Monday, May 31, 2010

I remembered -

Today I was filled with a longing to be down at the Veterans Memorial, and when it changed from a longing to a desire that would not go away, I pulled back my hair, put on some makeup, :) tied some red/white/and blue ribbons in my hair, grabbed the camera and tripod, and drove there. I've learned not to ignore promptings from the photography part of my brain. :)

And even though I lost my lens cap today, I'm still grateful that I went - memories were made.

First, I stopped by one of our local cemeteries, because their flags are so gorgeous and took a quick shot. Even though this was not a Natnl' Cemetery, there are a lot of people buried here that served in the Civil War, WW1, WW2, and so on, and the flags were everywhere. I couldn't help stopping every so often, and reading what was etched in granite. Many many stones had verses from the Bible and their full rank and what war they fought in.

I wrote this on Facebook for this album, and I wanted to share it here:
"Some may have forgotten ... but I did not. Veterans, and those whose small flags wave across this yard ... you were not forgotten. I stopped, I knelt, I brushed away leaves and sand,
I stood in silence, I touched your names, I whispered, I remembered."

Then I drove to the Veterans Memorial, and as I usually post pictures of the water, I decided that you all needed to see some of the glory that is usually passed by, even though every time I visit, I brush my fingers across the plaques that mean the most to me ...

"To keep the faith with those who fought and those who died.
We the living will continue to strive for the security of our nation
and the preservation of the republic, and lasting peace for all mankind."

Old Glory at half-mast, with the POW flag underneath her, and surrounded by the flags of all the branches of our USA armed forces. The wind ... was ferocious. It snapped and clinked the lines for the flags against the masts ... it blew leaves frantically across the bricks ... it wreaked havoc into the water and made it so choppy that foam flew into the air, my hair was everywhere .... and it seemed fitting, that those flags should bear up ... with such pride, in such storm.

A precious good memorial ... for those that are not as easily remembered.

World War 2 plaque.

The World War 2 bricks ...


The Vietnam War plaque ... I love staring at the choppers and ships as if I could hear it all.


I remembered .... I know ... that freedom doesn't come free.

In Memory ... of the fallen ... "the very best of springtime".


To the fallen ... you will stand forever in my memory. I thank you.
~ Jean Marie ~

Memorial Day 2010 -

(The Veterans Memorial, Feb. 2010) the American Eagle and flag seal.
American Eagle

This Memorial Day 2o1o, I feel ... unable to write better what I wrote last year.
So I'm just reposting from Memorial Day 2009, to Memorial Day 2010. :)
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did, after writing it a year ago ....
with as much heart and passion and tears that I poured into that post,
I figure it's worth a re-read. America, my country, I love you.

Let us remember ... the COST ... of our freedom.
With love and with pride in those who love this country,
~ Jean Marie ~

from The Memorial Day Order of 1868 section 3:
"III. If other eyes grow dull and other hands slack, and other hearts cold in the solemn trust, ours shall keep it well as long as the light and warmth of life remain to us.

Let us, then, at the time appointed, gather around their sacred remains, and garland the passionless mounds above them with choicest flowers of springtime; let us raise above them the dear old flag they saved; let us in this solemn presence renew our pledge to aid and assist those whom they have left among us a sacred charge upon the Nation's gratitude -
the soldiers and sailors widow and orphan."

Petersburg VA 2009

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I:Heart:Faces: Yellow! -

I love yellow.

ANY type of yellow flower, yellow clothes, yellow buildings,
yellow purses, yellow shoes, yellow sunshine, yellow jewelry, yellow gardening tools,
yellow automobiles, yellow paint, yellow blankets, yellow shawls ....

Everything from yellow smoothies and yellow dresses to
Except without the bikinis, because ya'll know that I don't go for that sort of thing. haha
Shall I go on? Do you get the gist? I LOVE YELLOW. I HEART yellow.
Everything is a little brighter and more joyful with yellow in it!! :)

So when I saw that I:heart:faces' challenge this week was on yellow, I jumped on it.
I grabbed my joy of yellow and ran full speed for my editing software and went amuck.

I smiled and oooh-ed and edited and smiled and aww-ed and edited, and then I sat back and thought about how I really need to impart more yellow into our house and my clothes and how it just fits to love yellow ... I mean, I LIVE in the Sunshine State. We live in yellow sunshine!
How blessed I am to live here then. :)

So here's my entry for the Yellow Week!
My dear friends got married last year, and their car is a bright yellow!! It was highly decorated, streamers, cans on the back bumper, balloons, messages on the windows, etc. :) And the rice throwing was INSANE. This was not half-hearted tossing. This was lots of children and family throwing their handfuls of rice as fast as they could and as much as they could with as much fervor as possible. We were laughing hysterically, and as soon as John got Audra safely into the car, he RAN to get in, because more showers of rice were coming down .... :D

He's shielding his face from the onslaught and she's still holding her crown from getting in the car, since they had to run to get in, with huge smiles on their faces
... all this happened in about 30 seconds. :)

I love the yellow. I love the JOY and the LAUGHTER and the memories. :)

Thankful for the Sun of my Soul,
the Savior of my yellow-loving heart ....
~ Jean Marie ~

Click on this camera button (below) to see other entries or to enter yourself!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It will shatter -


"God, I'm longing for the day to come, when this cloudy glass I'm looking through,
is shattered in a million pieces, and finally I can just SEE YOU.
God, You know I believe it's true, I know I will see You, but until the day I do ...
I will trust You! Trust You! Trust You, God I will!!

