Closing the distance -

From a distance is the IHF challenge this week. I just love entering these challenges! It really stretches my mind, and my thinking about the next time I go shooting ... bring uniqueness to what you are capturing! Bring yourself and uniqueness and then you'll love it even more. ;)

This picture was taken on a beautiful beautiful November Sunday morning, my dearest friend Lauren was walking towards me after church and the sun was spilling through the columns, creating shadows on the stones, and dancing her own shadow past the other columns.

It just seemed like the perfect time to take a picture, and so I did. :) She is so tiny in that archway, and beside those huge columns .... she's such a dear, precious friend to have!

Something else I love about this ... her blog name has the name "pillar" in it, and her header has columns as the picture! :) So neat. I love you, Lauren!! :)

Enjoy this weeks' entries over at I:heart:faces...they have some doozies!! :D So awesome.
With love and thank you for stopping in!
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. The pillars are as beautiful as the subject!

  2. Lovely picture!--mcd

  3. haha I remember that day... That's a great shot. Thanks for posting it, Jean!

    It was good to see ya'll on Sunday. We need to get together again soon. Really soon.... :)


  4. That is an awesome shot. Love all the light and shadows created. Nice job!!!
    ~Laurel Butler

  5. Beautiful BW with a touch of drama over it.

    Erika B

  6. That is a lovely photo, so beautiful and dramatic. The black and white adds a whole new element to the picture.

    Have a wonderful day! xxxx~Kelsey


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