Friday, April 30, 2010

The Sugar Mill Post -

Hey, ya'll!!

So last night I went to bed on one of the most beautiful breezy and lovely nights of this Florida spring. If you are thinking about visiting ... DO IT NOW. haha. And this morning I woke up, and showered and now I smell like magnolias. Ahhh ... song of the South.

Ok. This really has nothing to do with this post except the Southern part, because really ... Northern mansions? They just can't look like this ... be still my loving heart!

So Saturday morning (Barberville Day 1) we headed out at 7:45am, with some dear friends, the Petersens, trailing us in a mini-caravan, aka: 2 cars. We drove over to the DeLeon Springs Old Sugar Mill for breakfast, due to tradition, and so that's what this post is about. :) No Barberville yet, because the Sugar Mill deserves a post of its own. Lots of memories made there.

So we drove by Stetson University, and I was awed all over again by how BEAUTIFUL their buildings and campus was. Seriously. Look at this. And huge spreading oaks and palms are all over. Made me shriek and swivel in my seat, trying to get shots of everything. :D


May it be said that the American people fought in her hardest days - for liberty, for valor, for honor, for Godliness, with bravery and courage and trust in God. Let's FIGHT for truth!


The springs are ... of course ... springs ... and the water flows underneath a bridge and down the river, it runs about say ... ummm ... 74 degrees or so in the Spring. (too many springs in that sentence) anyways, at 9am in the morning, it was lovely except for being humid. :)
Lauren and Joseph H. met us there, and so we all tromped around until breakfast time.


Sawgrass. If you live here, great - you know the danger. If not, this stuff will give you cuts worse than papercuts, I promise. One time I ran through this stuff, and my legs were shredded. Ok, they were cut up ... but shredded sounded better.


Various vegetative lilypads and water plants. :)


Two brave lads swimming in the "pool" area of the springs. My dad used to do this when he was a young lad ... for me, well ... I can deal with everything except - slimy and slippery algae. It's like the saying "Seawood touched my foot, it might as well have been a shark.".
SOOO true. Just ask Becs and me while swimming in 10 feet of dark water in the ocean.


Ohhh .... yes. Anyone notice anything fun in this picture? :D Hee hee!


"In case of drowning, please throw well-used orange circle in water and yell for lifeguard. If none is on duty, please jump in and save said person and try not to scream about the algae.
Thank you and swim safely."


Mr. and Mrs. Petersen. :)


... aaaaand - my favorite tree. An over 500 year old bald cypress. That thing is MASSIVE.


Beautiful little wildflowers ...


Lauren: "Oohh, look! That's pretty!" Me: "Okay, I'll take a pic for you." *click*


And here we are ... exploring the deep Fl wetlands ... oh wait. There's me on the right, someone must have commandeered the camera ... haha, that was Lauren. Nice shot! (whisper) She was going into camera withdrawls since she sold her d40. She begged me to hold mine.
LtR: Joseph, Mrs. P., Mr. P., Me, and Delaney N.


Our fearless and courageous leader - Joseph the Joyous. hahahaa...I know. it's not that frightening of a name, but at 9am, my mind couldn't come up with any better. :) At least our leader into the swamps and trip-y cypress knees is good-looking ... that way when a gator heads our way, we can yell - "GO for the GOOD-LOOKING ONE!!" and wham-0!! hahaha!


Hahaha hahah HAHA .... ha .... *cough* Sorry, o fearless and joyous one. Moving on.

The Sugar Mill with an old cog from the mill ... years back.


'Twas a lovely morning ... calm, quiet. Oh except the huge amounts of people that decided to camp out and go to the restaurant that morning too. :) But we had a wonderful time anyways.


Sweet girlie Lynnae. :)


Ok. So see this caterpillar? We don't know what it is. I spent about an hour last night scrolling through hundreds of pictures of caterpillars and none of them turned out to be this guy. I posted this picture on FB, and asked my friends ... dead end. So if someone knows, leave a comment!! :D


Ta- DAA!! Yep. You poke it, it squirts. Quite far too ... a couple feet at least. :) I touched it, sticky and slimy juice. I didn't die, so that's good news. Especially since I ate bacon with my caterpillar juice hands and then didn't realize that until lunch later when I was eating ....
but we will touch on that subject later.