Even when I don't understand, even then I will say again:
You are my God, and I'll trust You!
And with every breath I take, and for every day that breaks,
I will trust You, I will trust You!
And when nothin' is makin' sense, even then I'll say again
- God, I trust You, I will trust You!

I know Your heart is good, I know Your love is strong,
and I know Your plans for me are much better than my own ....
So I will trust You, trust You, I trust You God, I will, even when I can't see the end ...."
~ "I will trust You" by Steven Curtis Chapman ~

This morning I woke up with a great desire to just write out these words on my blog.
I couldn't shake the image out of my head, from my post back in Nov. 09.
There've been some hard days this week ... and while joy seeps into so much of it,
there have been many moments of tears ... and longing to SEE that cloudy glass SHATTER.

But we wait. We trust Him. He is faithful. What I wrote on Nov. 25th,'09 ...

"One day, that dark glass,
it will not just be clear, wiped clean with the blood of the Lamb,
it will be shattered,
the veil torn,
the stone removed,
the fog and mist cleared,
the curtain lifted ...
one day -
His face we'll see!!
How I long for that day, more than before."

The glass shattered ... and finally we can just see YOU, God.
Thank you, Father .... I can't wait. :)
~ Jean Marie ~

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink Breakfast -

So I'm sure most of you are going to look at this post and think ...
"Ummm...WHY is she not posting the pictures that I know she has, and that I want to see?".
to which I say ... "Oh the great mysteries of blogging!"... which means: "because blogging is supposed to be fun, and this is what I want to blog about". So please. Enjoy it. :D

I had pink breakfast. And it was sooo good that I want a 2nd pink breakfast. NOW.
But I refrain, because I know my body can only handle SO much goodness and also because I value the amount of brain cells that could possibly be frozen and fail to regenerate.
*I really have no idea what I just said, but it sounded smart and biological*

I can hear what you are saying from here: "Oh look. She had a strawberry milkshake for breakfast, how perfectly yummy and wayyy protein-less and .... etc etc." NAY my good forrest friends!! 'Tis na' true!! *laughing* sorry ... sorry .... *cough*

THIS, my friends is a ...
Peach/Pineapple/Blueberry/Maple yogurt/Mango juice Smoothie!!

... and it was SO so so so SO SOO good. Trust me. Which is why I took pink pictures of it, and wrote my name in pink on it, and why I feel like throwing pink flowers in the air, because it was ... SO GOOD.

Ignore the: no makeup face, curly hair doing what it does best: curling and looking like I didn't just drag my hands through it with some mousse, even though I did, the smile hidden behind the straw, and the fact that you can REALLY see in this picture how broken my nose is.
*Thank you*


Yes, it really WAS 87 degrees at 10:15am, stop judging me that I ate breakfast at that hour, it is almost summer here in the sub-tropics, and that IS a tomato plant in the background, on our porch, but it is NOT that tall, it is on a table. :) See? See? the smoothie? *faint*



SUMMA'TIMEEE!!! I love living here. The End.


Ok, not quite ... so I was thinking ... between Tapioca pudding, Key Lime Pie, these amazing smoothies, Rhubarb Custard Pie, Pizza at Target, Eating ice cream down at the river, BEACH time, photoshoots, dancing, singing, screaming and just watching the porpoises chase mullet as the mullet swim for their flashing little lives down at the Vet Memorial .... do any of you really need ANY more reasons to come visit me? :D I subject that into NOT. :)

just sayin' ... I think I could bribe about HALF of my friends ... no joke ... to my house,
if I just offer them 1 whole batch of tapioca for their darling and handsome little/big selves.

So ya'll have a very, very, very .... good day. :)
With love, lots of hugs and kisses and prayers,
knowing my Savior ... never lets go of me,
~ Jean Marie ~

Friday, May 14, 2010

She was perfect -


It is late, and I even though I have some of the words floating around in my head,
I am exhausted and my eyes don't want to blog the surreal joy of today ....
it will have to wait for a while. Suffice it to say:
Our whole family was privileged to get as close as you can be today ...
I was amazed, stunned, thrilled .... it was beautiful.
The cheering threatened to drown her out.

Atlantis, baby ... you did it girl. Come back safely.
You made one of the most perfect launches seem like nothing, but we know better ....
we know Who lifts you up, and Who brings you back, Who carries you, Who speeds you home,
we know Who made the sights to be seen and the space you soar through .... we are thankful.

