"Amen, Miss. Eunice" -

If you are like me, you woke up this morning from a fairly good sleep. You slipped over the side of your bed and stood up on the same floor that you do every morning, you made up the covers on your bed, and you walked around your perfectly safe house that stood firmly on its foundation.

Just like you did the morning before. and the morning before that. and the one before that.

You didn't spend the night in a closet, and you weren't cramped in a small space, only to step out of your closet and realize that sunlight was hitting your face, where there used to be a wall.

If you are like me, you got up this morning, and realized with sinking dread that the death toll had risen overnight and that even though you still had a house and safe family - that others didn't.

Tornado storms have been sweeping through the South, and wiping out towns. Towns. Storms producing 100 tornadoes and the death count at 248 people across 6 states.

There's a very short list at the top of what I fear:
1. God's wrath.
2. Losing the people I love.
3. Tornadoes

and everything else falls under that. and most of the South over the past 3 days has had the last two of those in a severe abundance. How heartbreaking the loss! Lives and houses - gone. Gone. Torn apart. Devastation.

My mind was trying to absorb the impact of the pictures and failing miserably, and then I heard this from a sweet little white haired lady from Alabama on the news. With clasped hands, her white curls blowing in the wind, she said with deep fervor "It is a blessing that I was not here, and God can do with it as He will.". AMEN and oh Amen, Miss. Eunice.

Our God is in control. He gives tornadoes and takes away homes. But that doesn't mean our hearts shouldn't hurt for all that has been lost, and especially for those who have lost family members. Please be praying for all these families, for the South. Just looking at the tornado footage scares me. Your lives and homes and cars and everything could just be - gone.

Here are two articles I read this morning -
Doug Philips on the Lee family in Alabama: A father of 13 died last night with his wife and family. As I understand, some of the children are still in the hospital. Please hold this family close in your prayers.
The Crawford Family - who lost their home, but God saved them all, and 3 other families!

but please keep in mind all those who do not know Christ .... that through grief and loss their hearts might be turned to our great Savior and Healer of pain, our Lord Jesus. That in their devastation, they might find hope everlasting in God as King and Lord over their hearts.

Please pray with me.
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. and keep FL in mind as well, the storms are lessening, but are expected to move through tonight. Pray they dissolve into nothing!


  1. As I turned on the news this afternoon, I was schocked to see how severe the tornadoes had been in Alabama. I will be keeping the families who are in need in my prayers!

    Many Blessings,


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