It's coming! -

Just a FEW more posts, and then ...
I will tell you. :D Haha. Yes, yes...I am enjoying this.

I thought I should help you out, because ... really.
I don't want you going ballistic or freaking out.
So I thought I would put up a few things the post
is NOT about. :D

I am not engaged or courting. Ahem.
I am not moving to Siberia or anywhere else.
I am not boxing myself up and shipping myself
around the world...really, Jeff. WHA? Seriously.
I am not going to ship anything, anywhere.
(the unopened presents simply add to the mystery
and persona of the post - hee hee!)

... and that's it.


Sorry. I couldn't help that laugh from slipping out.

Stay tuned folks, because it's comin' soon!

With love, for my blog readers,
and with trust in the One who
reminds me that HEAVEN is the way it is,
because HE IS THERE.
~ Jean Marie ~


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