Sunflare - I:Heart:Faces

This week at I:heart:faces is sunflare week.
Can there be a week I love better?
I subject that into - not. :)

So, I had about 5 photos with sunflare in them...
but nothing stirred my heart's memories
as much as this cold February dusk in Ohio,
resting against such a strong and smooth tree,
that sheltered me from the 34 degree
gusting winds and
letting me rest in quiet reflection.

So it's my cold Feb. winter sunflare entry.
The streaming sun warmed me there,
like the memory does now -
soft, warm, gentle, strong.

Here's to all kinds of sunflare -
winter, summer, autumn, and spring! :)

~ Jean Marie ~
Psalm 103

.... and yes, for the whole 2 hour photoshoot,
I was freezing and laughing about the
possibility of never thawing out.


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