Pink Breakfast -

So I'm sure most of you are going to look at this post and think ...
"Ummm...WHY is she not posting the pictures that I know she has, and that I want to see?".
to which I say ... "Oh the great mysteries of blogging!"... which means: "because blogging is supposed to be fun, and this is what I want to blog about". So please. Enjoy it. :D

I had pink breakfast. And it was sooo good that I want a 2nd pink breakfast. NOW.
But I refrain, because I know my body can only handle SO much goodness and also because I value the amount of brain cells that could possibly be frozen and fail to regenerate.
*I really have no idea what I just said, but it sounded smart and biological*

I can hear what you are saying from here: "Oh look. She had a strawberry milkshake for breakfast, how perfectly yummy and wayyy protein-less and .... etc etc." NAY my good forrest friends!! 'Tis na' true!! *laughing* sorry ... sorry .... *cough*

THIS, my friends is a ...
Peach/Pineapple/Blueberry/Maple yogurt/Mango juice Smoothie!!

... and it was SO so so so SO SOO good. Trust me. Which is why I took pink pictures of it, and wrote my name in pink on it, and why I feel like throwing pink flowers in the air, because it was ... SO GOOD.

Ignore the: no makeup face, curly hair doing what it does best: curling and looking like I didn't just drag my hands through it with some mousse, even though I did, the smile hidden behind the straw, and the fact that you can REALLY see in this picture how broken my nose is.
*Thank you*


Yes, it really WAS 87 degrees at 10:15am, stop judging me that I ate breakfast at that hour, it is almost summer here in the sub-tropics, and that IS a tomato plant in the background, on our porch, but it is NOT that tall, it is on a table. :) See? See? the smoothie? *faint*



SUMMA'TIMEEE!!! I love living here. The End.


Ok, not quite ... so I was thinking ... between Tapioca pudding, Key Lime Pie, these amazing smoothies, Rhubarb Custard Pie, Pizza at Target, Eating ice cream down at the river, BEACH time, photoshoots, dancing, singing, screaming and just watching the porpoises chase mullet as the mullet swim for their flashing little lives down at the Vet Memorial .... do any of you really need ANY more reasons to come visit me? :D I subject that into NOT. :)

just sayin' ... I think I could bribe about HALF of my friends ... no joke ... to my house,
if I just offer them 1 whole batch of tapioca for their darling and handsome little/big selves.

So ya'll have a very, very, very .... good day. :)
With love, lots of hugs and kisses and prayers,
knowing my Savior ... never lets go of me,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Cute, Jean.
    And yummy-looking. :)

  2. *omnomnom* That looks AMAZING. I'm gonna have to try to recreate it, 'kay? :D


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