Cody & Tricia Day -

Last Saturday, our family had the sweet honor of joining in a special celebration/wedding reception for the new Mr. and Mrs. Cody Case, held at the bride's family home. :) The celebration was held outside in a clearing of a FL pine forest, with pine needles as carpet and a slight breeze moving through the trees. It was a wonderful time, and very sweet to hug the newlyweds (Cody and Tricia) and talk with them a little bit, as well as get to know many of their friends!

After introductions were made and the small talk turned into deep discussion with a very dear woman, I found myself sitting in a camp chair with a glass of cucumber water, utterly relaxed and happy. :) I enjoyed so much getting to know the Brumby family, one of the supreme joys of the day was meeting their daughter, Jordyn, all of 4 years old, who has Spina Bifida, and the most adorable face and smile and little sparkly light I think I've ever seen in a child.

I was quickly in love, from the minute I saw her swinging towards me with her walker. What preciousness. I could easily turn this whole post into a talk about Jordyn. :) So I spent a good part of my evening with her family, covering topics of Jordyn to God's glorious grace, to the Ligonier Conference 2011 (which we had just come from), to many other topics, and I found myself so peacefully at rest, laughing with these sweet people I had just met.

How precious the bonds between God's children.

As most of my time was spent in fellowship, I didn't take any pictures until the sun started to go down, then I felt the "photographer panic" to capture something of the golden light that was spilling everywhere ... so I walked over to EmilyCase and asked if she would like to chase the sunset with me. And she said she would! So off we went ...

Palm Fronds.

A hilarious (and blurry) game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Step back guys. I have a baseball bat. Ok, I don't, but when you have Joseph and Gabe as best friends,
you don't need a baseball bat. Am I right? I know ... she's gorgeous. :)

EmilyCase said "Jean Marie and I set off to catch the sun before it set ... I mostly caught Jean."
Well I mostly caught EmilyCase. :) and happily so .... ;)

Gorgeous pine tree bokeh past the tendrils of vines ...

My sweet sweet friend. (and we missed you, Lauren!)

Walking down the mulched driveway ... I kneel down ... *gasp* "You have GOT to see the light down here!" ... EmilyCase kneels by my side ... guys come up behind us "did you lose something?".... "no! the light! it's amazing!" hahaha. :)

Train Mouse. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways ....

Golf cart rides with Mr.Bowen were highlights for the little kiddies. ;) How American is this picture? Jeans and Coca Cola cooler and wispy hair.

Following Momma Case down the driveway ....

The most beautiful Christmas light and sunset bokeh. (I actually dragged EmilyCase away from another group to just LOOK at this) There's just so much to love about this shot. ;) The weather was so so lovely after the sun went down, breezy and more stars than we get in the city. :)

... and then in the middle of chatting and hugging EmilyCase's sister-in-law's sister-in-law and friend, Becca Farewell, (hahaa) I looked up and blinked and yelled "SPACE STATION!", and there in the middle of a blue night star filled expanse, the ISS soared over in its curving path, white and steady, and I thought nothing could top the night now. :)

... until I got a goodbye kiss from Miss. Jordyn. and a goodbye hug from Tricia ...
heh. heh. heh. sniffle. heh. happy joyfulness.

Thank you so much, Case and Bowen families for allowing us the precious joy
of celebrating with you! We were honored and enjoyed our time so very much!!!
The Lord bless and keep your families in the light of His countenance and joy,
With much love,
~ Jean Marie ~

See EmilyCase's amazing pictures from the day HERE.

To Cody and Tricia:
"Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!
They walk, O Lord, in the light of Your countenance.
In Your name they rejoice all day long, and in your righteousness they are exalted.
For You are the glory of their strength, and in your favor our horn is exalted.
For our shield belongs to the Lord, and our king to the Holy One of Israel."
~ Psalm 89: 15-18 ~


  1. The photograph of the rose petals behind the sunset is incredible, Miss Jean Marie! Wonderful job capturing it! :)

    Many Blessings,

  2. lol I've had people ask me if I fell cause I'm down on the ground, photographing a flower, lol. =D


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