The Little Things Day 4 -

Hey ya'll. ;D Well, good news and bad news.

Good news is - Joseph, Dad and I had a wonderful day together at the conference, and spent all our time oohing and ahhing and eating candy and laughing and talking Tech stuff and generally having an awesome time being together the 3 of us.

Bad news is - my leg did not hold up as planned. By 2pm, my painkillers had worn off from the morning take, and at lunch I took 2 more, and they did nothing. Lets just say that trying to lift your foot 1ft. off the floor and not succeeding, and instead almost succeeding in doing a faceplant is not helpful. Dad and Joseph were very kind and walked slower than usual for me, and gave me much sympathy, but let me just say honestly....when 5pm came, and the show closed down, I was in some serious pain. This tendon or whatever did not like 2 days of solid walking and standing on it. By the time we got to the car, I was seeing black spots and guzzling water and stole the ice pack out of the ice chest to ice my leg on the way to dinner. ;)

Good news is also that .... I still enjoyed the day. ;) And also good news - Joseph has seen me tired and out of it before, so he wasn't offended when I got quiet and totally out of it this time. Hahah! All in all, even with the pain, it was a great great day, and I'm so glad I went.

I just wish I could have stolen a pair of crutches to use. :/

So here's my secret photo for today - any guesses as to how this all adds up? :D I'll reveal it at the end of the week what I've been up to ... maybe I'll even have the project finished! :)

Oh and Yes! I took pictures inside! I was not arrested today either, thankfully, since I was not in the mood today for arresting. I took some, but as the day wore on, and the painkillers wore off, it simply caused too much stress to hold my camera and also have my bag over a shoulder, not giving enough support to actually lift my right leg more than a few inches off the floor.

Does that sound pathetic or what? seriously. and I even have a high pain tolerance.

So here is the video from today! :D I hope you love it. I love Yo-Yo Ma music, btw. :)

Oh, and Joseph, we are SO GLAD that you came with us! We had triple the fun with you along. :) Thanks for spending the day with us!!

~ HERE is EmilyCase's Day 4- I just love LOOOOVE her pictures. She has a great eye for detail! Well, two of them, if you count the other eye. Fine. She has two great eyes. for detail. and also for looking at. and.....I'm so so so tired of this explanation now. It's over. ~

~ Press Release in which I personally respond to comments ~

*MaKenna - Thank you, darling .... I go to the City Beautiful about once every 2 weeks, and I even get tired of looking at the same things, but then I take a picture of it, and viola! new view! :) I suppose I would love anything teal, so perhaps that's a bit of biased-ness of those hand rails. *

*Sereina - I don't think I've ever thanked you for reading or for leaving comments - thank you so much! I love hearing your feedback. :) Yes, one of these days, I will put music that completely does not go with the pictures, and everyone will wonder what on earth has possibly happened to normality on the blog. Wait. Has it ever been normal? ;) I enjoy making the slideshows, and I'm getting .... fast (er) at it.

My lens is a 35mm 1.8, and I ADORE IT. Never take it off, in fact. Unless I need to take a picture of a shuttle launch or something. But it's a fabulous piece of glass. Seriously awesome. Thanks for asking!*

~ Press release is over. ~

One more thing - when Dad and I drove over this AM, we drove through smoke in the same area AGAIN, and I was amazed at how quickly my stomach flipped from fine to awful in minutes. I suppose maybe it's just all those bad memories trigger a physical reaction, even if I'm not worried or anxious. I talked to Dad in great detail about all the articles and research I had done the night before, talking about graphs, charts, maps and soil dryness and parallels of the 1998 fires and on and on. (you get the picture), and right then and there Dad said "Let's pray a minute", and so I closed my eyes and he did NOT close his (he was driving) ;) ....

and then he prayed specifically for Mr. Case and Cody and also the other firefighters. He prayed for about 5 minutes, and I thought about how wonderful and tenderhearted my Dad is.

I am so blessed. I love you Daddy!
... and that was my day. :)
With love,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Yes, Jean, I would agree that "tender-hearted" is a genuine fruit of God's Spirit very visible in your dad.--mcd

  2. Sorry you were in pain :/ Hope you're doing better!

    Looks like a very fun day! Canon and bokeh pictures back to back - you were thinking of me, weren't you... ;D (jk)

    That is very sweet of you Dad, please thank him for us! We are so blessed to have praying friends!

  3. I loved getting to see all those pictures! It was fun to watch your video after hearing all about the day from Joseph! :)

    Love you! Thanks for posting...


  4. Looks like ya'll had fun! I hope your leg gets better!!

    Many Blessings,

    P.S. What kind of camera do you use?


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