The deep waters -

"Are you not the One who dried up the sea,
the waters of the great deep; that made the depths of the sea
a road for the redeemed to cross over?"
~ Isaiah 51:10 ~

My first try at textures, and I think I love it.
I took this back in Sept. 09,
but the imagery and the words together just blow me away.
I was trying to find "water" words in Isaiah, and found this passage.

Today I've had to remind myself a lot, about every half hour,
that I have to remember that God is good, and I have to trust Him.
As someone told me today - "We'll get through this earthly stuff...
and we will skip through the streets of heaven.". LOVE you, Mrs. D.

He IS the One who dried up the sea,
HE is the One who divided the waters,
HE is the One who makes HEAVEN ...
where we belong, by His side....
where my tears will not fall,
where my head will not ache with weariness,
where my heart will not want for rest -
but I will SEE, it's everything that He said
it would be, and even better than we would believe.

~ Jean Marie ~
Isaiah 61

** Another post of mine on TRUST these days.
I just read it through tonight, and it's as true now as
it was the day I wrote it. Amazing. **


  1. Of all JM pics~
    my favorite
    so far....

    a palette of earth~sky~sea hues

    with thirst~quenching words from Isaiah

    my head is lifted.

    {{* *}}


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