Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sometimes she saves me -

As silly or dramatic or as unrealistic as it sounds .... sometimes in the mornings when I awaken from the sound of crying in my nightmares .... I can feel her little self pressed against me in warmth, eager for a hello and a kiss .... I can feel calmness settle upon my soul.

and when I really awake to the morning's light and her kisses draw the giggles out from locked boxes, and I realize that it was me - laughing, I realize ....

Sometimes she saves me.

I look at her and see God's gift of joy.
Mama loves you, Lucy Mae.
~ Jean Marie ~


Holly Lou said...

I love when you get goin' about Lucy Mae! It's so sweet! Cute video - she reminds me so much of my dog, Maggie!

Hope you are doing good!

Holly Lou

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she brings you so much joy, Jean! Love, mcd :)