The Skydiving One -


sniff! ok. sniff!

I just had to get that out there. I've been sorting pictures and watching videos and I'm laughing too much to even blog seriously now. Which may or may not be a good thing. *snicker*

So at Tricia's wedding shower, I met the much-talked-about-and-described Becca Farewell. EmilyCase was like "C'mere. You have to meet Becca.", and I was like "oh boy, it's gonna be horrible if we don't get along" and yeah. About 4 minutes later, something happened in the room, EmilyCase turned to me with the Train Mouse face and any seriousness I had was GONE for the rest of the night. I burst out laughing (as I always do) and Becca was like "what was that!?". And then she had to make the face too, and then we were cracking up.

I told Becca "Well, I'm not sure if it's good or not, but I pretty much in 5 minutes showed all of real Jean Marie to a total stranger."! :D Suffice it to say - we hit it off. Really well. Hysterically well. :)

In case you forgot, or didn't know - Becca is EmilyCase's sister-in-law's sister in law. So: Becca is Tricia's sister-in-law, because Becca's brother married Tricia's sister, and EmilyCase is Tricia's sister-in-law, and so that makes them all family. kk? Got it? Good.

Fast forward to Tricia and Cody's Wedding Celebration. So of course, as I always do, I tell my family about such and such a person, and they nod, and try to understand why I'm so happy and hysterical over just saying one sentence. Well. They understood a little better after meeting her. She is so joyful and cheerful and awesome. So I got her hand and dragged her over to my family (are we seeing a trend here?) and pulled her up in front of my family and was like "THIS IS BECCA! The Skydiving one!!!". And then I think I remembered to introduce everyone else. and then I have no idea what I said after that....but the important part is that I laughed so much, sooo muuuch that night that I was probably one of the laughed-out-people there. ;)

ooh ooh wait! One more thing .... So there we were, in the pitch black, and I'm leaning back, looking at the stars (the stars shine brighter in Frostproof than they do at my house), and all of a sudden, I yell out "SPACE STATION!!!!!" pointing up. Well, due to where we were, everyone just sort of looked at me first, and then the sky .... I think yeah.... I was the most excited. But it so brilliantly streamed through the stars! So bright and steady. ;)

which brings me to another time....when....ok. I gotta stop. Or this is gonna be 9 pages long.

I'm just gonna say what I wanna say ... and that is -

I really pretty much adore all around spending ANY AMOUNT of time with Becca. For REAL.
(all these pictures were taken at FPEA 2011 on our small little break from working)

Her brother is a downright amazing amazing photographer, and so....yeah. I kept saying "I'm not Eric!" *click* and she'd be like "I know! let me see!!!" haha. ;)

But yes. She's gorgeouuuuuuussss, and also - she swing dances. Like super well.

and I really really really really .... really. like being around her. and talking to her. and making Train Mouse faces. and laughing at nothing. and making her dancing super hard because I have no idea what she's doing. and eating food with her. and laughing really hard because I just introduced myself to her brother in a totally-awesome-way only Jean can do well. (another story, for another time) Ooh! and I looooooovveeee that sleepover night where we basically fell asleep from sheer exhaustion from Barberville and then walked on the beach for all of 15 minutes. Why? Because I laughed so much I felt like I couldn't laugh any more.

She is one of the most fun people to be around EVER.

and then she went all Farewell on me, and took the camera and made me sit and smile.
(and yes, I realize my hair looks really long here and also that I can't stop smiling) :D

So there we were, at the Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee, and Becca got this was this Banana Split Caramel Ice Cream Whipped Cream thing .... and it was like the most amazing Banana thing I've ever put in my mouth. And it was like SUGAR HIIIIGH. hahahahahaha!

See what I mean? NOMS Noms noms. I know. she's so cute.

I have ice cream on my chin, but she's so adorable, I don't even care. Not that she cared either, I think I was giggling here, and we were watching the baby gators hiss at each other for being in their swim space. I'm pretty sure I was laughing here. like always. hahahaha. :D

.... and I'm re-reading this, and realizing how disjointed and crazaay this post is, and ... I don't really care. ;D I just love .... that it's so easy to smile and be joyful when I think about Becca.

She brings such light into my life, and since we got pretty close in about umm ... 6 months, I can't wait for the next 6 months. It should be full of more gasping laughter and really sweet joys. :) Can't wait to be even closer and better friends. :)

And she's crazy full of life and loving it. So I mentioned that she skydives. yes. Today is her 100th jump. And she's also a birth doula. yes. and she also swing dances. yes. and probably does everything else just as excitedly .... HAAHHA. and today she is 19!!!!

I praise God and thank Him every time I think of the glorious way He has made you, Becca.
As the Bowens say ... "Thank you for being awesome." :) I love you Train Mouse Becca!!!
Happy birthday to you!!! Thanks for sharing life with me. :) I pray God's abundant and richest mercies and blessings upon you, this year and always. :)
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. I walked up to her Mama and gave her a huge hug, and was like "I'm Jean Marie!", and she was like "Oh! the Crazy One!"! and I was like "I'm going to kill Becca.". And then I smoothly was like "yes. that is me. Well, actually, I'm only crazy when I'm with Becca. Or EmilyCase. Or Tricia. Or....ok. yeah. I guess I am." ;)

Everyone always laughs when I repeat that story. I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended. I'm going with flattered. Hahahahah. Becca said it was a good thing, coming from her Mama. Man, I hope I can do FPEA again next year. ;)

Leave a happy birthday comment for Becca!!! :D

P.P.S. I don't think I've ever laughed so much writing a birthday post. Too many awesome memories. ;)

Psssst. Best friend pictures of EmilyCase and Becca on her blog!! and the amazing story of how they all met! My favorite sentence: "Joseph was Cody's age, Becca was my age, and their little brother James was just awesome." HAhaha. So true.


  1. Jean Marie,

    You bring such joy to my heart... This post put a big smile on my face, due to all the happiness in it!
    I pray that Becca has a very blessed 19th birthday. She IS a very sweet young lady!

    Many Blessings,

    P.S. Wow, 100 jumps?!?! :)

  2. Happy birthday Becca!!!!!!!!!!
    Mrs. Fambrough (aka, Jean Marie's Mother)

  3. Thank you so much!!! This post made my day... I love and miss you so very much, and this blog made me squeal with laughter too. ;) <3

  4. Goodness...and now I'm craving that cup of ice cream Heaven again!!!!!!!! Jean Marie, I miss you.


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