Baby Goats!!! -

Soooo....Sunday evening at about 4pm I get a rushed call from Emily saying that Precious had already had a baby earlier and that Nellie was in labor and that I needed to get there STAT! And so I threw on a jacket and grabbed my wellies and I was gone. I may or may not have gone over the speed limit. If you did not see me, you cannot ticket me. Hahah. :D

In case some of you are already lost ... two of the Stone's goats were preggo, and delivered on a cold Sunday. :)

*Note: I was on extreme-best-friend-Baby-Goat-Midwife call.*
(this year, we added Paulina VERY enthusiastically to that list)

Okay! Now that you are all caught up ... you can see the very excited and prepared and somewhat distracted midwifery and media crew in the birthing area. (Olivia really isn't vain...she was joking) Haha. :D Emily caught Bebe A, and Anna caught Baby B.

A very pregnant momma - Nellie. She is my FAVORITE goat. And very preggo, as you can see. Haha.

Here Emily is offering some molasses to add some iron to Nellie's tummy. Nellie was having none of it. As you can see by her turned head. Oh, and for the record, almost one of the first things I heard about when I got there (winded after running to the goat shed), was how Emily's favorite shirt was not in the best shape and that she was disappointed about that fact. :D I love that girl.

For a quick side-trip, this is Precious' new baby girl - Dori. Short for Adorable. And adorable she IS, ohmyword...if baby goats are not the most sweet and cute things, I don't know what is.

This is tiny little girl - Dori. :) Soft. Leggy. New. Tumbly. Gentle.

Learning where the milk is ... more times than not, she was on the wrong end. :D We just kept laughing ... haha! Most precious little thing, and we are so grateful!

Back to Nellie ... oh, you know... the one who was in labor. Anna says this is Nellie's "Game Face", however, looking back on this ... I think it reads more like: "Your prompting is not helpful at this time". HAhaa!

*Note: I am sparing you all many birthing pictures, due to all the ... birthing ... material, that is SO wondrous and amazing how God created it!, and yet....rather icky when I look back on it later. :) I am giving you viewer's discretion. If you are reeeeaaaaally excited about something like that, you can e-mail me, and I'll send you a picture from last season, where we took pictures of a placenta before one of the mama's ate it. OH! Was that too much information? Sorry. *
(Jean laughs her head off)

Okay. And here - is bebe A!! Little Miss Vally! (short for Valentine)
Oh my word! Welcome, darling little thing!!! Thank you Lord!

Momma licks off her new little one.

Momma Stone helps out with the umbilical cord care. :) You can see how tiny the babies are when they are born! *Quote from Mrs. Stone: "I can't believe that I am wearing my best earrings out here in the goat shed!!"!* Hahaaha!

Wet and quiet until a few moments later, when we heard Bebe's first cry!
Nellie immediately attached herself to her sweet little girl, it was such a tender and wonderful thing to see. :)
AAAAAWWWWWW!!!! Come on, you can't help it!!!
Excitement and adoration. How I love these girls. :) *giggle*

Emily gently holds Bebe Goatie Vally for a bit, while we re-arrange. This is what Vally sounds like: Maleeeehhhhhhhh!!!!! Gosh, it's so adorable sounding! :D

Mama and Baby.

AAAHHH!! Livie and Paulina. Our dearest compatriot in the labor and delivery .... shed. We were SO happy she showed up, and she was able to see the birth of baby B!!!

The truly excited and enthusiastic and giddy crew of ladies that helped bring two little lives into the world. :) We also offered prompting and gentle words of encouragement which really had little meaning because we hadn't really been there, or knew what Nellie was going through. Ahem. But Momma did. And Momma sang. And the baby came. Huzzah!

*Anna is clutching a clean towel. This is important to know*

LOOK!! Baby B! Dear little "Cigi", short for Cigar. You know the saying - "No Cigar!", well, ... there were moments of "no cigar", so Anna had the brilliancy to name the little kid Cigar. But it was a girl. So it is Cigi. HAha. Yes yes....get over it. The girl is stinkin beautiful. The goat. AND my best friend Anna. is LATE, people. Anna did a wonderful job of checking her and doing "post-delivery" things, and it was a beautiful sight to see. There were "aww"'s all around, because she was a dark chocolate baby!
Hmmm. Some birthing material is in this one. Get over it! You should have been there... oh, wee little lassie, ye are welcome to God's green earth!!! *man, is it late, or am I in love with this all this talking about the darlingness of the baby goats?!*
Momma and twinsies!!

One last little shot of the sweet bebe's.
I thank the Lord above for safe deliveries for both, and long and healthy lives for all 3 babies born that day!! What blessings they have already been to me, and what wonderful Valentine's day gifts to the Stone family!!! I cannot wait to see them again, and cuddle their sweet little bodies of soft, maaleeehh-ing-sounding crying, leggy, tiny hearts beating fast, slender and awkward and cuteness of goat babies that they are!!!

Oh, one last thing I must mention ... when they are newborn, ALL their movements physically are over-reacted. So, they are standing there, and they swivel their head one way (SWOOSH!), and then back the other way (ZOOM!), and it just makes you laugh hysterically. In fact, Dori was sneezing, and it was making her all jerky, because she was having a little sneeze fit, it was so funny! Hahahaha! And you will be watching one, and all of a sudden, BAM! they fall down. :)

Truly joy has been brought through these 3 new little lives, and I'm very thankful! Thank you, Stone family, for the phone call and the joyous fun!!! Congratulations! :D

With love and joy,
in our Lord, Whose love never ceases,
Who promises us the day when we will SEE,
it is everything He said that it would be -
~ Jean Marie
Psalm 103


  1. I LOVE theem Jean Marie! I think baby goats are the cutest things in the world... EXCEPT.... My Parakeet....MY Parakeet is the Cutest! {giggles}!

    Come and see her over at my blog, my latest post has dozens of pictures and video clips of her!

    In Christ,


  2. O JM!

    These are goatly profound!
    er..profoundly goatful...
    goatfully profound...

    This soothes the ache of not being there
    in living color, sight, & sound~
    now all I really missed were
    the hugs all around
    in this gaggle of midwives

    I'll tell my friend Julia that these precious little ones
    are worthy of her very best earrings.

    {{* * }}

  3. Wow.

    I've just realized another difference in us, Tacy. Bigger than you liking turnip greens and me thinking they're slimy turtle food.

    I sure as heck would not have been helping with birthing goats.

    Ho, no.

    I would have been inside fixing sandwiches for y'all, far away from the...nastiness.

    p.s. I love how y'all are all dressed so prettily for your less-than-pretty occupation. :)

  4. I loved this post!!!! Those babies are soooooo cute!!!! Thank you for sharing Jean! :)

  5. Oh, how sweet and adorable, Jean Marie! I am so glad you shared these pictures on your blog! I really enjoyed this post! Baby goats are too cute! :)

    Your Sister In Christ,

  6. Seriously...I laughed the WHOLE way through this post! It's so true to how things really went! Glad you finally got to see the birthing dear. I think it was well worth the wait of 3 WHOLE SEASONS!!! :)
    Lovey hugs!

  7. Hi Jean Marie,

    I just wanted to let you know that I found another way to follow your blog!!! YAY! {Your blog has quickly become one of my favorites!}

    HOWEVER, if you would rather me NOT follow you blog, than I will stop following, instintly.

    Please tell me what you think,


    Your loving Sister in Christ,



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