The beauty of DeLeon Springs. I think I want to go back sometime and take a canoe out. Any takers to go with me? :D Preferably someone who has more experience than say ... 3 trips?


A White marked Tussock Moth. These were everywhere ... apparently this is their season and they adore oak trees. I know, because I was trying to climb an oak and there were about 5 for every 18" ... I was sore none pleased, because those trees are my favorite. Ah, well.


Daddy - Boy. Me loves.


*insert Pirates of the Caribbean theme song* Duh DUH dun dun dun DUH Dunn!
This is the part from the post where I almost fell out of the tree, like ... 4 times, and Dad's like: "Try not to fall forward", since there were a couple more limbs that would hurt to smash into, and I'm like: "Ok. thanks for that.". But look! You can see ME on my skirt! Cool, eh?


So I sat sweetly upon a living oak bower, and he took the camera and shot a picture ...
and I love it because I actually look graceful and my dress matches the leaves,
and because Daddy took it and there were no caterpillars near me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Faces of Barberville -

Some Barberville faces pictures that I've been editing since Monday ...
of people that I love ... and with whom I cherish the memories of the GLORIOUS weekend
of the Spring Barberville Frolic. Ahhhh ... just a few to tide us over until the FULL
coverage for the weekend that will come later this week. :D Promise.
Unless Picnik stops working, and decides to drive me crazy ... hahaa. So ... HERE!

Emily Case ... in the chapel ... look at her adorable hair cut! Ah!
Of course I have to add that SHE makes that hair cut adorable ... but ... whatever.
bob hair

Gorgeous Lauren ... on our mini-photoshoot impromptu fling.


... aaaaaaaand the hair swishing event. HAhahaha...I love how amazing their expressions are, and how their hair looks so crazy. :D Btw, this was like ... the 3rd or 4th try for a capture.

swishy hair

The Green-Eyed Beauty: Emily S. Apparently they turn that green when she is hot,
and it was quite warm in the sun, so ... viola!! :D I love.

green eyes

Darling Bebe' Providence B. in her sweet little bonnet and dress.

bebe in bonnet

Anna dreamily staring off in conversation with sweet Tricia while Cody and John S. have a total guy conversation in the back. AH...and the FIRETRUCK. I think it's funny how no one is actually looking at the camera, even though I was like "smile!". HAhaaha!


... and FOOD. Baked beans and a delicious hot dog. Perfect spring food. I heart. :)


... now I'm hungry. I blame the picture. Have a wonderful Monday!! :D

Love to you all ...
our Abba, He is very fond of us ...
~ Jean Marie ~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yeeeehawww!! -


Barberville Spring Frolic!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!! 'Twas EVER so grand ... I am EVER so exhausted, after getting 4 hours of excited sleep last night and then walking around today and DANCING the afternoon away, my feet offically. hate. me. for real ... I eventually just took off my boots and danced barefoot like most of the people! hahahaa, so much better ... oh my, and the HEAT!! Sigh. People who weren't dancing were like: "such lovely weather!", and I was like "I'm dying!!"! Hahahaha ... in several instances, people would correct me, and then they'd be like - "Jean .... yeah. She's operating on 4 hours of sleep.". Sigh. HAha. So this is me, going to bed.

In other notices ... I'm auctioning off Friend Nathan's coleslaw, that poor boy doesn't know how good that stuff is ... and I'm also threatening several people with blackmail-worthy pictures of silly faces, although ... unfortunately, I'm pretty sure there are several of those of me on Olivia's camera. Oh dear. So I like lists, and my mind can actually think that way (while on only 4 hrs. of sleep) ... so here we go! :D

