I:Heart:Faces: Yellow! -

I love yellow.

ANY type of yellow flower, yellow clothes, yellow buildings,
yellow purses, yellow shoes, yellow sunshine, yellow jewelry, yellow gardening tools,
yellow automobiles, yellow paint, yellow blankets, yellow shawls ....

Everything from yellow smoothies and yellow dresses to
Except without the bikinis, because ya'll know that I don't go for that sort of thing. haha
Shall I go on? Do you get the gist? I LOVE YELLOW. I HEART yellow.
Everything is a little brighter and more joyful with yellow in it!! :)

So when I saw that I:heart:faces' challenge this week was on yellow, I jumped on it.
I grabbed my joy of yellow and ran full speed for my editing software and went amuck.

I smiled and oooh-ed and edited and smiled and aww-ed and edited, and then I sat back and thought about how I really need to impart more yellow into our house and my clothes and how it just fits to love yellow ... I mean, I LIVE in the Sunshine State. We live in yellow sunshine!
How blessed I am to live here then. :)

So here's my entry for the Yellow Week!
My dear friends got married last year, and their car is a bright yellow!! It was highly decorated, streamers, cans on the back bumper, balloons, messages on the windows, etc. :) And the rice throwing was INSANE. This was not half-hearted tossing. This was lots of children and family throwing their handfuls of rice as fast as they could and as much as they could with as much fervor as possible. We were laughing hysterically, and as soon as John got Audra safely into the car, he RAN to get in, because more showers of rice were coming down .... :D

He's shielding his face from the onslaught and she's still holding her crown from getting in the car, since they had to run to get in, with huge smiles on their faces
... all this happened in about 30 seconds. :)

I love the yellow. I love the JOY and the LAUGHTER and the memories. :)

Thankful for the Sun of my Soul,
the Savior of my yellow-loving heart ....
~ Jean Marie ~

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  1. what a great pic! love the creative use of yellow (not just yellow flowers)

  2. Seriously AMAZING pic, Jean! Love it!!!


  3. LOVE, LOVE!! It's a winner to me :) Great picture!!
    PS-thanks for the blog love!!

  4. They do look so happy! And, there's so much rice I originally thought it was snow! Great capture!

  5. This is such a fantastic capture! So interesting!

  6. Oh, Jean! I LOVE it! What a wonderful photograph. Yellow is one of my favorite colors! :)
    Have a blessed evening!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  7. Lovely pic Jean! Keep up the good (photoshop) work! :)


  8. Fabulous picture, Jean dear! And I love the post, too! --mcd

  9. Always a joy to read your posts! Isaac

  10. I absolutely LOVE this. If it doesn't make it in the tops, I might die.

    Love you Oot,
    T. Sweets

  11. Wow! Thanks JM for using that photo...I hope you win the contest.

  12. Always love your pics, Jean...and this one is great! And thanks for helping us to appreciate the wonder of colour God has given us!


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