August 4, 2016. Life Update -

Update from my heart on life. Thursday, August 4, 2016. 

My best friend's daddy has cancer. There really are no words. 
My grief for them is real and deep and the tears form at every new message. 
My heart is breaking right along with theirs.
So I stare at the sky and think how on earth could this happen? 
How does cancer rob us of the most strong and radiant among us?
And in the next breath, why can't I be the one to hold CJ as his mama?
And in the next breath, "Jesus, help us to SEE YOU HERE."

We are called to look beyond what we CAN SEE to what we CANNOT SEE. {2 Cor. 4:16-18}
That God is bringing about the most wondrous story we will ever
know in our lifetimes but just CAN'T SEE IT YET.

I have e-mails in my inbox that speak of adoptive families that keep writing me
 because I've held their sons and daughters IN MY ARMS
and they want to know how they feel and smell and their smile
 and everything about them because they long for them because they are their babies.
It's an honor to tell them, to pray over them. The emails keep flooding in....all for my room in China,
the last room on the second story. I'm overwhelmed and amazed and shriek with happiness and sob
tears of thankfulness. There are 4 OF MY BABIES NOW MATCHED with their families.
Because He is the One Who SEES, Who hears our brokenhearted prayers,
 and Who answers in the tenderest way possible: "Beloved. You are MINE." 

We are not forgotten. We are not unheard. We are not alone. 
We are SEEN and LOVED and known and cared for more wildly and deeply than we can even dream.
The King from His manger, born so we could know Him as Lord, born so we could hear His voice,
so the families would have lonely hearts, so the orphans in the foreign cradles could come home,
 so DEATH would be destroyed forever, so the cancer would one day be gone, so our reunions would
be neverending, so the joyful heart with a dying body would be healed and with Jesus and be HOME. 

Look to Jesus and be radiant. He's calling us Home

With love always,
- Jean Marie -