Barberville Spring Frolic - Saturday, April 24, 2010
I ...
shrieked with joy,
gave out massive amount of hugs to everyone I even relatively knew,
got lots of shrieking and hugs and joy back at me ... woot!,
waited for an hour to eat breakfast, and proclaimed myself "starving" to anyone listening,
listened to Lauren's tutorial about actually USING my manual settings more ... sigh,
took pictures of a caterpillar and screamed when it started squirting juice at me,
tried to ignore my dad's voice saying "My daughter ... the camper",
because we weren't camping,
Saw Old Methuselah, a 500 yr. old bald cypress,
listened to the peacocks call,
took pictures (200 to be exact)
drank Swate Tae, ate a massive hamburger and chips,
messed up people dancing,
tried to waltz, ended up laughing so hard I was falling over,
was silly with some of my friends,
was rarely serious,
sang hymns and songs,
tapped my boots and clapped my hands and SWUNG my partner!,
listened to The Stone Family Band ... my favorite. :)
smiled at my friends until my cheeks hurt,
apparently was funny because people were laughing hysterically at me,
poured bottled water on Friend Nathan's head,
embraced with full love the AC that was on in the Schoolroom hallway,
almost fell out of a tree that I was standing on while taking a picture of my dad,
listened to Dad talk about rumble seats on the Fords,
hugged people .... wait. I think I already mentioned that one,
... had an all around AMAZING time with some favorite people!!!

More pics and explanations and fun to follow, but now ...
ohh, the bed, it is calling me ... "JEAN!! COME SLEEP!!!"
Here I come .... love to ALL!!
~ Jean Marie ~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tomorrow is BARBERVILLE! -

So tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year. In fact, I go around singing at the top of my lungs - "It's the most wonnnnderful tiiiiiiime of the YEAAAAAR!!! lalala lalalaaLALAaa llalaa LAAAAAAHHH ... ohh, where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from, Cotton Eyed Joe!!!?" ... and then I break out into dancing spontaneously in my cowboy boots, and then I learn how much damage I can do in said boots, and how it's a really good idea to watch where you are bringing your heel up before you slap it.

Let's just say I have a bruise but I don't think the scratch will leave a scar.

It's small pennies to pay for the awesomeness of tomorrow. Ahhh, the life.

Ok ok ok. SO!! *squeal of excitement* Tomorrow. Is the Barberville Spring Frolic!!! I am SO EXCITED about this, (in case you are deaf or aren't reading this blog, or if you have not seen me or talked with me in the past week .... *cough*) that last night while typing I could not even SPELL. Shocking!!! HAhahaa....for those of you who are out of driving area - I SO wish you could come. It truly is SO fun to see all my dear friends, and spend the WHOLE DAY listening to amazing music: bluegrass, country, folk, Celtic, .... etc, and Contra' dancing the day away!! Oh, and photoshoots and pictures and eatin' corn on the cob and fresh ice cream!!! AAAAHHH!!!

And the day is going to start at 7:30am tomorrow, headin' out!! Whoop!!! :D Anyways. You may have gathered from my past Barberville posts that this is a really fun time. And you would be right. Good job, readers! Hahahaha....I'm really so excited to spend time with my family and friends doing some of my favorite things: listening to good music, Contra dancing and singing and .... I think I'm repeating myself. :D Early night tonight!!

Speaking of night...tonight is a TRUE Southern night. Breezy wind. Cool. Rustling trees. Faint sound of aircraft overhead. The far off call of a whippoorwill. I love living here.

I hope to see many of you there, and meet some new faces and talk with ya'll! And dance with ya, too. :) *wink* Here's the LINK to it!! See you all there!!! :D AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Swate Tae OUT!! *giggle*
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. No persons, animals or property was hurt in the production of this post.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anna Girl's 21st! -


Ok. I'm sorry. I repent. (sort of) I just couldn't resist!!! :D HAhahaa!! She is NOT engaged.
She is not courting. She is not married. Stop freaking out. HAhaaha hahaha!!!
We staged that last year, while spending time up in Flagler Beach with the Hopes. :D

No. What this post is about is one tall, gorgeous, sweet woman named Anna Grace.
Because today is her 21st birthday upon this earth!! Wow!! :D

So you might have noticed that Gabe and Anna share a birthday. :) Thus the intention of having two blog posts in one day for two special people. Gabe's was a little easier to write, because I haven't known him as long ... Anna on the other hand ... good gracious. I don't know where to start! :) That's why I went and read THIS first ... last year's birthday post for her. Go read!!

Oh! Oh! And read her hilarious thoughts on turning 21 over on her blog HERE. HAHAha!

