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** Neatness alert: The judges votes are in, and they narrowed down the photos to the top 138 that they liked. :) Aaaaand we are number 129. Which is just beyond exciting and totally makes my day that much more happy. :) So now it is the people's turn to vote. You have from the time when you read this blog to Friday afternoon to vote. And you totally don't have to vote for me, or Tricia, haha. ;) But it's really fun! And no. I'm not going to vote for myself. haha. So go vote! Here! And thanks to the judges for liking my photo!!**

This face right here has been a much-beloved friend this past summer of 2011. :) I took this adorable shot of her at my 23rd birthday sleepover in late June. We'd just come back from the beach, and were standing outside in the coming rainstorm-weather, and I caught her eye. :)

Little did I know that at the time, she was pregnant with her and her husband's first child, and they hadn't told anyone yet. :) Her husband is a fireman, so when he is on shift, we spend time Skyping. Sooo much laughter and late nights and sharing what God has promised, and so much special time. :) Who knew that less than a year would make us best friends? :)

I love you so much, Tricia. You make my heart so glad. :) Thank you for being so awesome.
P.S. You are one adorable little wifey and mama-to-be. Cody is blessed.
~ Jean Marie ~

This week is a People's Choice week at I:heart:faces, for a Summer 2011 Face Photo, so if you want, click on over and vote! :) There are some amazing entries, like always!
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  1. So cute! I love that smile.

  2. How sweet! She is such a lovely wife and, like you said, soon to be mother!

    In Christ,

  3. She loks so sweet in that shot! I love her smile!


  4. That smile is the sweetest! ...and I love the use of light and dark in the background to echo her hair and skin tones...pretty!


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