Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something new -

Something new ... FUN ... big!! I'll bet you already noticed. :)
YEP!! Thanks to my darling, amazing, PATIENT friend - Emily Case...
who sent me a whole detailed and (at first - confusing) tutorial ...
I now have BIGGER pictures on my blog, after sighing over this change on
several of my other friends' blogs and hoping to have it on mine .... I did it!
It'll take a WEE bit of time to tweak several other things, and to get used to having
more ROOM all around, and other things .... but I've wanted you all to be able to see
DETAIL on pictures without having to blow them up and just adding a general more...
relaxed and fun spread-out, with more room to write and look at pictures!! :D

Thank you SO much, T.Sweet - Emily Case,
~ Jean Marie ~
Psalm 103

On that note ... I'll leave you with ... a shot like the B&W one ...
of my gorgeous and sweet friend, Anna Grace ... whom I love dearly!!


Lauren Brittany {A Corner Pillar} said...

Yay JEAN! :D You did it!

Beautiful, dear!


Anna Grace said...

I am SO proud of you Jean!!!
The layout is seamless...fantastic! :D

Emily Elizabeth said...

Ah! Glorious, great job!
*big smiles of missing Jean*

Joseph H. said...

YAY Jean. :)