Faces of Barberville -

Some Barberville faces pictures that I've been editing since Monday ...
of people that I love ... and with whom I cherish the memories of the GLORIOUS weekend
of the Spring Barberville Frolic. Ahhhh ... just a few to tide us over until the FULL
coverage for the weekend that will come later this week. :D Promise.
Unless Picnik stops working, and decides to drive me crazy ... hahaa. So ... HERE!

Emily Case ... in the chapel ... look at her adorable hair cut! Ah!
Of course I have to add that SHE makes that hair cut adorable ... but ... whatever.
bob hair

Gorgeous Lauren ... on our mini-photoshoot impromptu fling.


... aaaaaaaand the hair swishing event. HAhahaha...I love how amazing their expressions are, and how their hair looks so crazy. :D Btw, this was like ... the 3rd or 4th try for a capture.

swishy hair

The Green-Eyed Beauty: Emily S. Apparently they turn that green when she is hot,
and it was quite warm in the sun, so ... viola!! :D I love.

green eyes

Darling Bebe' Providence B. in her sweet little bonnet and dress.

bebe in bonnet

Anna dreamily staring off in conversation with sweet Tricia while Cody and John S. have a total guy conversation in the back. AH...and the FIRETRUCK. I think it's funny how no one is actually looking at the camera, even though I was like "smile!". HAhaaha!


... and FOOD. Baked beans and a delicious hot dog. Perfect spring food. I heart. :)


... now I'm hungry. I blame the picture. Have a wonderful Monday!! :D

Love to you all ...
our Abba, He is very fond of us ...
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Love, love, LOVE!

    Can't wait for the rest :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time! :)

    Your Sister In Christ,

  3. I seriously cannot remember if I've commented on your blog before (I can never remember these things!), but in case I haven't, I found your blog through Emily Elizabeth's.
    Barberville looks amazingly wonderful. I wish we had something like that here...

  4. Beautiful pictures Jean Marie!

  5. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! :D


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