Okay .... so Anna and I have been dear friends for about ... 8 or 9 years (not exactly sure),
and I was going to go all "Amazing Wonder Jean" and upload zillions of pictures, so I spent last
night looking at albums. There was this problem, though. I would be like "heyy!! look at that one, I can .... use ....oh." or "Wow. I ... wow. Did I even know what hair gel WAS?" and "ohmyword ... why did? .... WHY?" and "HAHAHA HAAAHAHA HAHAHAHA.......NO" and "why do we even still have that picture?" and "WHY did she look so much better than me?" and "Ummm. NO." and "We look .... horrid. And I remember thinking we looked ... awesome." and "This is WRONG. How come I can't find any perfect ones?"!!

.... and then I realized that the photos WERE perfect, because life was never perfect, it just got glossed over in memory of how dear she is to me, and all the years of how close the Krauses, Stones and Fambroughs were. (pause for teary effect) We got along famously and wonderfully and we lived life in imperfection. And then I also remembered that I had blogged the half-way decent and great ones last year, and so I stopped looking at albums and edited recent pictures instead.

Like this one. Emily Case, Anna Grace, Olivia and Emily Rae. (and her glasses)
Strawberry Festival Group Hug ... hey, I'm still in the picture, I'm in the glasses!! :D

I can speak for all of us when I say that we all love you so much it's kinda not funny, Anna.

HAHAHA HAHA! Yep. That's Anna. I will have you know that this hysterical picture was taken AFTER the Josh Turner concert and this was their ... 3rd time or something on this insane ride. I promise Emily Case is not angry at me. Really. I will also have you know that when I saw this picture for the first time on my computer, I laughed so loud that I actually scared myself. :D


Okay. Enough of the pictures I might be sued for.

Instead ... a quote from last year that I mean even more now than last year! Incredible!
"Anna, you and I have been friends since at least 2002, I believe, and our friendship has gone through some times of being apart, and some rough waters and some of our deepest valleys. It has emerged even more precious than when it began, God has been so gracious to both of us! You have become an incredibly dear friend to me. Thank you so much for staying with it!"

Thank you so much for staying with it. For still being friends with me. Perhaps you don't know me ... but Anna has most likely had to put up with a lot from me. Make that...pretty likely. And sometimes, if I could steal a quote we say ... she probably sometimes would say "Me no likey.". We'd go around and around and end up crying and forgive each other and start back up. Relationships are not easy, but they are some of the most precious things God blesses us with.

Can I just sneak in here that she is SOOO beautiful!!? (it can get kind of annoying, actually)
Anna is precious to me.


If it's at all possible, she has grown to mean more to me this year than even last year. By her 21st year, she is a pretty well loved person, think you not? :D Can I get an Amen? :D

This year ... we've had lots and lots of drives together. We've developed this (fun and maybe-not-great-for-parents) habit of driving home from the other person's house in the dark ... just the two of us, and once we hit the home stretch, where no one cares how fast we drive ... we go like ... 15 mph. We stretch it out for as long as we can. Because ... in the dark of the car, with no music on, we will say all the things we wanted to say during the day but didn't and know that we will explode if we can't tell them before we go to bed at night. This induces laughter and "I'm going to feel so stupid later for telling you this" quotes and quite a few tears and hugs. We drive into the driveway, turn off the car and the lights and sit and talk. and talk. and then when we fear the wrath of the parents, we say goodbye and the other person drives home. It's become one of my favorite things to do now. :)

Thank you Anna ... for sharing dreams and listening to mine.


There have been lots of times this year when I've stopped by at the Stone's house, with no other reason than needing a really long and sweet hug from Anna, which sometimes would turn into a very very long and hard cry and a talk following that, and then I'd end up staying the rest of the day ... haha. :) Thank you, Stone family ... for loving me so much you didn't mind me being around ... a lot, and interrupting life. It means so much.

There have been times of anger, of hurt, of grief, of confusion and misunderstanding. I can't credit our friendship to either of us, because I know we have both prayed a lot this year, and that GOD is the One who keeps us friends and helps us through our trials, small and deep.
I praise our Lord!!

She has blogged THIS, and I have blogged THIS. I have held her and she has held me.
We have laughed and sobbed and talked and wept and teased and cared.
We had times we didn't know if we'd make it. We did. By the grace of our God ... and we ARE.


