Saturday, April 16, 2011

We're in Overload -

.... from all the fun we are having. Just thought we'd let you know. ;)
~ Jean Marie ~

p.s. for once in my lifetime, my sister out-danced me and out-did me tonight as she frolicked the night away. ;) Way to go, sweet stuff....I'm proud of you, and thankful for you. loveys. ~ JM
(thanks to EmilyCase for capturing a few photos of us in the deepening dusk light!)
we love you. :)


Becca Elizabeth said...

I almost could've danced all night...
Laughed all night...
Epicness overload is nearing though...... *crash*

Yesterday, all day, was lovely. *sigh* (thinking about happy memories.)

Can't wait to see the pretty pictures all edited up.
Loves you so very much.

Jenna said...

How sweet! I had such a wonderful time yesterday, and was so happy to see you! :)

Many Blessings,

Shannon said...

It was such a sweet time yesturday.... fellowship, dancing, and the list could go on. It was wonderful visiting with you and your dear family!

In Christ,

Sarah said...

Yay Kim! :-)

Sweet picture :-)

Love to you both xx

Meghan said...

What a sweet sister picture! :)

Loved scrolling through past posts...also love the title of your blog. :) (Wish I had thought of it! JK)