O-town in June -

Today was an Orlando doctor day. ;) Dad had an appointment, so he took off work, and Mom and I needed the chiropractor, so we started off early, and set off across the dry wetlands for O-town. It turned out to be a fun, special, normal-awesome kind of day. :) Welcome June and Summer ....

Here's a quote of how some of the day went .... you can catch the laughing mood. ;D

At the Chiropractor's office (family Chiro. doctor for years)

Dr. to Mom : "So how are you doing today?"
Mom: "I have a mild headache and I'm not sleeping."
Me: "You're not? You didn't tell me that this morning, you said you were feeling off!"
Mom: "I'm feeling off."
Dr.: "Ok."
Mom: "I didn't sleep until 2am...."
Me: "I didn't sleep until 1am and then I slept for 4 hours. Before (the last appt.) I slept like a rock, but now I'm sleeping like .......... a hypertensive bird!!"

* Mom and Jean M. burst into laughter *

Dr. (totally used to this & my metaphors): "Okay ... "
Mom: "Aren't you glad we came and brought laughter with us?"
Dr: "...... yeeessss....." *laughs*

~ Dr. leaves and lets us rest ~

*Mom's cellphone goes off on low, but nevertheless a very very audible song ringtone*

*Mom and Jean M. start laughing again*

Mom: "It rings a loooonnng time...."
Me: *groan*

*cellphone bings as call ends*

Me: "Oh nooo ... now it's going to go to voicemail!"
Mom: "it takes a little bit, maybe it won't ring"
Me: "Waaaaiiiit for iiiiiit .... waaaaaiiiittt for it."

*Voicemail ringtone bursts into the silence in fully party island song*

Mom: "It's kinda' cheerful! Doot, doodle dooo!!"
Me: "It's a party! 'Cept it'd be party on an island like Maui and not stuck HERE."

*cell phone shuts off after forever*

*Dr. walks in just as it shuts off and Mom and I burst into laughter all over again*

Here's the slideshow of the day .... I took a break from ART, and just shot whatever I wanted! I can't tell you how good of a break that is sometimes....just stop thinking and SHOOT. This works when you are holding a camera, but not a gun .... just for the record books. ;)


Another little glimpse of today .... we are heading home, Mom is driving, Dad is co-pilot and I am ... in the back. Drinking my peach-raspberry swate tae and thinking I need an IV of liquid gold into my veins of the stuff. SOOO goooood!!! Wait, where was I? oh yeah ... so we are listening to The Beach Boys, and the song "Barbara Ann" is on -

Dad: "You know, that's actually a hard song to sing...."
Mom: "Really? I can sing it!!"

*Mom and Jean M. burst into song simultaneously*

"Baaaarbaraaaa AAAAAANNNNN pleeeease take MY HAAAAAND, Barbara AAANNNN!!!
You got me rockin' and a-rollin', Rockin' and a-reelin', Barbara AAANNN!!!"

*Mom and Jean M. burst into laughter for the umpteenth time that day, and Dad is probably thinking that the Swate Tae has taken over finally*

aaaaaaaand that's what our day was like. A wonderful time was had by all. :D Hahaha...
Much love to you and yours!
~ Jean Marie ~


    I can't even count how many times ive been with you guys and I haven't been able catch my breath I'm laughing so hard. Oh my I love all the road trips we've made.
    You guys are definitely treasures in my family's life!

    Love to all of you lovely people!
    Yes, I failed the challenge. I laughed through the post!
    ~Cupcake smasha'

  2. I utterly enjoyed your slideshow. Sometimes shooting whatever suits your fancy is so much better than worrying about whether or not the photo is "beautiful" or "artistic" :) I'm sure there are many times when I should've posted a picture of something or someone I love, but I didn't because I wasn't impressed with it or I was embarrassed by it... well shame on me! Good reminder to enjoy the little things in life. My journal is filled up with the little things in life, why not my pictures too?

    Love you much,

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! Laughed soo hard!! mostly because I read through it going, how can this girl' family be sooooo much like mine??!! "WAAAIIITTT for it, WAAAAAAIIIIITTTT for it" And " a wonderful time was had by all" We say those exact same things!!! next time your in town we should go get somecoffe, or you could come over for icecream??!! Lovers yoooouuuu!


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