We've watched movies and scared each other and took horrible pictures and used them as blackmail and sung as LOUD as we possibly could in our cars with our windows down and Country music blarin' on the radio, we've actually had arguments and been pretty frustrated and then we'd apologize, and realize how much we missed each other ... we've shoved each other into the sea and hit each other unintentionally with objects (sometimes it was intentional- HAHA!), we've e-mailed and chatted and called each other up on the phone, we've planned up events and gone on walks and bike rides and dressed up in crazy outfits and we got haircuts we regret (not by the other friend, haha!), and we've loved each other's families to death. :D

(pic credit to Miss Anna darling herself, just with my camera) :D April 2010


So yeah. I guess you might say that I like her. A lot. Or maybe even love her.
But that might be an understatement. Because I love her to the Hubble Bubble and back.
I love her MORE than the Hubble Bubble.
(which is saying a lot, all you non-NASA people) :D
In short. I love her. She is one of the dearest friends I have, or will ever have, end of story.

I can't wait to see how much we freak out when we turn 30. And 40. and 60. Oh my.
I can't wait to see what our husbands and kids look like (Lord willing), and what kind of houses we live in, and how many pets we have and the escapades we end up doing with our little childrens. I can't wait to see how God leads us to what we should do, and where He wants us.
I can't wait to see the kingdom of Heaven, where we both have people we love, waiting for us.
I can't wait, Anna!!! And here you were, kinda' sad about bein' old. Look what we've got to look forward to!!! Isn't it EXCITING? :D I'm excited you are 21, because now I'm not the only one. ;)

So let's run this race .... let's run it hard, down into the ground, the gritty, the dirty ...
and let's LOVE doin' it, with as much laughter and joy as you and Emily doin' a 3-legged race!!

the race of life

Let's run the race and fight the good fight, and every so often, let's just lay down on the grass, listen to the wind blow over us, and I'll talk about how special it is to have a friend like you.

D. & A.

Happy 21st birthday, dearest Dianna.
With prayers and joy, hugs and tears, laughter and plenty of pictures,
~ Anne ~

Anna: "If you forget everything else in this life, remember: God is faithful.
He will uphold you by the right hand of His righteousness! He is sovereign."

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven ....
a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance ....
He hath made everything beautiful in His time: also He hath set the world in their hearts
so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end."
(Ecclesiastes 3: 1, 4, & 11) KJV

The Dude's post -

So today is the Dude's birthday ... thus, the name for this post.
This is Gabe. Today is his 20th birthday!!! :D Whoop!!
You all aren't used to me posting about guys on this here blog,
so I'll go ahead and break all the ice by explaining that Gabe is my
sort - of - unofficially adopted brother in Christ, he's younger than me,
so he's my "little" brother, but he's WAY taller than me, so he's my "big" bro.

Our "gang" loves to Contra' Dance together, and I think we are getting better at it!
He listens to my Country and I go crazy with his younger brother when
there is Skillet around. (for those of you that think that means a Cast Iron pot ....
just ... disregard that last sentence) For those of you that don't know the Lynns, or
Momma Lynn ... read THIS. I love the Lynns like crazy, and don't care who knows it.
(you already knew that? Oh. Wellllll then! ain't you the smart one?!)

If my Mother doesn't faint or fall off her chair from me posting a picture
of a tattoo on my blog, then we will be in good shape ... it's for GABE, Momma!! :)
The Fambroughs love Gabe. Thus - tattoo makes blog. Tattoo-ed Gabe makes blog.
Don't worry. It's temporary airbrushed. :D

Gabe ... wearing his cross with pride. It looked great, if I do say so.
Strawberry Festival 2010 FUN!!!

Kk, I've gotta tell you something about Gabe ... I call him my surfer bodyguard. It's true.
Not that I surf. But he surfs. He lived in Hawaii for pete's sake! Actually, I've gotta' tell
you something else - he's pretty much all of us girls' bodyguard. We feel quite safe with him around. :) Thank you so much, Gabe, for being our bodyguard and being such a gentleman!!

Oh yeah! Never going to forget this picture of Gabe, Emily and Isaac havin' some Chocolate Dipped Bacon at the Strawberry Fest. HAhaaha!! THUMBS UP for Gabe's birthday! :D

choco bacon

HAhahaha!! Gabe! SMILE! He had his mouth full of choco bacon. This makes me laugh so hard ... by the way, Emily S.'s glasses were probably the most photographed thing that day.


