A true love -

There is this true love of mine ... it screamed out at me in the middle of ALL of my 290 Barberville pictures and as I edited, I sighed happy little sighs and smiled sweetly at it ...
I dreamed of more chance meetings of it and I thought of all the residue I've ever had on my hands after smoothing my hand over all of its loveliness.

Some friends have realized my .... excitement and took pictures for me (aka:Laurie), and some have experienced my ... *cough* enthusiasm when I see it ... because I yell out "LOOK! LOOK! LOOOOK!!! Can we stop?? Really quick ... I just want to take a picture!!" (squealing ensues).

Because one of my VERY favorite things to see in a picture is ....


It makes my whole day seem SOOO wonderful and special
... and that's why it deserves a whole post to itself.

I love you RUST ... and I always will.
~ Jean Marie ~

Happy May, everyone! :D


  1. Every time I see rust, I think of you. <3 Some people may think that's a little odd, but you know it's a compliment. :)

  2. IT is a compliment....I think I may be melting from all the sweetness implied thereof. Thank you Laurie. <3

  3. All I can say is--Leave it to two redheads to find beauty in RUST. :)
    (But seriously, I really like that picture, also! Maybe rust speaks to us very eloquently of the loss of other times--and reminds us to put our trust in Someone Who is Eternal.)

  4. Ahhhh...rust. Rust?! You are slightly demented, just wanted to let you know. Very nice picture by the way. But it is still rust.



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