Gweenwiffle & Tree Bokeh -

Due to the interesting title, you might be confused. That's okay. Few people understand the brilliancy of my mind. And I'm good with that. I steam along ahead, laughing hysterically at basically nothing .... like myself. And others. (cough) and have a wonderful time with life. :)

Basically, this is a whole lot of nothing that I wanted to share anyways. Yup. It happens a lot. ;)

Yesterday I returned from running errands, and I stepped out of the car to see a grasshopper. It was GREEN. Not one of those nasty yellow and black ones that make me recoil and shriek and look around for The Poison Spray Can that I spray on so thick, it looks like it just snowed in only a 2inch radius in the middle of the Sub-Tropics.

No, this grasshopper was GREEN. and so I happily trundled off inside to announce the green grasshopper's arrival, and that as a photographer, I was going outside. "And don't let Lucy Mae out", I added....because you can imagine what that would have been like -
Lucy Mae: *TOY!* "CRUNCH"
Me: *shrieking* "NOOOOOOO. EEEWW"
Lucy Mae: *dropping it and spitting out pieces*
Me: *disgusted beyond belief*

yeah - EW. Thankfully, none of that happened. Ya'll just took that side trip because imagining things like that just make everyone shudder. Are you shuddering? I am. Bleh!

So I named him Greenwiffle. Why? Because I didn't want to use a real name when describing a grasshopper (ew), and because the more I looked at him, the more British Children Fiction he seemed. Plus, I knew he was seeing me in like 1,000 different picture pixels and that made my head spin. So I named him Greenwiffle. He also walked kinda' .... wobbly, wiffley. hahaha.

This is Greenwiffle Grasshopper. Greenwiffle decided to take a stroll on a late afternoon in September, upon the Florida Asphalt, under the gaze of the Curious and UnAffectionate Curator of Said Asphalt. Greenwiffle was ... well ... miffed at the company, to say the least.

The Curator didn't care that Greewiffle was miffed and didn't like fingers coming in going "BEEEP. hahah. BEEEEP" at him, to make him move. Greenwiffle thought he would go another route around the annoying Curator.

and that is how Greenwiffle found himself nervously standing next to the Curator's gigantic Automobile Car on a September afternoon. Greenwiffle was understandably nervous. Which is why it was a dumb move for Greenwiffle to start moving TOWARD the Curator instead of AWAY. What Greenwiffle saw next scared him enough to turn around after a foot of walking.

He had seen the Curator of the Florida Asphalt's face.
The "Come one step closer to me and I will kill you with a shovel and you will be flatter than a penny that just got run over by 19 semi-trailers" Face.
(Before you think that this is an adorable picture because of the color, I have to tell you that I edited that way because some of the skin was scrunched into a different COLOR. People, this is why editing is great. So the nice coloring is so that my face is all one color. *laugh* yep)

And that is how Greenwiffle decided to walk in the high plains of grass instead. The End.

Oh and Greenwiffle's friend was no less enjoyable. Mr. Bruno decided to FLY by The Curator, making her shriek and scream "IT FLIES!! AAAH"!! aloud. And that was the end of THAT.

Friends, I just love Florida in these days....there's this special sunset light at the end of Summer. And sitting on my driveway is my favorite activity. The warm breezes blow the Chinese Tallow trees that line our driveway. They are starting to turn fall colors of red, yellow and brown and are drifting down occasionally. What I love though is this - the shadow bokeh on the cement. The tree reflections that flutter and move, splaying light all over. I adore it.

See? (and yes, I know I need more beach. ;) )

I mean - look. This is the Green Tree Bokeh right now. Imagine it in the Fall. *swoon*

You might be wondering about the bottom picture in that set. Well you know that part in your Camera Manual where it says "Do not look through the viewfinder when looking at the sun, because it may damage your eyesight?". If you are like me, you totally shrugged that off for the last 3 years of your life. HAHA. You were like - "not when it's a short time.".

Yeah, well. I have a Nikon d90 now. And trying to capture sunflare for about 20 seconds straight made me re-think that Manual Warning. I think I sunburnt my eye. I think they may be on to something.....

And this is what happens when Lucy Mae gets frustrated with the magazine because she can't find any clothes that she likes.

~ This next part written to our Irish Princess in England ~

Dearest Sadie Beth, yesterday I went out and mailed your birthday package to England.
If it doesn't arrive in a week, I will personally invade some unknown island in the Atlantic that stole my birthday present and yours as well, and demand them back.
*As in demand them back with Southern Grace and Southern Accent*
However, I'm pretty sure that you will receive this package. Why? Because I used SO MUCH TAPE to close it up that it would take Jack Bauer to open it up. Jack Bauer and a serious knife.
Yes. It's true. I taped it and taped it and taped it.
It had BETTER ARRIVE just like I sent it, or I'm going to start using -

The New Fambrough Shipping Implement Ideas:
Mine: Hiring a helicopter to personally make the drop in your backyard. Or a boat.
Dad's: Buying a gator and having the gator swim the Atlantic and deliver it.
Personally, of course. ;D That'll be a real thrill.
Kimberly's: By Stork!! (not that we believe in Storks. for babies. just real ones)

Yeah. I'd like to see anyone steal this. Just try me, people. Try me. ;)

And that's the start of my September. Ya'll have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!
Thanks for laughing along with me about the little stuff. ;)
Love you. ;)
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Jean Marie...

    How delightful it is to read your cheerful words! To laugh along with you as you cherish the joys simplicity of life! {I agree with you too, those red and yellow and black grasshopers.... ew! I would prefer a green one... :)}

    I can not belive that it is Semptember! I also love the sunlight at the end of the end... so peaceful!

    Many Blessings!


  2. You're so cute. ;) That IS an adorable picture of you EVEN THOUGH you had to fix the coloring! =)

    I will learn from your sunburnt eye and heed the Manual Warning. Sunburned eye. OUCH.

    I love you... Jemmie. ;) (I don't know where you got that from, but I like it! ;) )

    Have a LOVELY weekend! =)

  3. Lol about the sun flare thing. :-) My suggestion...use live view when you want to get the sun in your picture. :-) Yeah, I LOVE the D90. I've got one too :-)

  4. Dearest Jean Marie,

    Oh, how I love reading your posts... They are filled with such joy and humor, and bring a big smile to my face!
    Your green friend is quite adorable, and I thank you for sharing photos!
    It has been beautiful here in Florida, and I am greatly looking forward to the Fall!
    May the Lord bless you, sweet friend!

    Your Little Sister In Christ,

  5. Oh, do, do implement those Fambrough Shipping Ideas!

    Looking forward to receiving your package! (And hoping I can open it when it does arrive :-D)

    Thank you, dear friend!

    Sadie Beth x


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