Heeyyy, YA'LL!!!
It's TIME to announce the WINNER!!!
The winner of the giveaway!!!
The very wonderful time you have ALL been
waiting for ... and demanding for ... and threatening for...
and whom I haven't even known until 1 hr. ago,
because I had to write TWO friends to ask what to use,
AND talk for 23 minutes (or so) with another friend about it.
(okay fine. only 2 minutes was on that, the rest was other ... stuff)

The point being ... we need chocolate. No, wait. That wasn't the point.

But on the very rainy and wet and soaky day of yesterday -
Mama and I and Mrs. P., went in here and bought some, and
ate it while we ran in the rain. It would have been awesome if I
had not been wearing my leather boots
or had had waterproof-mascara on, OR if possibly
I would not have been wearing my floor length jean skirt,
so that every time I went to jump a puddle,
I gathered both sides up, and held onto my purse with one hand as well,
and sort of leapt over 1.5 ft of 3inch deep water. What is this - Seattle?
Sheesh. Anyways. We laughed and sang and
... have any of you exploded with excitement and suspense yet?
I suppose not. I suppose you scrolled down
and looked whilst I was rambling on here.


So, the winner out of all the spectacular, amazing,
darling and ruggedly wonderful...wait.
Now I can't stop thinking of mountains ... it's people.
PEOPLE...that commented -
The winner is:

Katie of "Pearls slipping off a String" !!!!
You won, you won, you won!!!! HOORAY!!!
the proof -

No, I didn't decide by cards, but I thought it was cute ...
using Quiddler cards to announce it. (I used the random counter thingy)
Yes, I had to flip the picture.
No, I did not spend 20 minutes of precious time trying to figure out
if I could take a halfway decent picture of myself WITH the cards while
trying to have them not be backwards. Okay, yes, I did.

be quiet ... stop laughing.

Anyways - thanks to all you wonderful people ... that I'm SO
thankful for!!! ... we raised 6 dollars in comments, and plus the gift
for Katie and purchases...we raised...well, that remains to be known -
but I'm excited about what we have so far,
and thank you SO much for entering!

Ya'll rocked the commenting section ... Thank you thank you!!
Please continue to pray for Haiti, and her people, and for God's grace
to be abundantly shown in the physically and spiritual saving of many
of Haiti's people. It is the love we can send, with our money. :)
As soon as it's all added up, I will tell ya'll how it came out!

Katie ... g-mail me, and let me know what you'd love from

With much, much love .... and a HELLO to all the new faces
that have popped up around on my blog - Thank you!!!
(and yes, I really mean that. :D )

My Shepherd will supply my need, Jehovah is His name ....
~ Jean Marie ~
Psalm 103

Leave a little comment in Congratulations if ya like! :D


  1. Congratulations Katie!!! :)
    Oh wow, Jean Marie... You make me CRACK up!!! I was laughing throughout this whole post! :)
    I will continue to pray for Haiti and her people.
    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

    Your Sister In Christ,

    P.S. WOOOOOO... FIRST COMMENT!!! :) Haha!

  2. Congratuations Katie! Enjoy!

  3. By the way Jean, I REALLY want to follow your blog, but can't, YOUR NAVE BAR IS MISSING!

    Can you help me somehow???

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave me a comment with the answer. So many bloggers don't answer my questions!

    Your Loving Sister in Christ,


  4. Hi, Johanna! Thank you so much for reading ... yes, I removed the bar from the top of my blog to keep people from being able to go from my blog to another less Godly blog in a search engine. :)

    And I do not have a "followers" box either. :)

    I'm sorry, just a personal opinion of mine. I suppose if you want to, maybe you could just bookmark it. :)

    God bless, and thank you for stopping by!
    ~ Jean Marie

  5. Ok Jean, thanks for the answer, I totaly understand! I went on my layout dashboard and did not see the option to take the nave bar off.

    Your Loving Sister in Christ,


  6. AAAHHHH!!!

    How terribly exciting!


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