It's Atlantis' day -

She's flying again today. It'll be her last liftoff ...
her last flight until she roars back to our land at the end of the mission.
It's such a mixed emotion ... it breaks something solid and sweet inside of me,
the end of her era, the last of her throbbing gumption to streak so majestically into the air,
and yet, I am SO excited to see her fly ... "savoring the moment" is on everyone's lips,
and that's what we'll do today. :)

GO Atlantis, baby, and the STS-132 crew!!! Godspeed and safe return.

Here's the Launch Blog: it keeps up with ALL that is going on there. I love reading it.

and HERE: you all should be able to watch the launch if you have Windows or somethin'.
You really should watch it, it amazes me, the only thing better than seeing it live, is watching it right there on that channel ... you get to see SRB separation, EFTank separation, the underside of the shuttle, you get to hear the "flapp flapp" change into "chokk chokk" of the cracking fuel.
You get to hear the Houston chatter!! aaaahhhh!! Ok. I'm listening to it now. haha!

It's awesome, I love it, and it's my life. Welcome to what I love.

The NASA girl,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Yeah!!!

    We just finished watching the launch!! It was AMAZING!!
    Thanks for telling us about it, Jean!

    ~ Sarah, Dad, Lyd, Drew, and Joel Serven

  2. I am SO SO SO GLAD!!!!!!!! I always hope that as many people can enjoy it with us!!!! :)

    Love you Servens....
    ~ Jean Marie


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