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So this is the Orlando Foliage post that I was talking about back in September, remember that? I was so shocked that October had come on so fast, and here, now, that's how November feels. :) I am not sure that everyone else really wants to look at about 50 pictures of nature, but I do...haha...because I LOVE creation, and it is actually, one of the top things I love to photograph so I like this post a lot. :) I hope you enjoy it!

The rain trees in our neighbor's yard happily rain down little yellow blossoms all over our driveway and mix with our seed shells that fall out of our Chinese Tallow trees. :)

... and a few fall leaves too. Yes, I know...but I did say "few".

Orlando - I just love the tall buildings, although sometimes it scares me to have the copters flying around something so tall.

You can find attempts at being Southern throughout Orlando. :) Definitely brings on smiles.

I would really not want to work on that top story, or even close to it!

When we reached the doctor's office, I stayed outside to enjoy the heat...haha..not! To enjoy taking pictures of whatever I wanted for a whole half hour. It was great!

Blue skies, smilin' at me...blue skies, do I see ....

A fascinatingly bumpy branch -

"Look, Ma! Taters in the trees!!" ... when I was young, and our friends were playing peasants/gypsies/orphans, etc...we would pick these "potatoes" and "cook" them for dinner. It was great....haha.

This seed pod was held by the moss....

Yes, I was inside the bush and vines to get this sun flare. :) Love it.

The back of the heart shaped leaf -

Some upward branches on one of my very favorite trees, ever.

From underneath the "tater" tree -

Sunlight, sunlight, streamin' through the tater leaves, sunlight, sunlight, slipping through to shine on me ....

Curly ringlet leaves -

Behold...what God hath wrought in a tree.

a very, very blue trash bin -

One time I was taking pictures of this tree (last year), and a man looked at me rather curiously and asked if I was from the paper, taking photos for an article. :) I said "Oh! No, I just love the tree, and have free time". :)

It just amazes me ... this tree.

It twists and reaches so many differing heights and directions ...

I refuse to delete even one of my shots of me under the tater tree ... it was hot that day, folks, and I'm indebted to God for the shade He provided for me, under that viney tree. (Thankfully, I was not sitting by and waiting for God to smite the Ninevites)

More curling wonder -

They were everywhere!

A view of its heights from the second story of the building...see how close that one branch comes to the roof? It is about 2"above it. :)

Some lost acorns find rest on my lap...they know I won't eat them. I'm not fond of acorns, they are sooo bitter....and they turn your mouth soo dry and icky feeling ... don't ask how I know this.


Water, anyone? This bright, bright blue actually made me think of Emily Case. :)
... and from the other side of the second story ...

"This way to mass mayhem called Orlando traffic."

This reminded me of GA, because you can see roofs there...from other stories....and not really in FL.


Tree beauty.

A Florida view of trees - living oak, pine, palm and spanish moss hanging everywhere.

Ahhh...nothing like seein' the light filter through the swaying and wisping moss in the trees.

Amazing...when I uploaded it, I really had to study it to figure out which way was up, and correctly turned, because the tree turns in such crazy ways! I love how artsy this is.

Silvery light upon silvery moss -

Attempt at self-portrait = fail. But I rather like it.

Ahhh...sunlight, though thou makes it sa' verra' hot, I begrudge thee not, for I delighteth in the brightness and sun flair thou bestoweth everwhere I look....

Perhaps, the vine desires to take over the parking space as well? :)

With stronger iron,
and rougher wood,
yet something like this,
once stood,
and between the two,
there was pierced a hand,
extended from a heaving chest,
and bleeding body,
that must have stained them both
a deep, dark red,
but these two below,
are clean ....
like me.

Shooting up "the barrel".

Favorite, self....favorite. And yes, I was lying on the ground, and yes, the people getting into my cars did look like they all wanted to ask me why. I just smiled.


The bark goes about 4 inches and deeper into the trunk - incredible.

Crepe myrtles in the late summer.

Looking up at the trees has never failed to give me peace. It seemed, as a child, I could solve the world's problems or just let them all go, when I lay under an enormous tree and gazed up at the fluttering leaves and bits of blue sky, quiet and gentle.

A shot of one of the lakes on the way home -

My favorite drive to Whole Foods .... the branches form a canopy of green and brown strength over the curving pavement and whizzing cars.

... and just a couple shots from SR 46 -
Through the light of yellow and white,
and green fields with yellow blossoms everywhere,
it seems as though she has lingered,
as if the muddy water,
palm trees and sawgrass
begged her not to leave,
as though she touched everything in
my camera lens with her color,
and warmth,
as though sun was always here,
and as though, she,
would always stay.

Old, empty, but still reaching up into the sky ...
The road behind us, a little more traveled now. :)
.... and that was our Orlando day back in September. :) I hope you all enjoyed seeing what my eyes see, and what my mind thinks about it too! May you all enjoy your November! Thank you for reading, ya'll.

Trusting, and resting, in Jesus, my Savior -
~ Jean Marie


  1. Neat post Jean! :-) like the Pics N' Poems :-P

    Hugs darling,
    Anna :)


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