One of the best bros -

Happy 21st birthday to one of the best and most treasured brothers I've got - GabeLynn!!
He's going to have pretty much the best birthday ever because his best friend is down here, and if Barberville wasn't awesome enough, then Molly will top it. Of course she tops it over and beyond, but I know he thinks just being with her is way way bettah than the gnarliest wave. ;)

So here is to your 21st year, GabeBraddah. God's deepest blessings upon you and His hand upon your life, as you seek His will for you. I respect and trust the man that you are, and am so very joyful to look at how God is leading you now. Mahalo nui loa for being the protective, kind, fun, laid back gentleman and bodyguard that you are when we go places, and for rescuing people when we drink the Moana and look like total white lolo buggahs. Mahalo for being patient, for caring enough to apologize, and for praying for your friends when they need it. You are such a wonderful friend, braddah, and we all appreciate you so much!

Hauoli la hanau, Braddah!!! May it be a wonderful wonderful day. :)
Aloha nui loa in our Lord Jesus,
~ Seester ~


  1. Happy 21st birthday, Gabe! I pray that you have a very blessed and special day!

    In Christ,

  2. Happy Birthday Gabe! Hope that your day is filled with joy...

    In Christ,

  3. Happy 21st year! They are so cute together!!!

  4. D'aww! Happy birthday bro! I'm sure you're having a wonderful day :)

  5. Beautiful words
    from a haole girl
    with long red curl :)

    Love that guy Gabe.

    Me ke aloha pumehana,

    {{* *}}
    da mama

  6. Auntie Heather4/22/11, 6:25 PM

    I tilt my head and grin.
    Wow, Gabriel is blessed.
    Happy Day my Nephew.
    Wear 21 proudly !!

    owhay oveslay ouyay?


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