To my Lowie -

Lauren is leaving FB tomorrow, and as I went over to her page and started to write on it, to fill it up with some extra little happiness, I got well ... a little ... carried away. So I realized I needed to write it down somewhere else, and typed it up on my g-mail. And then I realized that um ... I got ... um well, a little ... carried away. And that it wouldn't fit unless I posted it about 5 times. So then I thought, she won't see it after tomorrow, I should blog it instead! .... and so I am. :)

To my Lowie -
1. I named you "Lowie" and call you that all the time ... and I love it.
2. We share "the curly woes when everyone else's hair goes flipping out, and ours turns into curly curly knots and frizzes out.
3. We heart Nikons and ain't ever goin' back.
4. We had the same camera before you left me sputtering in the dust of your d90.
5. I still love you. Even though you take WAY better photos than me.
6. According to you, I am "the worst model ever" because I won't stand still and I can't stop laughing and be serious. ;)
7. You adore my baby - Lucy Mae and she adores you back. Come to think of it, so do I.
8. You throw the most lovely tea parties and your brother takes it all in stride.
9. Your smile is gorgeous and you use it often.
10. I got scolded in a grocery store when I was with you and EmilyCase.
11. We love Publix.
12. When I met you, your hair was really really long. :) Now mine is.
13. You answer my questions about photography and continue to encourage me that I can do it. Thank you!
14. You take pictures of food and I rarely do.
15. You swim better than I do. Your beach is also scarier than mine.
16. We love listening to Classical music, and sharing what we are learning on the piano.
17. You have brown eyes. You look more like an Indian than I do, and according to Joseph, I will never be one. *sad tear*
18. That was a HILARIOUS moment.
19. and so was this one "can we JUST CUT THE COLD."
20. I almost hit that cat because of you. I should alert PETA that you told me to go faster.
21. We get really really giggly if it's EmilyCase, you and I, oh, and Starbucks.
22. You stand up against injustice and encourage me to pray.
23. You pray for me.
24. You love Jesus.
25. I love you.
26. Our song is "Hot Air Balloon" by Owl City, because we ADORE IT.
27. You make sugar scrubs that rock my little world, don't you dare stop making them. (I mean, PLEASE, don't you dare stop making them. ;) )
28. You blogged for my birthday last year and it made me feel so special I got tears in my eyes.
29. You've held me while I cried and made me laugh until I choked on my food or lost all my breath.
30. You love my family and talk to all of us like we are soo important to you,
and these are just 30 little reasons why I love you. :)

I could write more than 30, but I'll stop here for now. :)
I love you, Lauren!!! I treasure you, my dear sister in Christ.
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. What a sweet and thoughtful post, Miss Jean Marie! Lauren is such a wonderful and kind young lady, and I feel so blessed to know her! She has certainly set a great example for me to follow!
    Our family has been so blessed by her family, and I am so thankful.

    In Christ,

    P.S. Her tea parties ARE wonderful, and I hope that we can have one again in the future! :)

  2. My dearest Jean... You are so very sweet to honor me with this post. I'm going to miss seeing you on Facebook, but you'll be getting lots more blog comments to compensate! ;) We'll have to make it a point to get together more often as well.

    Your list made me laugh more than once, as I reminisced. Let's make some new memories soon, okay?

    I love you and your family so much! You all bless and encourage me immensely.

    Love always,


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