Two giveaways & Earl -

Well this is fun. ;) You like fun posts, don't you? You like giveaways and smiles right? :D

Then you'll LOVE this -

Lauren, at A Corner Pillar is having a giveaway for Springtime! And also because she's really sweet, special and generous. And also because Spring is quickly running full blast into Summer, and also because that was her 200th post!!! Woot! She runs an encouraging and God-filled blog, and if you haven't read it before, go over there and read. ;) She's also one of my dearest friends.

Click HERE to enter Lauren's giveaway and leave her some love, tell her I sent you! :)
PSSST. Book lovers - she's giving away a BOOK, and everyone who knows about it LOVES IT, so keep that in mind. ;) And use Geneva Homeschool Books for shopping!


Old Country Cottage

and then. AND THEN. *pauses* EmilyCase at Old Country Cottage decided she wanted to have a giveaway as well and when I realized I was the only one not doing it, I wrote to the both of them and was like "whoa. guess I'm the only one" hahah. ;) I told you you would like this post. EmilyCase made both her giveaways, how awesome is that?! She's also one of my dearest friends, and probably one of the best child photographers I know.

.... aaand she plays Settlers of Catan. hahahaa.

When I explain her family to my family it always turns into hilarious phrases. For example, they always call Tricia "Cody's girl" and I will say, "you know. the skydiver (Becca F.) she's the Case's in-laws-in-laws!" and "she knows them because her sister-in law is the sister and also is related to the in-laws-in-laws because of the sister-in-law and she is the sister to the wife who is married to the brother of the other family and she is also best friends with their family and they are having a baby and they are sooooooo nice. remember? you met them!".

I feel dizzy. and you can see how it gets confusing.

ALL THAT ASIDE. Go and enter EmilyCase's giveaway HERE! and leave her some love, and tell her I sent you. Just for posterity. and for my joy and her joy and your joy too.


The awesome thing is, it's open to everyone who lives on Earth. unless of course, you want it for your pet hippopotamus named Earl. In which case, EmilyCase will no doubt want to make you a new picture or a new card holder with hippopotami on it. (I know that because I took Latin. the 'potami part.) and ALSO. there are TWO prizes, so two winners! YAY! YAY! YAY!

So that was a fun post. I know it was, because I laughed. and also because I used long sentences and actually used my 4 years of Latin. and because the word "and" only showed up 80 times.

Written with love from the slightly gleeful sunshine desk of mine,
while my dog runs around with a fuzzy bear paw (stuffed, not real),
and who is looking forward to the best weekend ever,
I bid you .... a sunny day.
With love, ever,
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. and leave me a comment too, because I love hearing from you. :)


  1. Thank you for posting about it, Jean! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

    Love ever,
    Lauren :)

  2. Dearest Jean Marie,

    Your cheerful and jolly countenance always makes me smile! Both giveaways are entirely lovely, indeed! I am looking forward to hearing the announcement of the winners! :)
    I can't wait to see you tomorrow, Dearest! Yes, a very fun weekend it will be!

    Many Blessings,


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