HAHAAH hahahahaha HAHaha!!! Gabe, Zander, Livvy, Emily Case, and Friend Nathan!
"The Screaming and Frozen Donut Chasers Band Album Cover 1"
True Story, people, true story. I can't even tell you who cracks me up the MOST!

Gabe ... I wish you a VERY Happy 20th birthday and year!!!
The Fambrough Family loves you very much!!
We are praying God's mercies upon you, as you continue to grow into the man that
Christ has planned for you to be ... do not grow discouraged with the fight, you
are a mighty warrior, we know you can do it, Gabe. :) And you can show us ALL
Hawaii someday!! Hahahaa! I can't wait to continue making memories with all of our gang!

Thanks for being the big bro I never had. :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
~ Jean Marie ~

Psalm 37:23
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delighteth in his way."

Way to go, Mr. Lynn and Momma Lynn. Your son is so much fun. :)
Thank you for sharing him so freely with us "down South" the coast.

A quote from a conversation between Gabe and I:
"Gabe: ahhh, well watch out for my hitman as well! His name is Snap,
and his brother Crackle. look out for their dog Hubert as well!
Gabe: verrry dangerous that one
Me: is NOT.
Gabe: ahh thank you :)
Me: not YOU ..... HUBERT!
Gabe: look out!

I didn't say the conversation would make sense to anyone, I just put it up because it made me laugh out loud at 2 am in the morning. Leave a happy birthday comment for Gabe, ya'll! :D

Oh yeah...and he's one of the rare sympathetic friends that actually gives you a pat on the back and asks if you are okay after you pearled yourself straight into the sand after a brutal wave. Thanks dude.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Noldens & a Jean -


"Two Noldens and a Jean" (plus, a guy helping Emily S. frame the pic in the back) :)
Me, Molly N. and Isaac N. :D Fabulously dear friends in a short time -
Today I:
laughed a lot
swung on swings
played with kiddos
ate BBQ and fried chicken, and drank swate tae,
slathered on sunscreen
took pictures of egg tosses and kids doing 3 legged races
listened to Isaac play the gee-tar and sing
drank Coca-Cola
played on playgrounds
drank water
watched a lot
hugged many people
kissed some cheeks and tickled some ribs
drove to Fort Christmas and back
got gas for the car and sang Country songs constantly
looked at arrowheads and thought about the Seminole Indians
wanted to buy some Gator Jerky and didn't
saw a dead coon and a dead buzzard (holla!)
watched a whole buncha' trucks unload their airboats
shrieked with joy while "flying" through the air on a swing
and finished out by .... I'm going to a FAIR with a BF and my Daddy!

I lived today. I loved today. and I'm a wee bit sunburned. :)

Love to you, Molly, and Isaac and Emily for the pic and
EVERYONE I spent time with today!! :D

~ Jean Marie ~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Foster's Dance -

This past Saturday our good friends - The Foster Family hosted a Contra' Dance for the homeschool group in our area, for the 7-Up 'ers and their families, and they graciously invited us to come as well, even though Kimberly and I have long since graduated from 12th grade. :)

Our whole family attended, and our whole family danced! That was a first. :) It was SUCH a joy to see Momma and Daddy joinin' in. :) It was so much fun for ALL of us, so thank you so much to the dear Foster family!!! I drove over a little early to (have a job to throw my excitement into) to help out, and then - ON with the Party!! :) "Baby, whyyyy don't we juuuust DANCE!!!"

Orchard House. No, wait. The Foster's House. haha. Beautiful, eh?

Foster Maison

The pole barn and tables all set up for the slew of 120 people coming!! Mrs. Foster did such a lovely job with the decorating and set-up ... while I sat and sang Rascal Flatts and sewed up a cornhole bag of corn that had busted open ... I felt like Susie Homemaker, haha. :) Then I stabbed myself and bled on the bag .... Yeah. moving on.

empty chairs

The Gerber Daisy bouquets were soo spring-country - I LOVED THEM!

gerber daisies

The Pole Barn that the Foster men built!! Umm ... Dad? could we ... umm ... get one? Dad?

pole barn

If you don't live in the South, I pity you. I really, really do. NOTHING beats the smell of Orange Blossoms on the wind ... it's what heaven must smell like. It makes me dream of Georgia, fall in love with a tree, thank God that I live here, and sigh and close my eyes ALL at the same time. It's such a heady scent, and when you drive by the groves ... you can be so distracted that you forget you are driving, pull over and roll the windows down. True story.


