ago (not), I commented on a video that these two adorable friends made, for a Bro in Christ' birthday. (was that confusing to read? yeah) AND it made me laugh so hysterically hard that I choked on the water I was drinking and seriously. I choked.

And I told Mariah.

And Mariah said she would see what she could do about making one for MY birthday (aka: today) and so a couple weeks ago, they MADE it...but I didn't get to see it till like....this morning. Which was torture. was SO worth the wait. I really don't have soo much more to say except that they are AWESOME and SO sweet and I almost cried, except I couldn't because I was laughing too hard. Hysterical. I love you, Kaylee and Mariah!! :D

Someday soon I'm going to chase you both down and give you tackle hugs!!
With love ... and GLEE!! hahahaha!
~ Jean Marie ~

Oh! And Kaylee is the one on the left, and Mariah is the one on the right. :D Whiiich, apparently ... is not as helpful as I originally thought. Okay. Kaylee is the gorgeous blond with the geetar, and Mariah is the gorgeous brunette with the glasses and no geetar. Good? Good. :D


  1. Hahahaha! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm just sorry that all of your friends have to see this now. ;)

    But seriously, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEAN MARIE! I hope today is filled with blessings and you have an amazing birthday! I'm so excited and ready for that tackle hug you'll give me one day! :D

    P.S. The camera switched around a little bit in the video so it makes it kind of confusing to tell us apart... I'm the one with the brown hair. :)

  2. Hahahahaha! Oh my word!!! This made me laugh out loud just reading what you had to say. :D And Happppppyyyyy Birthdayyyyyy!!!

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