Monday, August 22, 2016

Anna's getting married! -

Back in February 2016, my dear friend Anna came to visit from Texas and attend the Ligonier Conference with us! 
I showed her my favorite places, including the amazing Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and views....
and before I head to Texas tomorrow, I had to post this look back!! Love the memories of our happy laughter
and the incredibly strong whipping wind (which made lion manes out of our curls, haha!). 

Anna is a bringer of JOY. 

Love love love her. 

I can't WAIT to hug Anna a million times this weekend (which is basically my job at the wedding). 

I'M SOOOO HAPPY for her and her love, Michael, and for God's incredible gift in her life. 

Anna has such deep wisdom and great joy....and occasionally I text her with hard prayer requests
and she always listens, prays, and speaks to what is reaaaallly going on. That is so rare, and she is a gem! 

Anna, I love you sooooo much and can't wait to rejoice and celebrate your wedding day!!!!
So very glad that God has blessed you so richly and mightily. And yes, I'm going to Instagram it. haha.

I'll be in Texas for a week and then be back in Florida before heading off to England 2 weeks later!
Can't wait to celebrate Anna & Michael and to see Kimberly & Ben!!

With joy,
~ Jean Marie ~ 

Friday, August 19, 2016

April 21, 2016 -

It's been almost 4 months since Ben & Kimberly's wedding, and yes, I'm just now getting around to
blogging the pictures from our lovely "girl's" evening we spent on Thursday evening, April 21.
Sarah & Abby were in town already by Thursday, as was Rebecca, we just missed Ivis!

Kimberly and I talked about a few ideas, and just settled on the thing we love the most: the beach.
Yes, there were other lots of things we could have done for her Bachelorette party,
but let's be honest...nothing trumps the beach and joyful sweet conversations held there.

The beach is our favorite and such a place of peace for us.

First stop: Chipotle! 

LOVE these girls and so grateful for our beautiful time together!

Ponce Inlet, FL. We walked the beach, gathered shells, let the wind whip our hair with abandon,
enjoyed one of the most stunning sunsets and spent several hours being salty and sandy. Bliss. 

Kimberly and 3 of her 5 ladies in her bridal party! Such tender hearts and Godly women!

I ADORE that Kimberly gained another redheaded sister. haha. 

And then we shared stories and got stuck in traffic and ate chocolate all the way home. ;)

Such a beautiful night and wonderful memories!
 I'm flying to Texas this week to visit Kimberly & Ben for the first time! I'm SO EXCITED.
I haven't seen Kimberly (or Ben, haha) for 3.5 months now! I've missed them so so much.
And attend dear Anna & Michael's wedding, AND see Jas & Baby Wynn. ALL. THE. JOY. haha.

Then I'm home for 2 weeks, and then fly to England for 2 weeks! Ohhh, this 2016 year. ;)

With love always,
- JM -