It was amazing Jesus. Thank you precious Father.
~ Jean Marie ~

It's Atlantis' day -

She's flying again today. It'll be her last liftoff ...
her last flight until she roars back to our land at the end of the mission.
It's such a mixed emotion ... it breaks something solid and sweet inside of me,
the end of her era, the last of her throbbing gumption to streak so majestically into the air,
and yet, I am SO excited to see her fly ... "savoring the moment" is on everyone's lips,
and that's what we'll do today. :)

GO Atlantis, baby, and the STS-132 crew!!! Godspeed and safe return.

Here's the Launch Blog: it keeps up with ALL that is going on there. I love reading it.

and HERE: you all should be able to watch the launch if you have Windows or somethin'.
You really should watch it, it amazes me, the only thing better than seeing it live, is watching it right there on that channel ... you get to see SRB separation, EFTank separation, the underside of the shuttle, you get to hear the "flapp flapp" change into "chokk chokk" of the cracking fuel.
You get to hear the Houston chatter!! aaaahhhh!! Ok. I'm listening to it now. haha!

It's awesome, I love it, and it's my life. Welcome to what I love.

The NASA girl,
~ Jean Marie ~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010 -

Mother's Day was a little different this year as Mumma had a bad migraine headache
and it seemed the whole household (including wee doggie) were in need of a long nap,
but we still took some time during dinner to have a special time eating some:

Mother's Day Rhubarb Custard Pie

I sang, and lit a candle, and then realized that I was the only one singing. Ah well.
Despite not feeling well, and having made dinner and dessert, Mumma looked loverly. :)


Friday, May 7, 2010

A Fleur contest -

So .... a Fleur contest.

But not just ANY Fleur Contest .... nay ... an unedited photo fleur contest,
in which you provide the unedited pictures and everyone sees said photos in all their raw glory.
Ahhhh ... whilst it is lovely to be so open ... my fingers are like: GASP! Must EDIT the AIR!

... and yet - I refrained. So here are five pictures submitted into the lovely contest held over
at: An Old-Fashioned Girl Blog ... held completely for to see your pics of gorgeous fleurs! :)

I only resized my photos and added my name, since it's slightly more safe in this web-world. :)

Go and ENTER yourself!! If ye have not a blog, now is the perfect time to start one!!

You can see Lauren's beautiful fleurs by clicking HERE.

Love to all you lovely and sweet people ... hugs 'n kisses!
Joy in our Savior Jesus,
~ Jean Marie ~

a Black-eyed-Susan variation?

Orange Blossom. *be still my loving heart*


White Gerber Daisies


Purple wildflowers aka: I have no idea what they are called and can't find it on Google.


Pink Azaleas


The Joy of Barberville -


This is what Barberville looks like when I pull up the memories in my mind.
It's some little childrens a bit confused about what exactly a "gypsy turn" is supposed to be,
it's two darling little young 'uns half - fighting, half - being sweet ...
standing a little too close to all the dancing and mayhem,
it's the band playing a rollicking tune that has you breathless,
it's all the people watching on the sidelines, clapping and laughing at your mistakes,
and it's the laughing, swirling, stomping, swinging and wonderful dancing up at the front.

.... it'll be 2 weeks tomorrow, and this is my official release telling you:
I'm going into Barberville 201o Withdrawls.

Does anyone have the same illness? Does anyone have an anecdote?

With love,
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. I'm working HARD on pictures!! Hopefully sometime this weekend another post'll be up!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Isaiah 43:2 -


"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee;
and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee."
~ Isaiah 43:2 ~

I edited this picture on Tuesday morning, and put it up on FB ...
I am overwhelmed by the Lord's gentle mercies for the beginning of a hard day.
I love the book of Isaiah, it has become gentle rain upon the dry clay of my life,
God's word - comforting and holding me throughout the flooding rivers of trials.

Father, You hold us and lead us ...
through the good and the bad, the uncertain and scary,
the laughter and joy and celebration ...
You are always here.
~ Jean Marie ~

(photo taken in Feb. 2010 at Singer Island, FL)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A true love -

There is this true love of mine ... it screamed out at me in the middle of ALL of my 290 Barberville pictures and as I edited, I sighed happy little sighs and smiled sweetly at it ...
I dreamed of more chance meetings of it and I thought of all the residue I've ever had on my hands after smoothing my hand over all of its loveliness.

Some friends have realized my .... excitement and took pictures for me (aka:Laurie), and some have experienced my ... *cough* enthusiasm when I see it ... because I yell out "LOOK! LOOK! LOOOOK!!! Can we stop?? Really quick ... I just want to take a picture!!" (squealing ensues).

Because one of my VERY favorite things to see in a picture is ....


It makes my whole day seem SOOO wonderful and special
... and that's why it deserves a whole post to itself.

I love you RUST ... and I always will.
~ Jean Marie ~

Happy May, everyone! :D