Orange Blossoms make "The Wedding List". And I don't even have to say anything else.

Orange Blossom fleure

The adorable party favors against that amazing amazing wall ... oh, Atlantic water, you live at the Foster's house on a wall ... how I love thee.


Darling Emmy Rae. Haha, and Mr. Mike's amazing pickup smoker that gave us our BBQ!!!

silly smile

The youngun's learn which way to go, and how to be only 53% confused instead of 100%.


Momma and Daughta' - Miss. Julia and Anna Grace. Beautiful lovies.

Momma and Daughta'

Circle dancin'!! LtoR: Ashley R., Matt M., Olivia C. Olivia S. and of course...the Pole Barn!

gettin' ready

"No, I'm pretty sure it's LEFT and THEN right ... right? Not? Oh. LOOK! THERE's BECCA!" (far right in amazing boots and white sweater)


Making an arch ...


Abi Morse taking a quiet moment "backstage". She's such fun. Haha. :D


From the "backstage" lookin' on. Mr. Waller on the left, Matthew Morse on the right.

dancing the night away

Mrs. Katie Waller on fiddle and Mr. Joe Waller on gee-tar.


The guys were having fun competing with the Cornholes set up! And I had fun taking pictures. Muwahahahaha! Not that bag...but one of the blue ones...has my blood on it. It's special.


The Food Line. "Hi, Becca!!" ... I can only assume whoever is by her is laughing at her, because she was SO. EXCITED. ABOUT. IT. ALL. that she was a liiiiittle distracted on say - everything.
Which is why I love her so much.

"the look"

The dear Petersen family. :) We were sooo delighted they came and enjoyed it!!

P. fam.

FIIIYAAAAAAH!!!!!!! Miss Kricket wasn't really doing a fire dance or anything ... really.


Mr. Roy and Mr. Foster talk Pole Barn building .... :) Are not those lights AMAZING?


FOOD!!! BOSTON BUTT, BABY! I was a little excited. I just gotta' tell you ... ALL of that food was some of the best I've ever had at an event ... anywhere. Good gracious me.


"Smile, Becs!! ..... Ummm ... that was NOT a smile" HAhaa - I love you, Becs!


The instruments awaitin' some more playin' time -


Olivia's lovely orchid in her hair ... you looked beautiful, darling!


Our Contra' Dance Caller Mr. Roy, a VERY patient and fun gentleman. :D Do you SEE that food? Potato salad, Slaw, BEANS, Boston Butt, Rolls ... sigh ... I had to stop eating so I wouldn't get sick because of dancing right after eating. Oh my.


A very neat framed list from the Bell Telephone Company ... no Fambroughs on it, though. Alexander Graham Bell was a Scotsman!! :D Kim and I loved this list.


Mrs. Petersen and Lynnae in "The Food Line". Look! at the ... the FOOD! ... ok. So I was standing there a while taking pictures of the food ... why do you ask?


Momma Foster: "Take a picture of that cowboy!"
Me: "Okay! Smile!" ... I don't think he minded much. :D


Do-Si-Do!! Oh and laugh! ... oh oh! and bump into other people and laugh more! ok, good.

do si do!

"Annnnd, SWING your partner!!" YEEHAAW!


"4 steps forward ..." actually, I don't remember what the call was - I just made that up.


"NO! I want to dance with Becca! GIVE!!! ME!!" The fight over Becca was long-lasting and hilarious and the reason it wasn't well documented was because I was laughing too hard. Obviously, both B. and Olivia wanted to dance with the Beautiful Becca. Although this picture is a total blur (well, almost total), Olivia's face cracks me up so much, I had to post it. :D


... but I couldn't leave you with violence, so I leave you with this shot of the darling little string light bulbs that wound around the pole barn - I love these so much, I declare that I must have a need of them SOMEWHERE in "The Wedding" ... are they not sweet? :)