The Foster's Dance -

This past Saturday our good friends - The Foster Family hosted a Contra' Dance for the homeschool group in our area, for the 7-Up 'ers and their families, and they graciously invited us to come as well, even though Kimberly and I have long since graduated from 12th grade. :)

Our whole family attended, and our whole family danced! That was a first. :) It was SUCH a joy to see Momma and Daddy joinin' in. :) It was so much fun for ALL of us, so thank you so much to the dear Foster family!!! I drove over a little early to (have a job to throw my excitement into) to help out, and then - ON with the Party!! :) "Baby, whyyyy don't we juuuust DANCE!!!"

Orchard House. No, wait. The Foster's House. haha. Beautiful, eh?

Foster Maison

The pole barn and tables all set up for the slew of 120 people coming!! Mrs. Foster did such a lovely job with the decorating and set-up ... while I sat and sang Rascal Flatts and sewed up a cornhole bag of corn that had busted open ... I felt like Susie Homemaker, haha. :) Then I stabbed myself and bled on the bag .... Yeah. moving on.

empty chairs

The Gerber Daisy bouquets were soo spring-country - I LOVED THEM!

gerber daisies

The Pole Barn that the Foster men built!! Umm ... Dad? could we ... umm ... get one? Dad?

pole barn

If you don't live in the South, I pity you. I really, really do. NOTHING beats the smell of Orange Blossoms on the wind ... it's what heaven must smell like. It makes me dream of Georgia, fall in love with a tree, thank God that I live here, and sigh and close my eyes ALL at the same time. It's such a heady scent, and when you drive by the groves ... you can be so distracted that you forget you are driving, pull over and roll the windows down. True story.


Orange Blossoms make "The Wedding List". And I don't even have to say anything else.

Orange Blossom fleure

The adorable party favors against that amazing amazing wall ... oh, Atlantic water, you live at the Foster's house on a wall ... how I love thee.


Darling Emmy Rae. Haha, and Mr. Mike's amazing pickup smoker that gave us our BBQ!!!

silly smile

The youngun's learn which way to go, and how to be only 53% confused instead of 100%.


Momma and Daughta' - Miss. Julia and Anna Grace. Beautiful lovies.

Momma and Daughta'

Circle dancin'!! LtoR: Ashley R., Matt M., Olivia C. Olivia S. and of course...the Pole Barn!

gettin' ready

"No, I'm pretty sure it's LEFT and THEN right ... right? Not? Oh. LOOK! THERE's BECCA!" (far right in amazing boots and white sweater)


Making an arch ...


Abi Morse taking a quiet moment "backstage". She's such fun. Haha. :D


From the "backstage" lookin' on. Mr. Waller on the left, Matthew Morse on the right.

dancing the night away

Mrs. Katie Waller on fiddle and Mr. Joe Waller on gee-tar.


The guys were having fun competing with the Cornholes set up! And I had fun taking pictures. Muwahahahaha! Not that bag...but one of the blue ones...has my blood on it. It's special.


The Food Line. "Hi, Becca!!" ... I can only assume whoever is by her is laughing at her, because she was SO. EXCITED. ABOUT. IT. ALL. that she was a liiiiittle distracted on say - everything.
Which is why I love her so much.

"the look"

The dear Petersen family. :) We were sooo delighted they came and enjoyed it!!

P. fam.

FIIIYAAAAAAH!!!!!!! Miss Kricket wasn't really doing a fire dance or anything ... really.


Mr. Roy and Mr. Foster talk Pole Barn building .... :) Are not those lights AMAZING?


FOOD!!! BOSTON BUTT, BABY! I was a little excited. I just gotta' tell you ... ALL of that food was some of the best I've ever had at an event ... anywhere. Good gracious me.


"Smile, Becs!! ..... Ummm ... that was NOT a smile" HAhaa - I love you, Becs!


The instruments awaitin' some more playin' time -


Olivia's lovely orchid in her hair ... you looked beautiful, darling!


Our Contra' Dance Caller Mr. Roy, a VERY patient and fun gentleman. :D Do you SEE that food? Potato salad, Slaw, BEANS, Boston Butt, Rolls ... sigh ... I had to stop eating so I wouldn't get sick because of dancing right after eating. Oh my.


A very neat framed list from the Bell Telephone Company ... no Fambroughs on it, though. Alexander Graham Bell was a Scotsman!! :D Kim and I loved this list.


Mrs. Petersen and Lynnae in "The Food Line". Look! at the ... the FOOD! ... ok. So I was standing there a while taking pictures of the food ... why do you ask?


Momma Foster: "Take a picture of that cowboy!"
Me: "Okay! Smile!" ... I don't think he minded much. :D


Do-Si-Do!! Oh and laugh! ... oh oh! and bump into other people and laugh more! ok, good.

do si do!

"Annnnd, SWING your partner!!" YEEHAAW!


"4 steps forward ..." actually, I don't remember what the call was - I just made that up.


"NO! I want to dance with Becca! GIVE!!! ME!!" The fight over Becca was long-lasting and hilarious and the reason it wasn't well documented was because I was laughing too hard. Obviously, both B. and Olivia wanted to dance with the Beautiful Becca. Although this picture is a total blur (well, almost total), Olivia's face cracks me up so much, I had to post it. :D


... but I couldn't leave you with violence, so I leave you with this shot of the darling little string light bulbs that wound around the pole barn - I love these so much, I declare that I must have a need of them SOMEWHERE in "The Wedding" ... are they not sweet? :)


  1. Those were so fun to look at and read about, Jean Marie! Thanks for sharing them with us all. Great stuff!!
    See ya soon,Lord willing,
    Mrs. Sudlow

  2. awwww Great pictures! :D

    Looks like a terrific time was had by all!

    I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN BARBERVILLE! Only a week and a couple days! Then we can dance some more! :)

  3. *shrieking*
    Amazing pictures..... amazing editing. They all made me smile or laugh. I am so glad you and your family could come!
    The picture of our house, so cool! Second to last picture.....LOL. It ended well though, it was a three person they shared me :P
    Lovely post! Thank for putting up the pictures! <3

  4. Great photos! Looks like a great time. You have a lovely blog!

  5. I'm quite certain you are correct about Heaven smelling like orange blossoms... :)
    Love, mcd


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