The Joy of Barberville -


This is what Barberville looks like when I pull up the memories in my mind.
It's some little childrens a bit confused about what exactly a "gypsy turn" is supposed to be,
it's two darling little young 'uns half - fighting, half - being sweet ...
standing a little too close to all the dancing and mayhem,
it's the band playing a rollicking tune that has you breathless,
it's all the people watching on the sidelines, clapping and laughing at your mistakes,
and it's the laughing, swirling, stomping, swinging and wonderful dancing up at the front.

.... it'll be 2 weeks tomorrow, and this is my official release telling you:
I'm going into Barberville 201o Withdrawls.

Does anyone have the same illness? Does anyone have an anecdote?

With love,
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. I'm working HARD on pictures!! Hopefully sometime this weekend another post'll be up!



    The only relief I get is....when i close my eyes and think of the memories... and start bursting out laughing!

    Twas a great time.


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