To Cameron -

So there we were.

Sitting at Cracker Barrel on this beautiful August Sunday evening...the sun slowly setting, and the breeze gently blowing. And there I was, all excited that someone was going to play Checkers with me.

Excitement got turned a little down once I realized he had just beat me in about 5 minutes. That's when I resolved that I would pay more attention.


I FAR underestimated the glee that would result of me actually trying hard. Not me....I wasn't filled with glee and vaguely muffled laughter. No. I was sounding like a sputtering, creaky engine.

Meanwhile, Becca rocked nearby, completely unconcerned and unsympathetic, since I had been the one to ask in the first place. What on Earth? Was I really that blind?

Or does his brain just run at a higher speed? Or maybe it is both?

The top picture is when he was skipping like two of my checkers ....
.... and then the bottom picture is from when he let me use the red checkers, which helped me a grand total of ..... 0%. He beat me three times in a row, and in those three games, at least twice he skipped THREE CHECKERS. That's like the Hallmark of Shame for Checker Players. One is bad. Two is shameful. Three is Let Me Use this Puck for a Skeet Shoot.

I whined. pathetically.

He laughed. Gleefully.

and it didn't all end very well.

jk. ;) It ended normally. Hahahahahaha. :D

Moral of this story -
If you want someone to play checkers with you to make you feel good, ask Me.
If you want to play checkers with someone to make you feel stupid, ask Cameron. :)

Dear Cameron -

Even though sometimes I think I could happily dunk your head into the ocean, because you scared me too many times with seaweed or shark sightings and whathaveyou, it's only because you are an awesome little brother. That being said, I will probably dunk you next time we go swimming. If .... you know .... I was actually strong enough to dunk you.

Remember that one time? When we were out on the waves and Becca was up on the shore (shamefully, on the shore. boo), and we saw those dolphins, and we were just pealing out, trying to reach them in time to swim with them? That was so awesome. Thanks for racing with me.

And also probably saving my life about 10x's over or 15x's over, when you pull me out of some nasty rip or thundering wave. Who knew long hair would come in so handy? ;) jk. But seriously - this has been such a wonderful summer. Between countless beach trips and ice cream runs afterwards and digging traps for Becs to fall into (muwahaha) .... and I guess it's been a wonderful year too!

Strawberry Festival, Barberville, dancing, beach, softball practice, jamming ....

Yeah. :D And it's been great to hang out with you! I've seen you a little more grown-up, and a lot more protective. :) It makes me feel safe when I have you flanking me. I had no fear at Strawberry Fest, and neither did Becs or EmilyCase, and that is just how it should be. :) Thank you for being such a kind, respectful gentleman and a protective bodyguard for the ladies.

Speaking of Strawberry Fest. how awesome is this sunset picture of us? Every time you got on one of those crazy (coughstupidcough) rides, I was like "nice knowing you!"! That was such an Epic Beyond Proportions Day. :D I don't think we ever stopped laughing. :D

Oh, except .... you know. That one part. WHEN I ALMOST DIED ON THE CRAZY MOUSE RIDE. You know why they named it that? Because they knew I'd have to be CRAZY to RIDE IT. Boy, that was like the worst mistake of the year. Gave my heart a run for its life. I remember you were laughing and then trying to be compassionate "Jean, it's okay. you are not going to die. *muffled laughter* Really, Jean. Open your eyes. Don't forget to breathe." and I'm thinking "THIS WAS SO STUPID", and I'm cutting all the circulation out of EmilyCase's arm as I whimper in panic.

I like the Caterpillar Ride and the Merry Go Round, thankyouverymuch. ;)

But seriously - I've loved hanging out with you.

Especially on one of the most special nights of my life. Rollout of SS Atlantis.
I'm so glad that you all were the extremely happy family to be there with us. We are so blessed.

Blessed by God, and lead in His joy. I hope this next year is just as awesome, Cam. :)

Happy 16th birthday, Cameron!!!!! :D

I know you don't like to be made a big deal of, but hey, it's your birthday.
And I'm your big sister (sort of), so I get bragging rights. :)
Just remember this the next time that we play Checkers .... actually .... remember my wrath, because if you let me win, I will .... will .... well. I'm sure I'll think of something I can pull off. ;)
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. Lucy Mae ADORES you. She says Happy Birthday. ;)

Leave a happy birthday comment for Cameron! :D


  1. Oh my little brother..... (I can't even call him my little brother anymore, he's got 6 inches on me. A lot taller than that last picture.) Can't really believe he is 16.

    We didn't stop laughing through this post. Brought back some hilarious memories. The three of us have had epic times.Most of them Cam has been embarrassed of us, but I think he is starting getting used to it. "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!"
    We can maybe try to dunk him next time.

    Well the Foster house definitely loved this post.
    Thanks darling, this was very sweet.
    We all love you( And Lucy Mae) so much.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Those pictures of y'all playing checkers are really neat!!

    I gave you "One Lovely Blog Award" on my blog yesterday! You can see it here...

    Many Blessings!

  3. Happy Birthday (a little late...I do not get on the computer every day) to Cameron!!!!!!!!!! We love you and are so thankful to know you and your sweet family. You are indeed a special young guy!
    Mrs. Fambrough

  4. Thanks for the b-day post jean!

    lol I didn't even know u had those pics!!!



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