Dancin' till 11 -

Tonight the Fosters held their annual Spring Dance at their homestead, and it was a jolly, laughing, hysterical, joyful, sweet fellowship and singing-stomping-swirling-spinning night of dancing. I do believe that we had as good of a time as last year, maybe more, as we were able to drag the Hope family and the Michel family to join us. Thanks for coming, ya'll!! SO glad you did. :D

What a blast, and since I know Becs is gonna love this.....I blogged tonight. Yes, I did. ;)

Barberville pictures will be up, when I am good and done with them. Aka: a few weeks. :) So settle in, and those of you goin' to more music festivals, have a great time, and have some swate tae for us all. ;D You know who you are ....

Now I'll let pictures do the talkin'!

Morse Family Band/Jackson Creek played the music (they are awesome) and Matt Morse did the calling, and did an excellent-unbelievable job with it. Thanks, Matt!

Carrie the Courageous in swirling motion, dancin' with her little bro, Andy.

The overexposed pic that I couldn't throw away, because I loved it too much.
My beautiful friend, Lauren, who is .... beautiful. (hey, it's late. have pity) We've also decided we want Nikon D3S's. It's true. If anyone wants to donate to our fund, we will be thankful.

As the light started to fade into sunset dusk, and I was dancing, Dad took this pic - it's grainy, and I adore it. Plus, do you see the adorable lights? ADORABLE LIGHTS. love.

The dancers - awaiting the call. There's Matthew - the blur.

When I showed several people inside the Foster's house, they looked at me like "why can't I have this house?", and I don't blame them. I adore the Foster's Homestead. It's wonderful. Thank you so much, Foster family, for hosting such a special event! We enjoyed ourselves up to the brim and beyond. :)

What it looked like at night - and Dad took this one too! Way to go, Dad! There's something about all the lights and the slight silhouette that makes me start singing Sinatra. (now count how many s's were in that sentence)

On the bottom right: Andy, Leah, Joseph, and Lauren. :) Cheerful dancers. (and more lights)

Playing with the dark and the candles, pie and cake and reflecting glows. :)

We had such a special time at your house and dance, Fosters! I know I can say that my knees hate me, but the memories will be sweet and precious for a long long time! :D And that is probably the only time you will ever hear Danny Boy sung so dramatically through speakers. And next year, we must have the Irish Parent Dance, because it's too wonderful not to. :)

We love you, Morse Family, Jackson Creek and the Foster Family!!!
With gratitude, and really sore knees, and memories of dancing under the stars till 11,
~ Jean Marie ~

The tally is in. There were 9 "s's" in that sentence alone, and apparently I need another word that isn't called "adore" because I adore it too much. oh wait. heh heh heh. ;)

P.S. The tally is ALSO in - I blogged 19 times in the month of April. It's a new record for a month for me! Hooray, hooray, hooray!! :) And this is my 390th post. :) Neat-stuff. As always, thanks for reading, and leave a comment if you'd like, saying "hi!" or tell me where you are from! :) God bless, ya'll.


  1. Looks like awesome fun!!! LOL :D

  2. Hi!
    Greetings from Europe, The Netherlands. I really like to read your blog, and I love the pictures!

  3. Oh dearest,It was a big surprise to see this up Saturday morning! I love your pictures, they are fabulous!
    I am so glad you came and had a good time :D :D
    Oh Danny Boy...sung on a barn floor...in front of a 100 something people is epicness.Lets do it again!

    Loves you soo much!
    ~Becs, who despite all the cupcakes that were present, did not smash any.

  4. So sorry I couldn't make it!
    Looks like y'all had a marvelous time :D
    Dancing is always fun... especially with those you love.


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