Friday, May 7, 2010

A Fleur contest -

So .... a Fleur contest.

But not just ANY Fleur Contest .... nay ... an unedited photo fleur contest,
in which you provide the unedited pictures and everyone sees said photos in all their raw glory.
Ahhhh ... whilst it is lovely to be so open ... my fingers are like: GASP! Must EDIT the AIR!

... and yet - I refrained. So here are five pictures submitted into the lovely contest held over
at: An Old-Fashioned Girl Blog ... held completely for to see your pics of gorgeous fleurs! :)

I only resized my photos and added my name, since it's slightly more safe in this web-world. :)

Go and ENTER yourself!! If ye have not a blog, now is the perfect time to start one!!

You can see Lauren's beautiful fleurs by clicking HERE.

Love to all you lovely and sweet people ... hugs 'n kisses!
Joy in our Savior Jesus,
~ Jean Marie ~

a Black-eyed-Susan variation?

Orange Blossom. *be still my loving heart*


White Gerber Daisies


Purple wildflowers aka: I have no idea what they are called and can't find it on Google.


Pink Azaleas



Jenna said...

Beautiful, dear Jean, beautiful! :)

Johanna said...

Oh, thanks you SO much Jean for entering! What beautiful Photos!!!

Best Wishes to you!

In our Loving Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,


Brittany said...

These are just gorgeous Jean!!!!! Great job! I LOVE orange blossoms!! I wish they grew up here. :-/
Have a lovely weekend!


Katherine said...

Those are just SO beautiful!

I love love love love them!

Nice work, hope you have a beautifully blessed day.

K xx --