To Gabi -

I am so so so blessed.

What? You wanted a reason why? oh, hmm...I have several for you, I suppose ....

I have such wonderful, caring, loving brothers and sisters in Christ!! :) God has very much blessed me in that department .... and one of the guys in our "gang" is Gabi. :)

He's really Gabriel Acevedo, (yes, Lydsie's little bro), but due to GabeBraddahLynn, it's simply impossible to be laughing at one, and yelling at the other on the same chat on the internet and not get everyone aaaaaall confuzzled. NOT to mention yelling across Barberville for "Gabe!" gets two guys swiveling around .... so Gabi is much easier. ;)

I tell you what is also easy ... being friends with him. He's one of the most open, welcoming, down-to-earth, easy-going, laid-back dudes I know. :D He's also incredibly fun to be around and do nothing with .... not that we don't do anything, we usually are spending time screaming around a speed track or soaking everyone in a 1/2 mile radius on a canoe trip, or dancing at Barberville. Goodness, the good times we've been blessed with!! Can I get a "YEAH!"?

He believes in God, Family, Country, and I do mean Country. He's True Wetland FL Cowboy. He's the guy who laughs at the Yankees sayin' FL isn't Southern. Oooh yes. He's a gentleman that doesn't stand for anything less than ultimate protection and respect for the ladies. Trust me, I've been on the protected side! :) He's also an awesome dancer, and can SPIN you on that wooden floor. Is he crazy awesome or WHAT. Seriously.

... and I'm barely telling you anything ... He knows Country music and he and his bro, Obi, have a band that plays awesome music, and they kin RENDER, ya'll. They are makin' their first CD, check out their website heah ... yes, yes, shameless plug. ;)

But I know the thing I love the next best to hearin' "Big Sis!" and getting a huge cowboy hug is the way that Gabi encourages me and our friends on a continual basis. Man, on our huge-long-extended-crazay threads on FB, he is like the ray of Sunshine that won't go out. haha. :) He is just so darn encouraging and uplifting sometimes you wonder why on earth you were sad in the first place! He'll tell you God is in control, and that He has great things in store, and when you are having a really, really bad day, he'll feel sorry for you and listen, and offer advice, and if the advice didn't turn out, he'll laugh and then try again. ;)

You need prayer, these friends on this thread, and especially the Acevedo boys will have your back. Wow, do you know how special that is?

Gabi, thank you so much for being one of the most awesome, incredible, special, kind, protective, gentlemanly, caring, all-around-great guy and little bro's EVER. :D

Happy 20th year to you, and God's great blessings upon you, Gabi ... Happy Birthday!

I love ya'.
~ Big Sister ~

P.S. If you know Gabi, you are most likely sittin' there yellin' "YEAH!" or "AMEN!", because you know I'm not just sayin' this stuff - it's true! :) Leave a Happy Birthday comment for him!


  1. You did the best words can do, Jean. But words just don't make it do they? They can't possibly describe just how awesome and special Gabi is and how much he means to his adopted sisters.
    It's def an honor to be called sis by him. :''''')
    Love n miss ya, bro. Have a mind-blowing awesome year, hope it takes you closer to God and those around you, and hope all your tears are those of joy and not of sorrow.

    (love n miss you too, Cat!!!!)

  2. Happy Birthday, Gabe!!!! :D
    Hope your birthday was fantastic and blessed!

    I don't believe we've ever actually met, but I know I've seen you up at Barberville! :)

  3. "YEAH!" and "AMEN!"
    Seriously, though. It's all so true.

    Happy happy happy birthday, bro!!!

    p.s. Congrats on leaving teenagedom! :P

  4. Hope that you had a wonderful Birthday Gabe!!!!

    {Oh, and lovely backround Jean Marie... so vinatge!}

    In Christ,


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