The Little Things Day 5 -

HI. :)

first ... the Secret photo ....
A very good clue. Becs knows what this is. ;) And I will tell you what the project is ... tomorrow!
(um, heh heh. Next week)

So today did not start off well. Actually, this morning was horrible. I was actually dizzy and disoriented somewhat this morning, and my leg was hurting quite a bit. I woke up out of nightmares in terror and then walked around the house trying to get ready to leave to go to Palm Coast with the family, but the nightmares wouldn't go away. I could barely eat, it was so bad. :/ I later realized this was the sort of gut feeling prompting that the Holy Spirit induces that reminds me to pray and pray now, but because it was only for 30 mins, I wasn't realizing it yet.

Then I got on FB, and read that our friend's dog had died that morning. And *clink* the pieces fell together. This dog and Mopsie had been best friends once, and the family loved that dog. Please do be in prayer for them.

So add that and everything else together, and all I wanted to do was turn off my brain. ;)

God's sweet grace allowed Paulina to stop by (and where was my camera?) and she brought me my favorite chocolate bars to make my leg feel better. Now if that isn't a bestfriend sort of thing, I don't know what is. Plus, I hadn't seen her in weeks, so it was wonderful to see her.
I love you, Paulina!!!! :D

Thankfully though, after that ... the day got much better. Especially after I took painkillers at 3:30, and after I drank some coffee, and after I hugged Lauren and got to take pictures with her outside. Yes, the day was much much much better after that, and it turned out to be a lovely evening. :) She gave me my early birthday present (after I told her 30 times I wanted to wait to open it), and I read her card and cried. It was just the last straw to me holding in the tears of the day. :) Not to mention, it was a very special card and present. aaand I'm losing it. *sniff* I'm so tired.

However, I am exhausted in every part of me, and tomorrow is a special day, and it's also going to be busy, which is why I just put together some of the "little" shots from today, and left out majorly most of our time with the Hope's and our special dinner out. That will be in tomorrow's slideshow. Ok? :) Okay. This week has been fun, but it's stretching me a little. O.O

Or maybe that's just my leg that is still bummed out. I want crutches.
*throws minor pity party for self*

In Christ's abounding grace, with love,
~ Jean Marie ~

~ P.S. I talked to EmilyCase today, and we exchanged lovelies comments, and on that note, here is her 5th day post for the project. Ta- DA! Celtic Thunder + Bokeh, she must love me or something. ;) jk.

~ 2nd P.S. We got some rain today! Palm Coast and Flagler and Ormond got more than we did though ... but it was great getting the amount we did! We are very thankful for it.