Post-Easter Joys -

So was your Easter as brilliantly beautiful and wonderful as mine? I certainly hope it was....celebrating the JOY and WONDER of the Resurrected Christ and all the hope and promise for us as Christians through His work on the cross and defeating the grave! AMEN!

I just can't help not getting all FIRED up about it! :D I'm sure you don't mind. Heaven's glories always seem a little closer ... each Easter morning of my life. There's something about watching the sun rise over the Indian River and listening to someone read about the morning Christ arose. This year it really hit home harder than ever ... because the pain has been deeper, the JOY is so much more dear and the thankfulness for this hope is unbounding for me.

On Sunday after church, Daddy and I were the only ones somewhat thrilled about having a picture out under our spreading oak in the front yard ... in all our Easter finery. :) And so we tromped out together and discussed various problems and trimming ideas for our 2004-Hurricane-ravaged oak, enjoyed the breeze, and then I shot a few pics.

Doth not the "light of His countenance" seem like the sun often?
It doth to me ... especially on a Resurrection Sunday.
Light of His countenance

Dearest Daddy and I. I love him. Resurrection Sunday, April 2010.
(note - I'm not as tall as he is...he was holding me, and was not standing up to his full height)


Sunday night found me at an impromptu/barely-slumber/sleepover at my dearest Stones' house ... in which ... we barely sleep. Ahem. And when we do rather... restlessly sleep ... we awake to watch the shuttle, and then (Anna & I) proceed to miss half of it, until I got out of bed to check my camera, hear the rumbling, and run shrieking out of the house "It's going up NOW! Hurry up, Anna! Get out of bed!!!" .... (shrieking) ... to see THIS! Oh. Sigh. How I love thee, Discovery. Godspeed, dear ship, and the STS 131 crew!

Discovery STS 131

We were just in time to see the boosters fall, and the smoke trail drift...
gorgeous .... and then we went back to bed. *laugh*

Discovery smoke trail

This morning found me sitting so very very happily on a wooden swing, face up to the
Spring sunshine, feet pushing off of the wooden planks, listening to the mockingbirds call, and the wind rustle the newly-leafed oaks over my head, and talking with my Emmy. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to be barefoot and warm on an April morning. Mhmmm.

Spring Sun

God is exceedingly good!! And those were a few of my post-Easter joys .... :) Many more to come, I'm sure of it ... just wanted to share a wee bit of my life here at the Rocket Ranch with ya'll.

Much love and prayer and hugs all 'round
from this very Southern and Country Singin' Girlie,
~ Jean Marie ~