Saturday, September 24, 2011

1 in 3,200 -

That's the statistic for getting hit by a 300 lb. piece of dead satellite hurtling down to Earth tonight from the 6 ton total satellite. One in 3,200 of a chance. And it came down in 1 hour. :)

So I stayed up to see where it plunked down. Or where the huge swath is where the pieces came down. :)

This is what I just read on NASA twitter:

"It's possible that #UARS is down by now. (Everybody OK out there?) We're waiting for confirmation from US Strategic Command."

and then just a minute ago, it reads:

"The U.S. is very safe from #UARS. It's final orbit did not cross the United States."

To which I only respond with "drat." because how awesome would it be to have a piece of space satellite fall in your backyard. I was gearing up for it. Getting to call NASA and be like "Hey, yeah. I have a piece of UARS in my backyard. Can I snap a piece off and someone can autograph it? Please?"

:) All I know is that I burst into the hugest grin when I read that first tweet. Yes, NASA. We are all fine, thank you for checking in with the world. :)

I love NASA.

Guess we can all sleep knowing we aren't dying by satellite strike tonight. *sigh*
What a way to go to see Jesus. Walk outside. Get hit by a satellite. BAM. In Heaven. :)
Much love to you all, and to all a good satellite-less-sleep,
~ Jean Marie ~


Jenna said...

I suppose it would be neat to have a *small* piece of satellite land in your backyard... As long as it was small, and not too big!! :)

Love Ya,

The T. Sisters said...

We too heard about it here in Australia, and Mum was "threatening" to keep us all inside till any danger of falling debri was over! :-)
I have enjoyed reading your blog - you have such a fun and lovely way of writing! :-)
God bless! Love Grace

Shannon said...

Yes, that would be an interesting way to meet the Lord... :)

In Christ,