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Barberville Spring Frolic!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!! 'Twas EVER so grand ... I am EVER so exhausted, after getting 4 hours of excited sleep last night and then walking around today and DANCING the afternoon away, my feet offically. hate. me. for real ... I eventually just took off my boots and danced barefoot like most of the people! hahahaa, so much better ... oh my, and the HEAT!! Sigh. People who weren't dancing were like: "such lovely weather!", and I was like "I'm dying!!"! Hahahaha ... in several instances, people would correct me, and then they'd be like - "Jean .... yeah. She's operating on 4 hours of sleep.". Sigh. HAha. So this is me, going to bed.

In other notices ... I'm auctioning off Friend Nathan's coleslaw, that poor boy doesn't know how good that stuff is ... and I'm also threatening several people with blackmail-worthy pictures of silly faces, although ... unfortunately, I'm pretty sure there are several of those of me on Olivia's camera. Oh dear. So I like lists, and my mind can actually think that way (while on only 4 hrs. of sleep) ... so here we go! :D

Barberville Spring Frolic - Saturday, April 24, 2010
I ...
shrieked with joy,
gave out massive amount of hugs to everyone I even relatively knew,
got lots of shrieking and hugs and joy back at me ... woot!,
waited for an hour to eat breakfast, and proclaimed myself "starving" to anyone listening,
listened to Lauren's tutorial about actually USING my manual settings more ... sigh,
took pictures of a caterpillar and screamed when it started squirting juice at me,
tried to ignore my dad's voice saying "My daughter ... the camper",
because we weren't camping,
Saw Old Methuselah, a 500 yr. old bald cypress,
listened to the peacocks call,
took pictures (200 to be exact)
drank Swate Tae, ate a massive hamburger and chips,
messed up people dancing,
tried to waltz, ended up laughing so hard I was falling over,
was silly with some of my friends,
was rarely serious,
sang hymns and songs,
tapped my boots and clapped my hands and SWUNG my partner!,
listened to The Stone Family Band ... my favorite. :)
smiled at my friends until my cheeks hurt,
apparently was funny because people were laughing hysterically at me,
poured bottled water on Friend Nathan's head,
embraced with full love the AC that was on in the Schoolroom hallway,
almost fell out of a tree that I was standing on while taking a picture of my dad,
listened to Dad talk about rumble seats on the Fords,
hugged people .... wait. I think I already mentioned that one,
... had an all around AMAZING time with some favorite people!!!

More pics and explanations and fun to follow, but now ...
ohh, the bed, it is calling me ... "JEAN!! COME SLEEP!!!"
Here I come .... love to ALL!!
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Wow, I was breathless just reading that, Jean! I can hardly wait to see the pictures everyone took!!! So glad you had rip-roaring time!

  2. Jean Marie,

    Is your hair naturally this curly?! I wondered because your sister has curly hair too.

    You are so GOOFY! Well, "laughter doeth good like a medicine".


  3. YOU ARE HILARIOUS! lol! Miss you my friend and I am so glad you are enjoying life! =)


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