1 in 3,200 -

That's the statistic for getting hit by a 300 lb. piece of dead satellite hurtling down to Earth tonight from the 6 ton total satellite. One in 3,200 of a chance. And it came down in 1 hour. :)

So I stayed up to see where it plunked down. Or where the huge swath is where the pieces came down. :)

This is what I just read on NASA twitter:

"It's possible that #UARS is down by now. (Everybody OK out there?) We're waiting for confirmation from US Strategic Command."

and then just a minute ago, it reads:

"The U.S. is very safe from #UARS. It's final orbit did not cross the United States."

To which I only respond with "drat." because how awesome would it be to have a piece of space satellite fall in your backyard. I was gearing up for it. Getting to call NASA and be like "Hey, yeah. I have a piece of UARS in my backyard. Can I snap a piece off and someone can autograph it? Please?"

:) All I know is that I burst into the hugest grin when I read that first tweet. Yes, NASA. We are all fine, thank you for checking in with the world. :)

I love NASA.

Guess we can all sleep knowing we aren't dying by satellite strike tonight. *sigh*
What a way to go to see Jesus. Walk outside. Get hit by a satellite. BAM. In Heaven. :)
Much love to you all, and to all a good satellite-less-sleep,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. I suppose it would be neat to have a *small* piece of satellite land in your backyard... As long as it was small, and not too big!! :)

    Love Ya,

  2. We too heard about it here in Australia, and Mum was "threatening" to keep us all inside till any danger of falling debri was over! :-)
    I have enjoyed reading your blog - you have such a fun and lovely way of writing! :-)
    God bless! Love Grace

  3. Yes, that would be an interesting way to meet the Lord... :)

    In Christ,


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